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She gets them AT LEAST twice a day, EVERY day. Sometimes more. Poor thing! Anyone else experiencing this? Does it mean anything necessarily?
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Yep, Henry has been having hiccups for quite a while now - had the same experience with Jack in utero. I don't know if this is related, but jack had TONS of hiccups after he was born, so I will be interested to see if Henry does too!
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All of my babies have had frequent hiccups in utero, and they've all been born super healthy. I've read it's a good healthy sign that their lungs are exercising and developing properly. My baby gets them 2-4 times a day everyday.
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Yup...I've noticed LOTS of hiccups from my little one in the last few weeks.
I too read that it's a normal reflex and warm-up for independent breathing.
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I feel them too. It such a sweet tap-tap kind of feeling as opposed to the crazy mountain moving that this babe usually does...
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Baby has been hiccuping here too. I love feeling them With DD I stressed out because THAT baby book (What to expect) says it can be a sign of cord problems. THAT book is the only place I have ever read/heard this. My m/w and everyone else says not to worry they are very normal and just enjoy feeling your baby!
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Same here. In fact, baby has them right now! Koa was the same way.
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I only felt them with DS towards the very end of the pregnancy, although now I think maybe I just didn't know what I was looking for This one has them several times a day. My sister has said what the PPs said, that the babies that have them a lot in utero are very hiccupy after birth too. It'll be interesting to see if that's true for us!
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Yup, here too! We just had a bunch a few min ago! So cute...

The first time I felt it I thought...hum, this baby is really kicking a lot, then I thought...no this baby has a tick...then it dawned on me...ah, it's the hiccups!
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Yes, hiccupy baby 2-3 times every day. It has been fun feeling them get stronger as the baby has gotten bigger. I personally hate having hiccups myself, so hopefully the baby doesn't mind! I love hearing that's it's a good healthy sign. Very reassuring!
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Yes, at least one to two times daily. They are so strong. Her head is way down there so I feel them vibrating my tail bone almost.

So I have a stupid question. Everyone keeps saying that the hiccups are a good sign of developing lungs. But child/adult hiccups are spasms of the stomach, are they not? What am I missing here?
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us here too, at least once a day but usually more. I love it.
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I didn't figure out what they were until a couple of weeks ago ... but now that I know, I am aware of when it is happening ... and it has been happening at least once a day. And at our Bradley classes and other places that I have read they have said that it is a good sign and that it is completely normal ... as you have all said already ... a good preparation for the outside world!

stormgirl said:
It such a sweet tap-tap kind of feeling as opposed to the crazy mountain moving that this babe usually does...
: It is definitley like that ... because the regular movements are really belly warping!
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