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I'm so sorry mama!! BTDT, I know how much it hurts!! We ra ehere for you!
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I'm sorry about the frowny face I don't know how to get rid of it
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I got rid of it for you. Not that I'm actually dating anyone ATM... although last week I ran into a guy I dated for a month or so last spring. We sort of drifted apart because we lived 40 minutes away from each other, but now I'm in the same town... only thing is, he's a professor at the university where I'm now a grad student, in a closely related department (same building, different floor).

Who knows if anything will come of it, though... and I won't be too upset either way. He was really nice, but no sparks, ya know?

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SBI2005, that really bites. I'm so sorry. Ofcourse you feel slighted and angry. Make sure you call all those shared molecules of yourself back to you and love yourself after that ordeal.

On the background check, I'd meet at a public place first to see what things are like. I know you can do a background check for less at the government center. I agree--it doesn't mean that nothing has ever happened. I have been with two men who were abusive. One, I later learned was admitted to a mental health facility as a teen...for years. The other, I later learned had a friend get shot in the head by his other friend at age 13, and he immediately started drinking to cope. He had a major alcohol problem and ofcourse has all kinds of unresolved emotional issues. I learned he also hit his ex girlfriend. He had a criminal history of drunk driving. If I'd looked, I would have known some of this, but only the stuff after 18, and what was reported/documented. It might have been a good idea, but I was 23 and a far too naive and trusting.

and GUESS WHAT? : I have another date this week! I'm feeling oh so brave lately. I met this guy on a personals site a friend told me about as being the best one. I've decided I just don't like the online profiling right now, but he was cute enough for me to create a handle and contact. He says I'm his first date on the site, and that it's his only site. He's new to it. He was on the first page I looked at, and I laughed out loud at his profile almost all the way through. We've been emailing, and he is really very funny. If nothing else, I have really enjoyed his hilarious writing style! I have a much clearer good feeling about this one. If this one doesn't seem promising after the date, I'll take a break until after the holiday. How exhasting...this dating thing! I'm meeting him for breakfast at a coffee shop. I've decided to reserve fancier dinners for people I'm sure I like. The dinner and drinks ordeal is waaaay out of my budget.

Wait, it's December. New dating thread??
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