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Thanks Sarah for the empathy! I appreciate it. I actually am not sure when I O'd. According to FF I O'd on 11/23 or 11/24ish. That is basing my cycle on the previous month being 43 days. I believe on the 23rd I had ewcf but it was my first month paying REALLY close attention to it so who knows. I wish I could start charting my temps. I don't have the time right now, but I am kind of glad. I'm obsessing enough about it now. I'm too afraid to obsess too much about it. I'm enough of an emotional wreck as it is!!!

Jillybeans:Thanks for your support. I'll take all the hugs I can get!!!

Yogachick: I'm so sorry about your BFN. Here's some for a big fat tomorrow morning!!!!

Aimee When are you going to test again? Since we're kind of in the same boat I'm thinking I'll try to hold out for when you test. I know you said you had limited access to the tests for now (or at least I think you said something like that

I have 2 cheapies with my name on them just burning a hole in my bathroom closet. I'm SOOOOO tempted to test first thing tomorrow. I'm so bad.
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Erin and Aimee: I have a confession...I know I said wait for awhile but I would be peeing like a racehorse!

And...I can't believe there is actually a website called. peeonastick! Too funny. I will be sure to check it out.

Sorry about the BFN Yogachick. for a BFP tomorrow!

And wanted to say HeatherB. Welcome to the confusion!

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Love the website, Yogachick, she is hilarious!

I'll be 10dpo tomorrow, thinking I'll test with FMU. I'm sure I'll get another negative, but I want to anyway, just in case.

If I am pregnant, I don't think I've implanted yet, so I think I've still got quite a wait. On the POAS website the tests I bought from early pregnancy tests dot com were given a negative review, although I couldn't find an explanation as to why? So far I really like them. Super cheap and very clear negative, no evap lines at all. I wonder what others experiences are?

s to you all & : to my fellow testers!
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Good luck tomorrow NVmama!!!
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Aimee When are you going to test again? Since we're kind of in the same boat I'm thinking I'll try to hold out for when you test. I know you said you had limited access to the tests for now (or at least I think you said something like that )
I can't get tests till Monday when we got to town (45 minutes roughtly)

so Tuesday am would be my next test date.

(and also day 39 I think -- day timer not sitting here -- and last cycle was 39 days ---- sooooooooooo I'll be testing Tuesday if ther eis no AF before then)

course now i am wondering IF I do get a POS (which i doubt) -- then I have no clue when I Oed so no real way to know a EDD>.......

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Hello mamas

My temps dropped again so I guess I haven't ovulated yet ... All "symptoms" were here because of illness...

Rachel : thanks for the December thread My ds is 22 month now but maybe you should put his birthdate (01/29/2005) so we don't have to change it every month

Aimee : I think you should wait to test for at least one more day than your longest cycle (so CD40).
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Changes made.

Sorry Ishtaaar that your temps dropped.... big hugs to you. Hopefully you will O soon!!!

NVmama.....where are you?? I was thinking about ya this morning!! Keep my fingers crossed for you!

Aimee... More hugs to you....... hopefully you will have some Great News very very soon!!!
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Originally Posted by RachelS View Post
Good luck tomorrow NVmama!!!
Thanks RachelS! I woke up at 5am and had to pee, so I took my temp early (I usually take it at 6:15) and went to the bathroom to take my test. My temperature was up again, so that was good news! I also took it again after 6am after having gone back to bed and it was still up so I think I'm good.

Anyway, I would technically classify the test as negative, but I'm not so sure. There was a barely visible shadow of a line, which normally I would think was an evap line. However, I have taken two of same tests which were clear negatives taken way too early (my controls), they had no evap lines and when they dried were very pristine, no shadows, nothing. When this one dried, there was a definite faint line. (I know, past 10 minutes, not valid) Hoping this is a good sign! I did feel some cramping yesterday, read on the website Yogachick posted yesterday that implantation can take up to four days to complete. So, I'm feeling good today and my husband thinks I'm definitely pregnant, we'll see, more testing in my future. All sticky vibes are welcome, that's my main worry.

