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We had a long discussion (as in, several months long) when I was pregnant
with dd and it really helped once we knew the baby's sex. We were able to focus much more closely on girl names and avoid the "boy name fight" we'd been having (and are having again).

In DH's family the "traditional" name for the first boy in any family is SALVATORE. And since we already have a long, hyphenated, last name I just can't see naming an itty bitty teeny tiny babe Salvatore on top of everything else. Especially since he'll be surrounded with uncles, cousins, grandfathers, random male relatives of all sorts with the same exact name.

My DH actually has Salvatore as his middle name (his mother was Irish and
only lasted a year or so in their huge Italian family since she was and is
something of a rebel and wasn't about to let anyone tell her what to name
her son) so he's agreed to that at least. So if it's a boy we're thinking a short first name, like OWEN or AIDAN (DH is an Irish citizen through his mom, and we're both half Irish/half Italians) paired up with Salvatore.

If it's another girl (my hope!) we'd like to name her SOPHIA TAMAR. My mom's favorite aunt was named Josephine and while that's a bit too long for us, we thought Sophia would be a nice adaptation. And Tamar has a prertty sound and is a bit less common.

We try to balance a more traditional name with a more unusual name since that gives the little one more of a choice as they get older and their personalities develop. We live in a very "crunchy" area and I grew up with a lot of kids who wound up hating their names since people assumed a lot of things based on those names (apparently applying to college or trying to get a job in a more conservative field wasn't really helped by a name like "MorningJoy" or "Summer Sea"...and a close friend named Faire actually changed his name legally when he hit 18) so I do want to give my little ones options.

DD1 is named LAIA ANNE...again, short names to balance the big long last name, one common name and one a little more unusual, and Anne honors relatives on all sides of the family (and it's with an "e" ).

Of course, it took a good month before the name sounded like her, but now I can't imagine her with any other name.

edited to add- we didn't tell any family or friends dd's name till AFTER she was born (even though we'd picked it long before that) since we didn't want to deal with any negative comments. It was a really hard secret to keep but worth it in the end!
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We have had a list since before we got pg. Right now, the ones at the top are:
Michaela Annette
Gabriel Ryan

I like names that other people can say and spell. Our last name is short but is not spelled like it sounds. People always have issues with it. Here are some others I really like:


Levi (I'd call him Lee b/c I love that name for some reason)
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We are stuck on the name thing- I had liked Rowan for a boy, but after hearing of so many girls with that name can't do it. Also, I like Ian, but dh prefers Ean (same pronounciation), but after reading the above post about boys liking names people can spell, I wonder if it would really annoy the child to have the less common spelling of Ean? I was ready to give on that one. I'd really like a short name that is a pretty, but its hard.

With dd we agreed on the first name quickly and spent months hunting for the right middle name, settled on: Mya Rhiannon.

For a girl I like Lea Rose now, but dh dislikes Rose. I might wait until after labor, I get a trump card on the name after that- LOL
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my Nieces name is Rhiannon Aurora.... but they call her Rhi Rhi...
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Originally Posted by Parker'smommy View Post
We haven't really discussed it....except that if it is a boy, it will be named Mason. My ds told me about a year ago that I was going to have a baby boy named Mason next. We don't know any Masons and neither does ds...so we thought it was...I don't know...special that ds would name his brother before he was even conceived. For a girl....if it's a girl, we'll probably be arguing in the hospital over names like last time!!!
My dd2 is Mason Autumn, dd1 Riley Marie and ds is Taite Crawford. We also like a different name and a more traditional name. They also need to be 5 letters, so we can sing their name in the BINGO song, I just started doing it w/ Ri and it's been one of my *things* since. It also helps to narrow down the choices All of my dc have been named by the time I was 5 mo along. R & M just came to me very early on and dh and I turned T over in our heads for a while.

This time we're thinking Thaer or Boone if we hold to the androgynous trend, possibly Silas or Zafia (both family names) if we go gender specific.
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I've always loved the name LINNEA but it's too close to Laia. And I love HYPATIA (I'm a librarian and a pagan and, well...Hypatia of Alexandria is a hera of mine), but apparently Hypatia is also the name of some really well know adult movie actress and DH nixed it right off the bat.

I wish we had a shorter last name though...I'm a real Welsh language junkie and have a dozen or three names I'd love to use. Of course, the poor babe would never have their name spelled/pronounced correctly, so maybe it's better to stick to the short and sweet anyway.

Oh, and for boys I like the name Morgan. But it's sort of turned into a girls name and again, DH wasn't that fond of it.
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Wombat... my little niece that they named Rhiannon was very nearly born on Oct 31st... had she been they were going to name her Samhain... talk about people never pronouncing a name right!
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Okay, we're really just getting started here, but for a boy we're considering the following. The middle name for all would be Judson:
Matthias (pronounced with a hard "t" sound)

For a girl, we have:
Davina Quinn
Cecilia Avery
Laurel Quinn
Rowan Avery

I really liked Bernadette for a girl, but DH hates it, so I'm trying to let it go. He's probably right, anyhow.

Our last name is very short, simple, and even a little abrupt sounding, so it needs a more interesting name to go before it, IMO. I'm sure the list will get much longer before it gets shorter, but I just thought I'd toss these out for comment. Anyone have opinions? (Don't feel that you have to tread too lightly, here, I'm not terribly sensitive on this topic.)
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I post waaaaaay to much...

