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I'm doing horribly!

DH's socks are taking WAY longer than I expected! I'm almost done with the first cuff ... here's hoping the second one goes faster. :

I'm making mittens for DS' 3 teachers at school - they should go fast, but I'm waiting on the yarn still. They are knit in bulky yarn, so again - here's hoping!

My sister's gift was started and frogged. I didn't have the right yarn or needles on hand to do what I wanted, so I started something else. She may get a scarf instead of socks...she is a knitter though, so she may get a scarf and a couple skeins of sock YARN .

Also have a hat for the little girl next door - not even started! It's the i-cord ribbon cap from LMKG...

And a bunch of others. What am I doing here!?!
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The same thing we all are- running and hiding from the dreadful stress and pressure of holiday knitting
I think the technical term is "planning" though.
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
The same thing we all are- running and hiding from the dreadful stress and pressure of holiday knitting
I think the technical term is "planning" though.
definitely I am still "planning"....riiiiigght.

3 more weeks of this, and it shall be upon us! Assuming we all get done in time
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Grandpa's scarf is about half done.
Grandma's scarf is almost completely done, but I lost my copy of the pattern and need to print it out again.
Oma's Cozy(from Knitty) is all of about 6 inches long.
The dishcloths for the fam are roughly 1/3 done, but the soap to wrap up in them and the ribbon to tie them with are already purchased.
Whew. So that's the xmas knitting. BUT DS really needs a hat-we were out in the snow today, and the one he has from last year is just way too small; his poor ears were bright red by the time we came in. (hmmm. if I get off MDC and cast on now, I could have an earwarmer cap done by tomorrow.....)
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I finished my 1/2 done panta! This leaves me with:

7 scarves & 7 pantas for the women on my list.
7 scarves for the men on my list. I'm thinking of adding the LTK cabled skullcap for the men also, but not sure if I want to take that on with all the rest or not!
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i have finished one of the as-yet-to-be-determined-whose mocs and part of the leg of one pair of pickys and a bit more of the panta. so much for "i'll get a whole bunch done whilst riding in the car to grandma's party"
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Alright I still have 3 pairs of mocs to go, a pair of lace socks, a scarf for my sister who apparently will be here for Christmas. I did finish my baby's blanket, my son's mocs and one sock. Did I mention I'm also in a cookie swap and running a co-op. : I like to bite off more than I can chew.
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When I was posting my list the other day, I knew there was something I was forgetting, but couldn't think what it was. It was 6 wraps for a FIN. I was 5 inches into the first one and had to frog all the way back to the first 8 rows of ribbing. The ribbing is on a number 4 needle, and the rest is on a 6. When I change needle sizes, I routinely knit off the smaller needle with the bigger needle, then continue on with the larger needle. Well I realized I forgot to pick up the other size 6 needle, so had been knitting along with one size 6 and one size 4. Oops.
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Why am I making afghans???? Oh, that's right--I'M INSANE:

Here's progress (that's only about 4 inches)
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I just updated my blog with finished items. http://hamadryadmomma.blogspot.com

On the needles : # 2 of a pair Ped Socks (MIL)
# 2 of a pair of Cigar Gloves (BIL)
1/3 of the way done with Shedir (sister)
Need to start 2 pairs of man-sized Knucks (step-dad, DH)

After Christmas, I have a pair of longeis to make for a friend, not to mention I am due in April and do not have a whole lot of infant sized woolies because we didn't start wool with Taso until he was six months old. I got my yarn for Babywearer #2, want to start that sometime this decade!
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Y'all are so talented and thoughtful. Your recipients will love your stuff!
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I am scared to list all my knitting to do

I just finished 3 soakers for 3 different MDC fin's.

I still have a newborn longies/hat for one of those fin's and another nb hat/longies for another fin

longies for a 2yo in the fin list

longies for a mama for a trade for training panties (actually 2 pair, one for her 2yo and one for her soon to be born)

Then I have a panta to knit for a gift going out on Sat, a hat for a girlfriend, scarf for my grandpa, scarf for my dad, felted bag for my dads gf, faux cable purse for my sister, scarf for myself, hat for youngest DD, finish up a dino for my soon to be 6yo as his birthday present, he asked for it last year and I never got done so I am determnined to get it finished this year.

