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What's with the BO?

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I have never had BO in my life until now? What is happening and is anyone else experiencing this? I haven't changed my showering routine or deoderant, and I'm not sweating any more than normal, but now I just kind of smell. It's not really bad BO - kind of spicy. hmmmm, is this those hormones messing with me again????
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I would guess it's hormones!
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I would assume hormones as well. I dont have BO but I do sweat like I just ran a ten miler. It's weird! I'm just always sweating, more than what I used to.
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i am sweating more, but some of that is exertion and some of it is probably hormones...AND i have bo...i figured it was just me and something about my hygiene was just rank, but i haven't changed anything, either!
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I also started sweating like crazy postpartum. Uggh. Sometimes it's so bad I am embarrassed when people go to hug me. It seems to be worse sometimes more than others for no apparent reason so I do think it is hormonal. Weird.
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(nak) hmmm... I thought it was just me! *hates being smelly*
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I thought it was just me! I've changed deodorants like 4 times, my hubby says he doesn't smell anything, but I do, even just a hint under the powder smell of my deodorant. FREAKIN' HORMONES!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so there with you. I had a beautiful, non-smelly nine months. Before that I was able to control my odour with natural deodorant. But yesterday I had to run to the store to buy the industrial strength stuff. The stench. Oh, the stench!
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