I like your boy names.... I really like Emmett espesially... is Matthias pronounced (Matt-Hi-as)? if so I like it but be prepared for people to call him Matt.

and your girl names I like the last two the best, Laurel Quinn and Rowan Avery

also... where abouts in the hudson valley are you? I'm in Schenectady
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Help me with a middle name for

Coral (girl name)

Our last name is Najd(no I am not afraid to share this) So I would like a longer middle name. any ideas?
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
is Matthias pronounced (Matt-Hi-as)?
That's my dh's name! It's the German form of Matthew, and for anyone who is concerned with the way the rest of the world will pronounce it...it's:

ma tee us.

Tee as in T or tea.
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
is Matthias pronounced (Matt-Hi-as)? if so I like it but be prepared for people to call him Matt.
It is best to be prepared for people to call your kid whatever they end up calling them.

My parents tried awfully hard to be sure my brother wasn't called Chris (instead of Christopher), but he was, and, eventually, he was the one who insisted upon it.

But control is so illusory, isn't it?

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We aren't sharing our name shortlist with anyone we know, but I am dying for some feedback.

Liam (as a middle name only)

(the last four would prob. be middle name picks only)
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irises I don't like Carrick (a bit too harsh, and Cary is no longer a cool nickname for a guy) or Satchel (Satchelmouth?). Guthrie sounds very odd to me because it's the name of a very famous theater in Minneapolis, but maybe it's not odd where you are. I do like Calder though, very artistic, and he always would have the option of Cal if he really wanted. For girl names, I'm so pleased someone else likes Maude, I really like it for some reason (probably because it sounds Medieval to me - Empress Maud - I prefer the spellin Maud too). I also love Isolde.

We're *really* stuck when it comes to names. The only female name DH likes is Elizabeth, which is nice enough, but being a Sarah myself I kind of hoped for something *slightly* more unique. We both like Miles and Walter, but I'm not sure what people's reactions to Walter would be. We both would choose Samuel as our number 1 name, but his cousin is named that and he has a small family. And I would love James, but there are a million (and one) Jameses in my family already.
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Originally Posted by irises View Post
We aren't sharing our name shortlist with anyone we know, but I am dying for some feedback.

Liam (as a middle name only)

(the last four would prob. be middle name picks only)
Out of your boys' names, I like Carrick and then Calder. Liam is great. We actually have it down for a possible middle name, too.

Girls' names, I like Farrow. I'm not sure why. Zoa makes me think of protozoa, and Petra makes me think of petri dish.
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We began talking about names immediately after getting the positive test. DH is even more into these discussions than I am, although I'll admit that we spend just as much time joking about ridiculous names as we do coming up with real possibilities. We're going to try to keep our options a secret (harder for DH than for me) and will probably wait until the bean arrives to choose what fits best. We might not find out the sex in advance either. There are a few names I love that DH simply won't go for so they're up for grabs:

Fjola (pronounced fee-oh´-lah, Norwegian for flower)
Anzu (Japanese for apricot)
Antje (Dutch version of Anya)
Suzume (Japanese means sparrow, a nickname my Japanese girlfriends call me)
Simone (already used on my female border collie)
Pema (Sherpa girl's name, means lotus but already used for scrappy mixed breed dog)
Xolamere (sho-la-mere)
Kaliska (means coyote, but too alliterative with our surname)

Wolfram (wolf and raven, German)
Pax (Latin, peace)
Corban (Hebrew, sacred gift, but already used on male border collie)
Ivo (used by a good friend for her nearly 2 yr old son)

Friends of mine couldn't agree on a name for their daughter. Everyone called her 'Mo-mo' (Japanese for peach) until she started school at which point her parents decided she needed a 'real' name and called her Ana Magdalena. Everyone still calls her Momo, except at school.
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For boys we also though about Matthias! And Corbin. I'm pretty fond of Corbin actually, but Dh keeps brining up the 5th Element. Of course, I loved that movie, so it's not a bad thing in my mind....

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5th element was the first thing I thought of when I saw Corbin too! I LOVE the name... Oddley enough our daughter developed a nickname from the 5th element... not sure how lol
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my two favorite boy names with ds1 were isaac and levi. we went with isaac. i think levi just sounds like he'd turn out to be a cool kid or an amish dude. james levi is a family name from my dh's side but it didn't work with his surname.

my favorite name right now is jasper. i did share it with family at thanksgiving and got mixed reactions. but poo on them i'm pretty hooked on it for a boy. dh likes it for a girl but i don't.

prior to getting pregnant i've loved the name petra. my dad hates it because it is the software he uses at work (geology). irises - do you pronounce it 'peh-tra' or 'pay-tra'? i always say peh-tra. i love it. my mom calls this baby petra wishful thinking that it is a girl on her part.

another girl name i love is cora. my greatgrandmother's name.

i have been "trying" not to pester dh too much because he got so burned out too early on last time. indio is a boy name i've been saying for a year before getting pregnant. i love it but it is a little town in the desert and dh thinks that is LAME. i would call him indy.

names are so fun!
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I would say peh-tra. I think it's a strong, lovely name. We're thinking about petra isolde or petra lillian and calling her "polly" if petra seems too grand for a tiny baby. I am not a big science fiction/fantasy reader, but the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card has the most wonderful girl character named Petra. That's actually where I got the name years ago. She's strong, clever, and kick-ass.

I like your options, especially cora and indio.

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