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Drumroll please . . . :

BFP! BFP! BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: : : : : :

When I went to test, I had a teensy bit of spotting and I figured it was AF, but since I had the test unwrapped already, I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. And two lines showed up! I can't believe my little boy is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!
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Congratulations Dantesmama! : :

First of the month ... hopefully more to follow!
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Congrats Dantesmama! : :

Hope there are a lot of December BFP's to join you!
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OH!!! naturegirl..... I never noticed in your sig about your store... I checked it out. Love it!! How awesome for you! Must bring you a lot of joy! I always wanted to have a website. I love your slings! I will be checking your stuff out more once I get a BFP!

So sorry about you BFN naturegirl!!! : SOON!!

Congrats dantesmama!!! : : : How wonderful!!!! I am very excited for you and your family!!! I will move you!!!

Hurray for dantesmama!!!
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Thanks Rachel. And if anyone wants to start their own online store...I have TONNES of advice that could save you lots of $$$ that I unfortunately didn't know to start.

I wasn't really expecting a positive test so not too bummed. It took so long to get preggers with ds that I am not expecting it to happen easily. Would be a nice surprise though.
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wow go out for a few hours, miss al lot



Congrats Dantesmama!
in total agreement -- soooooooooo happy for you.


I have not paid attention to all this before -- gonna just let it all go and do it trying not to think too much -- riiiiight -------- buttttttttttt we are now on month 4, no biggie i know, but getting stressful for me personally.


I talked to a naturopath that is soon coming to work in my sister's Massage Therapy Center. She has recommended that I take the herb Damiana along with my Vitex and RRL. I hadn't heard of it before. She says it is perfectly safe while nursing. It balances hormones and works also much like Vitex. It is also a natural aphrodisiac which is a secondary benefit to the herb. I've been taking it for 3 days now along with Vitex and an occasional RRL tea.

She also said that 1000mg is a good dose of Vitex for our needs. She said definitely do not exceed 1500mg while nursing. She also said that those with progesterone deficencies and prone to m/c might want to take the Vitex at a maintainence dose of 500mg for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy along with RRL tea as long as you'd like.
WHERE do it get -- Vitex -- and it is a pill or what? sorry I guess i shuld be paying more attention......

RRL -- in a tea -- or is the a pill supplment???

Where do i get - Damiana -- and how much to take?

I am also going to O test each day this month -- Dh thinks i am not Oing (as he said "my boys don't have a target").......

I need to keep in mind Theo's feeding can effect O -- day to day -- not all or nothing -- as i was thinking (ie either i don't do it due to nurseing, or I am doing it now so the nurseing no longer matters) -- really each and every time he nurses, or goes 4 + hours without, is effecting the Egg.........so while I will NOT at this point alter his feeding (we are still 100% on cue) I need to remember that cus that effects when it happens, and counting days may be silly.

it seems to help with sexual desire and is a relaxant. Used as an anti-depressant, to relieve anxiety and mood enhancer. I also found out it can lower your blood sugar and act as a mild laxative.

sounds like i could use this in EVER COUNT -- desire, conception, relaxtion, anti-d.........wow

1. Using www.mymonthlycalender.com I'm calculating my estimated O window. All you need is the CD 1 and how long are your average cycles. I'd say 37 days going on your last 2 months.
I have a calanader on babyzone.com -- same thing, with average cycle to guess you O date -- I put in 30 days, got a date, put in 35 days and got a date and put in 39 and gat a date -- so I have 3 general idea dates....but since i will be testing......

we BD 4+ tiomes we week anyway -- dh has an appite........last night we discussed it -- he feels I am not Oing cuz he is sure with as much S%X his boys would not miss.........

Eastkygirl -- how long is DH gone??
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Hooray dantesmama! Happy and healthy nine months to you!
Carrie, i don't see your update on here yet! (ohhh you guys are going to love it!)

NVmama, i'll be looking for a more conclusive result tomorrow! Post right away, ok?

Cd 9 here. Getting ready to start the opks in a few days. Let's hope for earlier O, longer lp(or no lp, but bfp instead)
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Aw Jill! I WAS going to wait to post until tomorrow, just in case we are wrong but...

I took a test this morning with FMU and had a VERY light pink line show in just about 5 minutes. I have pulled the saved test out of my purse over and over again today and compared the line obsessivly to the same brand on POAS.com and it looks promising.

But, to be on the safe side we are testing again first thing tomorrow morning (my birthday) with the 2nd good test. This was a First Response Early preg test, not the cheapies and the line is def pink, not grey and came well within the 10 minute window.

