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How to condition baby's hair?

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My baby's hair is so frizzy and even getting tattered looking in the back. She'll be a year next week. I'm looking for some way to condition her hair. I haven't seen any baby hair conditioners in my local hfs, so I guess I'm looking for something I can make at home (but if you have a product you really like that's chemical-free, let me know as well and I'll see if I can order it). How do you condition your baby's hair? Thanks!
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Earth First...by JASON makes a baby conditioner...it works well and I just use it on the ends of dd's hair to help with the tangles from having it in elastics.
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Look at Zoochy online. It's organic, and more geared for kids, but I'm using the conditioner right now for no-poo, and gave the detangler to my DD. I haven't used the shampoos yet, but bought them for my kids for when their crappy sulfate salon stuff runs out.
If you decide you like Zoochy, and have a Marshall's or TJ Maxx around, they are only about $4 each at those stores if you can find them there!
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my dd's hair is doing something very similar, it gets kind of birds nest looking in the back.

we use the california baby spray detangler and it works great for us. smells yummy like lavender, too.
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I don't know what kind of hair she has, or what ethnicity, but you could always use lavender water. I have boticelli (spiral type) curls, and use lavender water as a conditioner every day, in addition to no pooing routine. Depending on type of hair, a little unrefined shea might work wonders too! When my hair is frizzing and fro-ing, I will throw a little shea in to tame it.
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You can make a home spray with distilled water, essential oils and any kind of hair oil (try coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba) or conditioner. Remember to use a wide toothed comb and comb starting from the ends and work your way up (less pain, less tangles, less breakage, less tears).

Try the naturallycurly website -- there is a section of the site dedicated to caring for children's curly hair.
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Thanks everyone!

So I could make a spray conditioner with just a bit of olive oil in distilled water? What kind of ratio would work best?

Also, the lavendar water: do you mean lavendar essential oil in water, or is that a brand?
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I don't know exact ratios of olive oil or conditioner in water, you may need to play with it. My gut says very little oil to a lot of water and spray vigorously before spritzing.

Lavender water = yes, essential oil in distilled water. You can also just get something pre-made, like Burt's Bees Lavender Facial Mist. I used to use that as a hair curl-activator AND deodorant!
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Okay, my daughter is hair challenged, I posted something about this about a year ago, when she was just over a year. We actually had to cut her hair because it was so bad, I cried, she doesn't have much hair to begin with.
http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e3...reement123.jpg before pic http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e3...reement122.jpg
And after http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e3...reement116.jpg
Every morning I would oil, just lightly a drop or two rubbed in my hands and spread over her hair and comb it. We also use nothing but water on her hair, no shampoo, no bs, no conditioner, nothing. her hair is still damaged from all the birds nest issues we have had, but we hope that with this treatment we can get it long enough to cut out the damage eventually. Oh we use almond oil, but coconut and olive work well also.
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Originally Posted by northcountrymamma View Post
Earth First...by JASON makes a baby conditioner...it works well and I just use it on the ends of dd's hair to help with the tangles from having it in elastics.
And you can get it at Publix if you have one.
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Wow everyone, thanks a lot.

So it never even occured to me to not use shampoo (well, I use something called no soap, a natural wash) on her. I tried just washing her hair with water this morning and it came out perfectly; not dry and frizzy and wild, but obviously clean and shiney and soft. So I think I'm going to keep doing it this way unless she absolutely needs shampoo, and then I'll use lavendar water or some variation thereof, since it's probably way cheaper than buying conditioner. Maybe even just rub a few drops of oil into her frizzier parts. Thanks everyone so much!
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It took us a long time to think about the water only aproach with her also. It was on a long hair forum that someone brought up only using water, it was for adults, but I thought, hey that would probably work for kids. I tried it too, but only made it 4 months and then it just didn't work so well. We only use water on my soon to be 5 yr old too. But she is not hair challenged. She has gorgeous mid back thicker hair. And you know it works so well for her hair. If something gets in it, it almost always just brushes out. We use a salt oil scrub in the shower and it does end up in her hair, and her hair never looks greasy or smells. I am not sure how long this will last, I am thinking puberty might mess it up, but she gets so many compliments on her hair. I love to tell people that nothing but water, well, food, paint and other junk, touches her hair. Usually they are touching her hair and then they pull their hands back thinking that her hair must be dirty. Hopefully they stop putting their hands in strangers hair
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I usually just use water for my kids's hair, but sometimes it gets dirty (swimming pool or camping) and I have been using Aubrey Organics. The ingredients are really natural. The conditioner is really thick and I just use a bit on the ends of her hair every now and then, otherwise it gets oily.
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