How is everyone this morning? Sending you all positive thoughts &
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Oh NVmama.... I am so pulling for you!! Sounds like GOOD News!!!! How wonderful!!! Sending VERY STICKY VIBES!!
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erin -- go on an test

AF started this monring -- bright and hevey......

so this cycle was 35 days, last one 39.....

I will TRY to chart thos month -- butttttttttt unsure about it -- seems like college chem all over again

I will start using O pee tests each day as soo as AF is gone -- jsut to see if I O at all

I know nurseing can effect O -- and while i doubt he is totally supessing it -- he could be delaying it month to month based on his nurseing needs on different days.

I am just bummed -- last night DH said to me "are we pg, i haven't noticed you have you period" I told him i honeslty did not know -- well know we do.

i guess i KNEW I wasn't -- but with him asking last night.....

just a little bummed.

but now we start cycle 4 of trying

So if you will move me to waiting to O please -- today is CD1

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Oh Aimee I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!

BIG BIG BIG to you!

CD 37 here. Last cylce was 43 days so if I'm anything like you I'll get AF in 2 days (4 days prior than last month). It seems we've been neck and neck with the same issues this month.

CONFESSION: I POAS this morning at like 4 am. I couldn't resist or go back to sleep until I did. AND VIOLA! Yet another BFN!!! I don't know why I bothered!

Oh well. Maybe AF is coming and I can start fresh again.
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New Info!

Mamas... I want to share some new info for me just in case it might be new to you too.

I talked to a naturopath that is soon coming to work in my sister's Massage Therapy Center. She has recommended that I take the herb Damiana along with my Vitex and RRL. I hadn't heard of it before. She says it is perfectly safe while nursing. It balances hormones and works also much like Vitex. It is also a natural aphrodisiac which is a secondary benefit to the herb. I've been taking it for 3 days now along with Vitex and an occasional RRL tea.

She also said that 1000mg is a good dose of Vitex for our needs. She said definitely do not exceed 1500mg while nursing. She also said that those with progesterone deficencies and prone to m/c might want to take the Vitex at a maintainence dose of 500mg for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy along with RRL tea as long as you'd like.

I'm seeing some good results from my herbs so far. I'm noticing CM for the first time in a long time. I may not need Preseed afterall. I'm hoping it will balance my hormones as well.

Have any of you heard about Damiana or taken it?

Aimee - Glad you're feeling better, and thanks for the info. I needed to read that stuff. It took 6 months to conceive DD at 26 yrs. old, and I didn't have AF a single time in those 6 months. I took Provera to conceive. I'm taking the herbs this time for the extra help I need. I've been trying for 4 months now.

Josybear - Congrats!

: to all you waiting mamas...
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Aimee & Erin
Just wanted to send you both a hug, I'm so sorry.

During my obsessing, I was viewing the posted pictures of BFP's on FF. I really noticed a correlation between the brand First Response and earlier, clearer lines. The clearer part is why I'm considering dropping the cash on this brand so I can test tomorrow. Am I crazy, has anyone else noticed this? I'm testing with cheap tests now which claim 20mIU, but the photos on FF really make me want to try FR.
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May I join in?

Hi there,

I didn't intend to be participating in this thread just yet, but I think I might be pregnant. With DD1, I (paper) charted and we timed everything to perfection for a boy and got pregnant on the first shot, but got a girl (which is great).

I got my period about a week before her first birthday. Since then I've been getting it every 45 days. I haven't been charting, though. Dumb!

My last period was October 16th. We BDed on November 16th. I was just being stupid. I thought it had been a week more than it had been, and that I had already ovulated. I thought that my cervical fluid had gone back to normal and that I was in my luteal phase. Now I'm not so sure.

The night we BDed (maybe an hour later) I felt a distinct feeling in my uterus and it was like feeling something familiar that I hadn't felt for a long time.

Today is CD46 or 47. No sign of AF yet. I've been having creamy cervical fluid, but I can't remember if that's a pregnancy sign. I've been very hungry, sometimes light-headed, and for the last few days I've felt nauseated if I eat chocolate, which I love (this didn't happen with DD1).