Here's to hoping!?

Oh, and congrats Dantesmama! Hope to be joining you soon
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Oh and Aimee, I don't know about your other 2 questions but I take Vitex (1200 MG/day) and it is in capsule form from the health food store.
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Congrats Dantesmama!!!!! August is a good month for babes. See my siggie.

Aimee - All of those supplements I mentioned are herbs. You can get them all at any health food store, or GNC if you shop there. Any store that carries a variety of herbal supplements. I take the Vitex and Damiana as pills, and the RRL as a tea. I tried the Vitex as a tea, but the taste was horrible, and I got a Damiana pill stuck in my throat yesterday and that tasted awful too, so I wouldn't recommend that as a tea either. The RRL is pretty good as a tea. It's all up to your tastes. Vitex acts as progesterone, sort of, in the body. You can look these up on kellymom.com to get more info.

Damiana - I'm glad I found out about it too. It really seems to help so far, and the naturopath said she has had many women who she put on it come back with success stories. So, here's to trying !
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: yogachick79!!! Good luck!! Sounds VERY Promising!!! I will be looking forward to moving you tomorrow.
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yogachick79 ---
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Have any of you momma tried Damiana

When I research it a little I find in a few places it is not safe for breastfeeding


but I don't know if that is jsut a general "nothing that isn't FDA blessed is safe" type thing -- CYA stuff


if there is an isssue?

ANy other data would be appercipated -- any other sites or reseach I can look at?
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i may have answered my own question -- don't you hate that -- you look and look, and can't find it -- then you post asking, and THEN you find it


Generally safe -- accourding to kellymom.comn -- a site I truust.



Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh adn check this out too

Side effects of using vitex are rare, however it may decrease milk supply - use with caution and monitor for signs of low milk supply.
just be aware...................

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I know my hubby wouldn't mind some Damiana around... And Vitex does taste horrible. I am taking it in tincture form as suggested by my naturopath. And WOW it is strong! It will be worth it if there is a babe at the end though.
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Thank you everybody! Good luck to everyone, to you all!!!

Yogachick, I'll be watching for you in the August DDC!
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Congrats on the BFPs and "little"FPs! (i.e, faint lines!) :

Still waiting for O here... a few more days to a week away, I think. Tho I thought I had a little EWCM today, but it might not've been.

I have had similar thoughts, as others, about the frequency and amount of nursing affecting Oing. I do think that as my 2yr old's nursing has decreased during the day, to the point where he only nurses when he's tired (and generally only at bedtime - he's getting better at just "touching" a nap time and other times when Mommy HURTS!), that my Oing is more regular. I had a couple of WEIRD months where I couldn't tell if I was Oing and having EWCM or not! And since the CM is basically all I keep track of (other than length of cycles and such), then it really through me off. I started temping to see if I could detect a pattern and make sure I was Oing, but I don't think I even got a whole month in. Ah, well!

Here's hoping we'll all have those BFPs soon so we don't have to worry about such things.
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Hello All! Some drama in my life. DH dropped my laptop last night, it's broken. I run my business off it, so I will need to get back up and running ASAP. Several thousand dollars to replace it and the software. Hoping I can at least retrieve all my business files and family photos off the harddrive. We are in financial trouble, I was already freaking about how we were going to pay our taxes... anyway, the short version is I won't be checking my email or able to respond online for a little while. We came over to my parents house last night to decorate the tree, so I'm on my Mom's computer right now. I also forgot to bring my thermometer, so no temp this morning. : Trying to focus on the important things in life, had a good cry with my mom last night.

The good news is I sprung for the First Response tests. $10 for two. Took one this morning with FMU at 11dpo.....BFP!

Thank you all for being here for me during this nerve wrecking time and I hope to be back up and running (up to my eyeballs in debt) later this week. Hugs to you all &
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NVmama, Congrats on the BFP!!! :

So sorry to hear about the laptop, though. I hope you can get the files recovered and it all fixed soon! You can probably use the same software without repurchasing it, right? If you already own it and the license? I hope so, anyhow!

I realized last night that I'm actually on CD14, and after BDing the night before I have started seeing some scant EWCM! So, I've been waiting for more definitive CM, but we may have accidentally picked a good time! My cycles have been much longer but last month was only 30 days, so it's entirely possible, it seems. Guess we'll see in a couple of weeks!
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Congrats NVmama!!! : : Hurray!!! That is wonderful!!! I will move you!

So sorry about the computer!!! Big hugs to you!!
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