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Family cloth and lovin' it!

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Well, since the other thread is so freaky big, I just wanted to thank everyone for this idea. Every time I'm in a public potty, I dread wiping. Cloth has me spoiled! A pair of cotton sport pants were ruined by something the kids washed has made a TON of wipes for me, and ooooh so soft! DD loves cloth too, and DS asked about it the other day (although he cringed at first mention), so he might be joining us soon. I keep my cloth in a clear box that had Olay face cloths in it, and keep them dry. If I want a wet wipe, I also have a spray bottle on the back of the toilet next to the wipes, and it contains water w/ some lavender eo, dash of vinegar, and some gse in it. Love, love, love cloth!
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I love it too! I never though it a million years that I would ever do cloth TP. DH won't do it, but DS does and when DD potty trains she will too! I love freaking out my family memebers, too, by telling them the cloth on the back of the toilet are not baby wipes...

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Me too!! Love it!! I hate having to wipe with TP in public washroom now too and the other day thought is there some way I can carry wipes around with me so I don't have to use this scratchy stuff!
DD has no more "ouchy vulva" since switching to FC. There's no going back for us!
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I have to say, I had never even considered cloth wipes before joining this board. And then when I read about it, my reaction was more along the lines of

And then I kept reading about it. Until it made more and more sense - especially since I had already been using cloth pads, and would cloth diaper when I have children.

So, beginning November, I took the plunge. I had SO many old t-shirts and towels that I had no use for. I made the wipes out of that. And began doing it. Rather pessimistically, I might add. I thought there would be a smell, I thought it would be gross, etc.

Turns out, it was THE best thing I ever did! I never have to buy toilet paper (the only guests I get are my boyfriend, and he's forced to make do ) ... and I feel SO much cleaner using the cloth wipes. I can't believe I waited this long to try it.

I'll be moving in with my boyfriend when my lease is up, and I told him we're not buying any toilet paper (except maybe for guests). He's still a tad reluctant ... but I think I can win him over. Besides, just the other night, he said "you know, these cloth thingies clean so much better." Fell in love with him all over again right then and there.
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I'm still eavesdropping on bathroom storage ideas for used wipes before laundering.
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Originally Posted by RubyWild View Post
I'm still eavesdropping on bathroom storage ideas for used wipes before laundering.
I just keep mine in the laundry room in a rubbermaid type container (lid off w/ 2 of us cloth-ing). I had a GREAT soaking solution, but it got stinky after a few days. I only wash the cloths once a week w/ my whites on the sanitize cycle (w/ my homemade laundry soap, a little bs, and acv in the rinse). I wash them in a mesh bag I got off Ebay for $3. Works great for us!
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I have a huge garbage pail from Target that I throw the dirty CD's in for the kiddos. I have 2 in CD's, so between that and using cloth wipes on them I wash them every other day. My pail is in the bathroom by the toilet, so in go my cloth TP, too. Works great.

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