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Anybody still doing Flylady?

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Hello everyone. I've recently gotten back on the Flylady plan and do some of it, mostly just trying to establish some routines. Well, I did what I thought were the basics of a "home Blessing". It took me 90 minutes! HOw in the heck does she do it in an hour?
Below is my Home Blessing. Do any of you Flybabies have any suggestions to make it quicker? Again, I just did the basics. I didn't even move anything to vacuum!

1. Gather the sheets and rugs, put in washer/dryer to fluff: 9 min.
2. feather dusting 15 min.
3. vacuum all open floors 35 min.
4. mop all non-carpeted areas 17 min.
5. put back the rugs, wipe walls and carpet spots, dry sheets, wash second load sheets and rugs 14 min.

= 90 minutes!

This is silly, I know. I just want to whip this home blessing thing and make it easier. The worst is the vacuuming. :
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You're farther along than I am. I keep whining and that isn't allowed. With a 2-year old around it seems like everything I do gets undone pretty fast anyway. I'm losing my motivation. Even the sink thing seems overwhelming after cooking three meals cleaning up after them and doing the bedtime routine with dd I'm ready to just fall asleep myself. I try to do the 27 fling boogies, (I love getting rid of stuff) but consistency is not my best attribute.
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Weekly Home Blessing
Vacuum-just the middles 10 min
Dust -10 minutes
Put away Videos/Mags and Books 5 min
Sweep Kitchen 5min
Mop Kitchen 10 min
Change Sheets ( I wash them another day, I have 2 sets)
Trash in all rooms 5 min
Bathrooms 10 mins
Fridge clean out 10 min

All in all it takes me about 90 minutes also. She says to only take 10 min per thing and then your done. But, that doesn't always work. I am always struggling, but when I am on "my flY", then everything is great. If you would like to be flybuddies, pm me. I would love to have someone to compare notes with. I don't know anyone else who flies, so it might help to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Maybe you are doing too good of a job and that takes a long time.
I just vacumn the middles and then the rest of the room once a month. I set the timer and when it dings, I am done. I try to pick up the next week where I left off. I also vacum once a month in detail. Well, okay, it is my plan to vacumn once a month in detail, but I don't always make it. Dh will often vacumn if I ask him. Sorry I can't spell vacumn.
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I peeked at the site again today

I am her worst nightmare ..
There was a link for homeschoolers at another board for organized home.com and today I mixed one of the things I saw at flylady and things for OHM.
I cleaned my sinks yesterday ..have been doing it once a week but not her style LOL
Guess I will have to look at the house blessing
NOT about to do the put on shoes thing though!! My carpet gets dirty enough with the dogs in and out!
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You know, at first I hated the shoe rule, but then I started wearing a certain pair of shoes JUST for in the house. I notice that my feet and legs feel so much better from wearing comfortable shoes instead of going barefooted. And my floors don't get dirty because I only wear the shoes in the house. I have to get some new ones for spring/summer because the ones I bought for winter have a warm lining in them. But I LOVED putting on my special shoes each morning! ha
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That sound cool mamajamz

sockfeet here but barefeet isn't a problem with some of my chosen Goddess tenets so I guess I can claim an out? Teehee!
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hey, whatever works, aye?
I'm sitting here right now, no shoes, and avoiding my housework completely! :
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here is a question for you

if you don't have 27 things to throw away is ok to do the 52 things donated instead???
and do you do it everyday?? ( I am going to for awhile in case we ever find *that* house though I am not hopeful)
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I just started. I work full-time, so I can't really do her schedule as she does it. I haven't done the home blessing, but I do the night-time routine, shine the sink (it's clean at all times now, unless DH puts something there.)
It helps me to stay motivated. I also just try to pick up stuff and put it away a bit at a time. Say, I have to pee adn I"m in the living room. I look around and say to myself- what in here really belongs in the bathroom (it always seems there's something) and I pick up like that.
It's helped a lot, but the incredible influx of e-mails drives me crazy. I had to unsubscribe from that.

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Ok I just don't have time to do the room

blessing but then we have things that we do a lot around here anyway ( like I am OBSESSED with the vacuum-the two dogs are sheeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiinnnn nnnnnggggggggggg!) and since we spend time there I want it clean LOL
But I have gotten into the sink thing
The hot spot and tonite the 4 yr old did the five minute room rescue with me

Now a question ! I misunderstood something about the zones. Since I only did the Kelly mission yesterday ( and today) do I need to do another 15 minutes decluttering/etc in the zone to make up for not doing it tomorrow? Or is it my choice?

I know I am a doofus!

I am still mixing the flylady bits that help me with the organized home stuff
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I would say it's your choice. Whatever works. (?) I couldn't possibly do all the missions, boogies, room rescues, everything. I would spend all my time checking off my fly list and ignoring my kids. I'm thinking of quitting for a while.
I'm so frustrated. The only thing I halfway do right now is the morning routine.
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I am doing the pick and coose for myself

especially since some days getting out of bed just isn't an option.
My 4 yr and I did the five minute room rescue the other night only to have the rest of the family trash it the turkeys!
I do the 27 fling here and there as I am decluttering the closet and getting things ready to go in my dh's storage building he is building.
I just got on the elist sunday. I have been doing kellys missions and today did the 15 minutes in the zone-I found TEN BUCKS On the bathroom shelf stuffed under stuff!!
Maybe there is something to the zone thing after all!
The bed thing I have always done.
I got dressed Monday and had not originally planned on going anywhere and it freaked out my kids!! ( good thing I did my dh got sick and I had to take him to the dr!)
I could never do all the tons of stuff on that thing I would be a madwoman and like you never see my kids!
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I try to do the nightime routine. It does start the day better. If I do that and the weekly home blessing, I am in good shape. Anyone else do a nighttime routine? Here is mine:
-10 minute tidy up (everyone does this at the same time, big help!)
-Hot spots (rarely happens)
-shine the sink (well, put the stuff away, it isn't shiny)
-Ben's routine (bath, brush, books)
-Lay out our clothes (this helps dh match and he told he me really feels taken care of when I do this, so I try to do this everyday, he is color blind, so I have to help him or he gets a ticket from the fashion police at work)
-set coffee maker
-gather laundry and put by the door
-plug in cell phone and put phone on charger
-wash my face
-start dishwasher
-check calendar for tomorrow

I made up sheets that I print out with stuff to do on them, then I can make notes or whatever. I tried putting them in a note book and using the page protectors as suggested, but I like a clean sheet I can write on. Ds uses the backs. I also have a morningand afternoon routine that is pretty basic. If I follow these things at least 3 days a week, I do okay. I don't fling, zone or rescue on a regular basis, too much, but the routines help. Maybe I will work my way up to that. Anyone else have a good routine to post?
edited to add: ds gets freaked out everytime I wear my shoes, he keeps telling me "take your shoes off and stay home." I do feel better with them on, more productive, but I wear sandals, not sneakers. Also, my feet feel better at the end of the day.
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