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Irises, I like both Calder and Carrick, myself. I agree that Cary might be a tough nickname for a boy, but he could always use "Rick" if he wanted a nickname... For a girl I like Petra and Maude best.

Torio, Suzume is just lovely! DH and I are Japanophiles, but neither of us feels comfortable giving our blond haired, blue eyed child (at least that's the most likely coloring) an asian name. Though we did consider Koyuki (child of the snow) last time as we figured it would at least match her complexion.

Willo, you're totally right, people will call him Matt if we choose Matthias. And they'll call him "mah-THIGH-us" when they're trying to say the whole thing. But people want to call Annalise "Ann" or "Anna" even now. We just introduce her by her full name, use the full name ourselves, and figure that 's all we can do. When she's older she can decide which, if any, nicknames she favors.

WhiteWax, we're outside Poughkeepsie, in Dutchess County.
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names are so fun! i'm seeing some similairlities to our name lists...

i really like petra.

i like laurel.

i really like the name zoa, but i know a little boy named zoah, so i can't imagine it for a girl.

guthrie! that's been on our short list every time! great name.

and i like meredith, cora (i have a friend with a daughter named corazon- spanish for heart- and they call her cora).

one of my very favorites is freya (norse goddess), but our daughter's name is fiona, and it's just too close.
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It's funny the way some names pick up personal associations...the big medical clinic here is Guthrie Medical Center, so I just can't imagine a "real person" having that name, you know?
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So far, Julianna Sophie is leading the pack for girls names with my dh and I. Boys names are still very, very up in the air. Thomas, Ian, Owen, and Collin are all still in the running. We'll have to see what happens.
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We've decided...well kinda.

my dh (I know this means husband, but can someone explain to me why...amateur I am) wants the name Bella for a girl, but I wanted the name Simone. I think we've concluded at Bella Simone for a girl and we've agreed on Liam Caleb for a boy.
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Workinmama, DH stands for "dear husband". You'll find that most spouses and children are referred to with a D at the beginning.

And your names are lovely, BTW.
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Thank you Sarahtcka
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We also like Liam for a boy but it seems that its getting to popular for my taste. But dh loves it so.

We also like Lane for a boy, that was my maden name and we think it would be great to honor my dad with Lane Eugene which is his middle name.

We already picked out a girl name but thats a secret!!!!

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What do mamas think about the name "Oliver"? DH is really fond of it but I keep getting images of Oliver Twist. Is this a common mental image or is it just me?
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I LOVE the name Oliver... I keep forgetting to mention it to dp though lol I think of Oliver Twist too but he was a nice kid with a good heart and a happy ending!!! he he he Also, I think funny associations will fade away especially once you pair it with a middle and last name and say the whole name a few times.
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Dh like Oliver, but I think the real rason he brought it up is that DD looooves saying "Ollie" (which is the name of a character in a book she really enjoys). She's been saying "Ollie" for over a year now and I think he's thinking she'd enjoy having an excuse to use he name more often.

I agree about the name losing it's older associations once your little one has been using it a while. "Laia" felt a bit odd at first since (in some circles anyway) it's a really REALLY "geeky" name (if anyone is familiar with ARG history) and having a little one named Laia seemed really odd for a few weeks. But now I can't imagine her with any other name and I have to remind myself of it's geek past.
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We have been talking about names and these are the two I love:

Avery Sequoia

Coral Magnolia

Originally I had wanted to do some family names, but I just love these names. And I dont want to do the middle names my family and dh family has like: marie and ann. I am pretty sure we will be keeping a secret from most people in the family, so I would love to hear what you guys think.
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I like both of those names Mellybelly.

We've still been searching for a 5 letter either/or name. What do you all think about...

Middle names would probably be Robert for a boy and Sophia or Nancy for a girl.
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Whoever it was who said Jasper, that was my first choice for my DS, but DH thought it was too funky for our short list. Oh well.

And I used to work with a guy named Cary. His family only uses names that can't be made into single syllable nicknames. No idea if he got flack for it as a little kid, but he is good looking and fun and nice now, so I never heard anyone say anything about it. Sometimes people responding to phone messages expected a female "Carrie" when they called back, though.

When DS was little, we kept forgetting his name at first. If you don't pick your name until after the birth, I think that's pretty normal.

I also had a big freakout after I turned in the birth registration forms. I was suddenly afraid I'd spelled Samuel wrong on the form. I kept going, "Samual? Samuel? HOW DID I SPELL IT?!?"

It all turned out just fine.

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I know a guy named Kerrie too!

People call him K sometimes
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So...proof that popular names don't always translate from country to country. Here's the top 20 list just published for Australia...



BRAND/CELEBRITY BABY NAMES (in Victoria this year)
CHANEL 32 girls
MERCEDES 8 girls
FORD 7 boys
BENTLEY 3 boys/ 1 girl
ARMANI 4 girls
ROXY 3 girls
DIESEL 20 boys
SURI 1 girl
JETT 1 boy
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One of my oldest and best friends is Kerry - and he has never gotten flak for his name. His older brother's name is Kelly.
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I saw ALOT of girl baby names that are "up there" on the list : ( maybe they are from a year or two ago...
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Originally Posted by MichelleAnnette View Post
We have had a list since before we got pg. Right now, the ones at the top are:
Michaela Annette
Gabriel Ryan

I like names that other people can say and spell. Our last name is short but is not spelled like it sounds. People always have issues with it. Here are some others I really like:


Levi (I'd call him Lee b/c I love that name for some reason)
My DD name is Keira and is spelled the same way!
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We have discussed names yet! I tried this early last time when I was pregnant DD and it just went in one ear and out the other. We will wait until we get closer!
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