I have a large woolie stash that I am trying to knit down and I think all of those projects will take care of that

Ok seeing all that typed out actually scares me...gotta get off of here and get back to knitting!
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So far I've knit two pantas, a sophie bag, a booga bag, a twiggy tweed bag, three pilot caps, a scarf, and six dishcloths.
I have 2 more pantas, six more dishcloths, and a mini brainwash bagto finish before this weekend (IL family Christmas party -where we exchange gifts). After that I have another panta and matching toddler pilot cap for my friend, another felted bag for another friend and a pilot cap for her dd, a hat and gloves for dh and two hats for my dad. Maybe a panta for my mom (but that can wait until after Christmas) and as many felted clogs as I can belt out before the 25th. I'll probably be felting on Christmas eve .
I might add that we are in the throes of packing because we are supposed to be moving in two (maybe three weeks). Agh. Why do I do this to myself??? Because it's SUPPOSED to be relaxing... and due to dh's recent job loss it's saving us a ton of money in present buying.

I wonder how much of this I'll actually get done
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green gable is still waiting for its sleeves (and the yarn to do 'em)

DD's xmas soaker is at the stage of picking up stitches for the first leg

future SIL's gift was officially picked out -- a pair of Fetching un-gloves. yarn is already purchased. Now cast on and first cable round completed. The yarn feels great and looks better knit up than it did in the hank (it languished in a box for about two months b/c the color was a bit off from what I thought I was getting - but now I am liking it better.)

the easy-going potholders from the December MagKnits vaulted onto the list for parents (deja vu fourth grade, when I also gave them potholders) and the knit part of the first one is done. these are going to be fun to make Now blocked, tonight hopefully I do the sewing part.Instead of sewing, I cut out the batting and fabric for one, then almost immediately dropped that project in favor of more Fetching.

brother's hat (Tychus from knitty) is picked out but not cast on yet

I decided to get myself some yarn for christmas (ha!)

and I decided to drop some, maybe all, of the "lacy headbands" from the plans
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Ohhhh Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Laptop cozy for nephew
Placemats for niece
Knitty's wavy scarf for her hubby
Convertible mittens for Bro 1
Wine cozy for Bro 2
LTK felted mocs for SIL
supersoft washcloth for DS2
dred hat for dear friend
10 cloths for DDs teachers
Knitty's Coronet hat for dad (needs fleece lining for him 2 wear)
MD Nesting boxes
Felted bowl for MIL
tissue cozy for FIL

Tie for DH
Code 88 Hat for DH

Felted slippers 4 mom
panta for friend's DD
3 cloths

I'd have them done but my full time job gets in the way
Wish they'd pay me to knit

watch the progress on my blog
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wow - some of you have very daring lists to do in a short time!

Here's my list:


big shawl for my mother using bamboo yarn and the Boise lace wrap pattern from Karabella (just needs a few ends woven and blocking)


cabled fingerless mits for a friend (half of each is done)

To be done:

Chinese charm bag from Stitch n Bitch for my SP (not due until mid January)
something soft and fuzzy for my aunt
two baby hatfor DH's friends' kids
something cool, gothy, and not girly for the same friends' 13 yo daughter (I haven't decided what to make yet.)
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OK, I just knitted a pair of longies in 9 hours and 45 minutes. (Yes, I timed myself, I'm a geek.) Photos will follow after they're lanolised, as they're currently in to soak.
Actually, that's an interesting question- does everyone else lanolise their i-cords?
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
(Yes, I timed myself, I'm a geek.)
I'm always timing myself too. I like to know how long something takes me so that I can decide how to budget my knitting time. Not only do I time how long a project takes, I time how long a row takes. Right now I am finishing up a wrap, and it is 5 minutes/row (76 stitches). So if I have 5 minutes, I can knit one row. This also helps me figure out how much idle time I have when driving to work -- if I knit 3 rows, it means I spent 15 minutes sitting at red lights.
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i am sick : : : and have spent much of the past 3 days drinking tea and knitting -- unfortunately i've only gotten halfway on maybe-dh's 2nd felted moc. hopefully dd will be a bit more cooperative with letting me knit whilst she's awake so i can get going!
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My projects are coming along nicely! I have 3 Sophie Bags finished. I just need to sew snaps in them and find a pin or ribbon to embellish them with.

I'm also attempting to knit my first pair of socks as a present for SIL. I'm done with the ribbing and starting on the hhel! Should be interesting!!
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