So, that's my story. I'm posting it here because either I'm pregnant, and will have a very short stay here, or I'm not, and I just know that thinking that I was and then finding out that I'm not is going to make us more eager and then I will be a nursing mama trying to conceive in December! We were planning to start TTCing in January or February.

If I am pregnant, I will be very concerned about the effect on my milk supply. DD is very much NOT ready to wean.
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I don't like the thought of charting either, and my cycles are very similar to yours. Here is what I'm doing... It is a little more proactive, but not quite charting.

1. Using www.mymonthlycalender.com I'm calculating my estimated O window. All you need is the CD 1 and how long are your average cycles. I'd say 37 days going on your last 2 months.

2. Planning to take O tests during my window to see if I am in fact o'ing.

3. BD as much as possible during the o window. (Right now, not too much because I'm away from DH. DD and I both miss him.)

4. Take Vitex 1000mg, Damiana 3 doses of 800mg, Drink RRL tea when I can, Take a good Prenatal... Doing this to encourage preparation of my uterus for pregnancy and VBAC, hopefully to balance hormones, and increase CM.

Hope this helps.
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NVMamaThanks for the hugs!!! You're making me want to spring for the FR tests. We are hurting for cash right now but it seems worth it to have a couple of those.

Eastkygal Thanks for the info on Damiana. I've never heard of it before!

Sarahmck Welcome!!! I hope your stay here is short and sweet! I'm on the same page as you when it comes to worrying about my supply dropping or being eliminated because of pregnancy. That is my ONLY concern about getting pg while ds is nursing.
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Originally Posted by ErinluvsKen View Post
NVMamaThanks for the hugs!!! You're making me want to spring for the FR tests. We are hurting for cash right now but it seems worth it to have a couple of those.
Erin, what brand are you using? If you look in the FF gallery of BFP's you can maybe find some comparisons between what you are using and other brands, see if you think there is any difference. I know the "wanting to know one way or the other" is what is driving me crazy. It's tough to spend the money on something that really when you think about it is not needed. I mean taking the tests don't make you any more or less pregnant. You are or you aren't and eventually you'll know. Intellectually I know this, why do I keep peeing on sticks?!?

Eastkygal - Thanks for the info!

Sarahmck - Welcome, you say you think you conceived on 11/16 ... have you tested? Good Luck!

I worry about my supply and pain too. Although my DD is over two, she is completely in love with nursing, it is such an important part of her life. I want to do everything possible to continue to nurse her through pregnancy.
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changes made.

SO SORRY AIMEE!! Sounds like you have a good plan for December! Soooo sorry.....

So Erin for your BFN as well.... I will : & :

eastkygal: Good info!! Thanks for sharing with us!! You have a great ttc plan too!! I may try some of that as well!

sarahmck! I added you to the TWW list. Hopefully your stay will be wonderful but short. Sounds like soon!!
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eastkygal Funny...I have friends who named their dog Damiana. I asked what it meant and they said it was an aphrodisiac herb, but didn't know it could help conceiving. I actually looked it up and it seems to help with sexual desire and is a relaxant. Used as an anti-depressant, to relieve anxiety and mood enhancer. I also found out it can lower your blood sugar and act as a mild laxative.

Hope your stay is short and sweet. (If that is what you really want). The milk supply issue is a big one for many of the mamas. My son is almost 2 1/2 and as I would love him to continue nursing, I also would be okay if it ended due to pregnancy. I have a feeling he would start up again with the new baby because he loves milkies. (and tells me so. ) I think there are teas or herbs safe for pregnancy that help with milk supply.

Aimee and Erin
sorry about and the bfn.

NVMama Looks encouraging! Hope you get a good clear BFP soon! :

Guess what I did this morning...yes, poas. Just because would normally be due today and my temps may not be reliable because of night nursing and I was unable to chart earlier due to illness...Well, as I expected BFN. However, still no and no temp spike. I am in limbo land. Don't know if I am even o'ing really. Guess I will just keep on bding and eventually or
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