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Le Creuset and enamel coated cookware - is it safe?

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Le Creuset and enamel coated cookware - is it safe?

I haven't been able to find any negative info on it and I'm looking to invest in some new cookware and dump the old titanium/aluminum coated stuff-

any opinions or knowledge about this stuff would be appreciated
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From the little research I did, they were safer than anything else I found. But they are hard to clean. A LOT of scrubbing and it is hard to get used to non-stick. Expensive but worth the price for the health of my fam.
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I LOVE these pots. Don't know anything about safety but I would never go back to using non-cast-iron pans. They actualy clean up pretty easily, esp. if you soak them---crud comes right off. I've been using one pot for about 10 years now and another for 6. I didn't pay full price--actually found one Le Creuset pot, a big one, at TJ Maxx for about $30!, and got a smaller one at an outlet in Connecticut.

They hold heat beautifully, they make a fantastic baked chicken. (I make a really easy dinner by putting a chicken in one pot, and putting potatoes with some seasonings in the other, & just baking with lids on for a couple of hours...the chicken gets a nice 'roasted' skin, and the potatoes also get a nice brown to them. Potatoes usually only need about an hour though) They cook great in the oven or on the stove.

I also use non-enamel cast iron pans too--also love these (and they add iron to your food! esp if you make acidic stuff like tomato sauce in them). If you have a glass cooktop though, you have to be really careful not to break it with the heavy pans.

There are generic versions of the cast iron pots out there--Ikea has them and I always see them at TJ Maxx. (which can be a surprisingly good place to buy kitchen supplies)
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I love mine, I can't say enough good things about them. They are awesome.
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Love love love 'em too!

I have good luck using baking soda to clean up any stuck on goop. A light wiping of oil prior to cooking also helps. I'd go for a set online, we got a pretty good deal vs. buying each piece seperately. And to add a few pieces, I got some really good deals on ebay. Gotta love my retro $7 Lecre!

Also adore my well seasoned cast iron skillet! Just makes my food taste better. Wish I had a couple more
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fwiw Cooks Illustrated just retested Dutch Ovens and although Le Cruset was of course the winner, there is a brand sold at Target called Chefmate that performed just as well, and costs $40.
Also you can find Le Cruset discounted at Marshalls and Home Goods.

On the CI website it says that the Chefmate Dutch oven is out of stock on the Target.com website, but should be available in stores, the id is the DPCI number "070/02/0962" so you can find out if your store has it in stock.

We've been making the no knead bread and for the baking you cook it in a Dutch oven. We just got one of the Chefmate ones because our Le Cru was so big the loaf was too flat. I haven't tried it yet, but it really looks and feels just like our Le Cruset.

I've also never had a problem cleaning ours, we just soak it overnight and nearly everything comes off. Every once in a while I'll clean it with the copper scouring thingie and it's shiny new.
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I have a set and I love mine. I got mine on a double sale (it was a floor model and it was on sale at a local Sur La Table) at about 60% off. I wouldn’t have found them had I not asked a sales associate because it wasn’t advertised.

I had my set for about 4 years now (along with some really old cast iron skillets I got from a yard sale) and I just love it. They hold heat really well and very easy to clean. They also make beautiful serving pots as well.
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There is a le Creuset outlet near me and it is still $170 for the big pot I want.

I am slowly getting some.
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I saw an off brand @ Sears for $50. I so want one!!!!!!
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I've heard it's safe. I have a small heart shaped pan (DH got it for me last Valentine's Day). I love it and really wish that I had a giant dutch oven. It's a pleasure to cook in. Last year, Marshall Field's was bought out by Macy's and I got my mom a Le Creuset for her birthday for 1/4 of the regular price. Score!
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You can get good prices on ebay, I bought a couple pieces on there myself brand new. I personally dont' recommend sets as they typically don't include the sizes I want. Also regular cast iron loaf pans are awesome for cooking bread in, I've used mine for years, Love Them!
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Also, ask the stores if they have returned and/or floor model items that they are willing to sell for a discount. I did that at Sur La Table and they took much more (than the normal sale price) off. I did the same thing to a $400 Kitchen Aid mixer at Macys - San Francisco - and paid only $125 for it. Usually the combo being that it was a store sale, a returned item or seasonal color and/or floor model that does it. But you have to ASK because sometimes they just have stuff laying around in the back they don’t know what to do with. It wont be advertised. Smile, be nice (not entitled or assertive), laugh, joke, etc.
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I know Le Crueset is THE name, but I would also recommend looking at the Lodge brand.

I just bought DH the big blue dutch oven you see on the home page. He's already broken it in well and good (and man was those dinners delicious!!!).

In fact, all of our cast iron (14" skillet, grilling skillet, cornbread skillet and now the DO) is from Lodge. We LOVE it all and they're prices are a little more in reach than LC. I actually found the 7qt. on sale for only $119 on Amazon just before Xmas.
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We *love* our Le Creuset skillet! Now we're keeping our eyes open for something big to make soup in.
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I love mine too.
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I haven't read the previous replies.
America's Test Kitchen tested Le Creuset (sp) and other cookware (specifically dutch ovens) of the same type and determined that Le Creuset is the best, but that you can get a really great alternative (almost as good) for $20 at Target. I don't know what the name is, but it looks the same as Le Creuset.
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My Le Creuset is the easiest stuff to clean I know. Much easier than even my All Clad.

I'm a kitchen appliance/cookware junkie, I just can't resist the stuff! I LOVE all of my pieces from them. They are pretty pricey though. I know if there is an outlet near you, you can get second quality. I've never been there when they have second things I need, but they don't look like they are second quality at all from what I've seen.
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I LOVE mine! I can't imagine what I would do without it in the kitchen. But I can't imagine spending the major bucks on le crueset, even on sale. QVC has it's technique brand that is excellent and SO much cheaper. I love it. It's heavy, it's not really that hard to clean, and things cook great in it.
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