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Just wanted to say that Zooper and Peg Perego also make strollers that can face the parent, that I think may be a little less expensive than a Bumble Ride or Bugaboo (if you think you won't get a ton of use out of it, but more occasional use).
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please delete, thank you
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Originally Posted by gool0005 View Post

Some people like to call them used, I prefer the term vintage

don't laugh! I know there are people who comb craigslist site for cities around the country looking for old Emmaljunga strollers from Sweden, because I don't think they make them anymore.
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I'm with the "it's all in how you use it crowd". Our stroller is great for going to the zoo. It holds our lunch, sippies, jackets, the sling when DS wants to walk and if he falls asleep and there is still room in the stroller then he gets to take a leisurely nap. I think slings and stollers alike have a useful purpose in the everyday life of childhood, it's all about balance and what you're comfortable with!
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DD2 spends most of our out & about time in the sling/mt/wrap, but I do use the stroller as well. Mostly it hauls the "stuff" but the snack tray is useful as well. Until this past week, DD2 has been everywhere with me, so having the stroller to set her in for labwork, ob/gn appt, surgery consults was a necessity and I will need to use it next week, etc while my abdomen recovers from surgery.

I do miss being able to kiss & nuzzle her when shes in the stroller, vs just under my chin.
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