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My cousins have a baby names Matthias but it's Norwegien and they pronounce it Muh-tice and his nickname is Tice (rhymes with mice). I'm sure the pronunciation depends on where you're getting the name from.

Our babies never have names until a week or two after they're born. Our girls middle name will be Tess and boy's will be Thomas.

Elisabeth (we would call her Isa or Ella)
Eloise (again - nicknames Isa or Ella)

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We've had a boys name picked out since the last pregnancy, and it was easy to pick a girl's name since my grandmother passed early in my pg.

Dane Canaan for a boy
Elyssa Joy (for Elsie, my great-grandma) and Joyce, my grandmother) for a girl.
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Sara, your girl's name list looks really familiar...we have a Fiona, and all the others (but 2) have been on my list at various points! I hope someone has an Eloise- I love it but my husband won't go for it. Gillian is hard as I never know if it's pronounced with a "g" or a "j" sound- I have seen both. and Moira is always a hard name for me to say for some reason.
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I think our top girl name choice is Kiara Elizabeth Anne although it could change. Names are so hard for me to choose. I could never think of names for my dolls or pets either . We have absolutely no idea what to name a boy, we can't agree on a name we both like. Thank goodness we have some time still.
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. I could never think of names for my dolls or pets either .
This sounds familiar!!! I went through so many names with my first cat she ended being called "Kitty" because I couldn't pick one!
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