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TTC 6+ months December Support Thread

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TTC 6+ months December Support Thread

Welcome to the support thread for those of us who've been trying for a little bit longer than the average bear. The 6-12 month mark in TTC seems especially tough because it's been longer than a lot of people but not quite long enough to qualify for the next level of treatment/approach. (Note that some of us have been trying for 12+, but we're taking our time and sticking with this thread for a bit!)

We would love to talk with others who are at similar places in
their TTC journey. Please jump on in and introduce yourself!

:TTC for 6+ Months:

allisonrose-TTC #1 since 10/05
angel1895— TTC #2 since 2/06
ann109 - TTC #1 since 07/06
anonymousk – TTC #1 since 5/06
Beutyful--TTC #1 since 4/06
Blucactus - TTC #2 since 3/06
c_something- TTC #1 since 12/05
ChristyM26 – TTC #1 since 2/06
Coome – TTC #1 since 9/05
ELKMama — TTC #2 since 3/06
greenegirl — TTC#1 since 5/06
GoodyTiptoesWish – TTC #2 since 1/06
Hezzy – TTC #1 since 11/05
Itybty – TTC #1 since 9/05
Izzysmom - TTC #2 since 5/06
Joygee - TTC #2 since 9/05
Kvan – TTC #2 since 8/05
LaLibertad - TTC #1 since 04/06
Let it be-TTC#1 since 3/06
Lilyflower – TTC #3 since 1/06
martiniolive26 - TTC #1 since 5/06
Maybebabysoon – TTC #1 since 9/05
Megnmama – TTC #2 since 8/05
mommy in chaos-TTC #2 since 3/06
~MoonGypsy~-TTC #2 since 3/06
Mosquitobite - TTC #? since 7/05
Oceanmommy – TTC #2 since 7/05
Pamered_mom – TTC #2 since 12/05
Pycelan – TTC #3 since 10/05
Punquin —TTC #1 since 8/05
SarahJen — TTC #1 since 1/06
Selkat — TTC since 08/05
SereneBabe- TTC #2 since...
Susykat - TTC#1 since 05/06
Taradactyl3 — TTC #2 since 6/06
Tarahsolazy – TTC #2 since 11/05
Tenk – TTC #5 since 04/06
ValarieR - TTC #1 since 12/05
Willowsmom — TTC #2 since 1/04
Willzmama – TTC #2 since fall/05
wombatclay - TTC #2 since 2/06

: : :

Stacymom - due 9/07 with #3 after 8 months TTC
Racecar — due 7/07 with #2 after 13 months TTC
HopesMom-due 7/07 with #3 and #4! after 10 months TTC
Secretlytrying – due 6/07 with #3 after ? months TTC
Txbikegrrl – due 6/07 with #1 after 5 months of TTC!
ChristineIndy - due 6/07
Chrissy – due 5/07 with #3 after 11 months of TTC!
Arwyn - due 3/07 with #1 after a whole bunch of months of TTC!
Paisley – due 3/07 with #2 after 9 months of TTC!
Didkisa – due 3/07 with #1 after 7 months of TTC!
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Happy December ladies!

and :
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Happy December Ladies! Here's hoping for a million BFP's for the holiday season. May we all be blessed with loving family and friends, and may our hearts be calm and peaceful no matter what the outcome.

Here Here (raise that cute little champagne glass)
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Ok, somebody PLEASE look at my chart before i go mad!!! Is my temp still high? I slept with NO blankets on last night to see if it would go back to normal... but it didn't! It stayed up .4 degrees higher then my lower temp! I'm not sure if I want to be excited or sickened by the thought that it could be tri-phasic. What do you all think???

Someone pleeeease tell me soon or I'm really going to go insane!
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Oh, and don't forget to go back to the old thread and catch up on yesterday's thread... it was quite busy!

It appears that our dear friends Lily and Itty have decided to go and take the Clomid!!! I am so excited for you guys!

And I also listened to the Squirrel Nut Zippers and they were pretty good. I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy the CD, but they were ok. DH on the other hand, (a music gue-rue) was like "I can't believe I've never heard of them before" and he downloaded a couple songs on his phone...
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Theresa I think it's looking very promising : how are you feeling?
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I feel nada! No sore bb's, no cramps, no nothing... I have an overwhealming sense that my ovaries feel bigger... odd as it may seem... But I'm sure that's just me. My bb's should start hurting any time though. They usually start hurting about 3DPO, and nothing yet.
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theresa.. I feel the same way your dh does.. I know music.. I know lots about music.. you'd think I'd know who they are... I know the one song they do... but I didnt recognize the name... anyway...

I have an af question... maybe its just cause I just got off the pill.. my af normally/almost always goes from heavy and just dwindles down from there... I have had af since sunday.. and it just keeps getting heavier... I resorted today to wearing a tampon.. and a pad.. cause its just THAT heavy (I really want to get a divacup.. just dont have the moolah for it yet).. anybody have any input?
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I know that the Divacup seems like a lot of money to front, but if you think about it, 3 periods that require a pad & a tampon would cost you just as much. So take the money that you would spend for the next three month on pads/tampons and buy your cup, and you'll start saving money after 3 months. I think the cheapest Divacup I've found was like $25. If you shop around, you can find it cheap! I bought mine from Amazon for like $35 and then googled it later and found it WAY cheaper...

I think I want to be pg so bad this month (because of the 2 months off we'll be taking due to the wedding) that I'm looking for everything! But it's VERY frustrating that I'm not seeing ANYTHING at ALL!!!
ETA: OH, by the way Sarah, the new thread looks fantastic!!!
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I think I want to be pg so bad this month (because of the 2 months off we'll be taking due to the wedding) that I'm looking for everything! But it's VERY frustrating that I'm not seeing ANYTHING at ALL!!!
...except for CRAZY HIGH TEMPS! And you did say you were emotional right?
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theresa.. what i mean.. I just cant afford it.. now... right now.. lol.. after rent gets paid I wont have enough to get it.. I plan on it within the next month

btw.. I've resolved to call everyone by their real name
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I forgot about the high temps for just a minute... Guess that is pretty odd... did you check out my previous charts? I've never had temps this high. And yes, I have been pretty emotional since monday, but I associated that with having been home for Thanksgiving and my family is very emotionally taxing. But yesterday I did sit down and cry for about 10 minutes because DH made me feel bad. But I was fine soon after. Would you call that a mood swing?

I get it... so you get your rent paid, buy your divacup when you have the funds, boil it, put it in a ziplock bag, and save it till your next af. Though if you're lucky, it'll be about a year before you actually need it!!! : that that's what happens! Oh, and good idea about the first name thing!
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Hi everyone, I would like to join and it looks great over here. DH and I kinda talked about not trying for a while, but he seems to think if we don't wait that it would be too hard on me. If I have another miscarriage per say. I don't know what the right thing to do is. One one hand, I think can we really afford to have another baby or two, even tho that's what we both want. Do we want them now or do we want them when even Kaleb is in school. Not in 07 but in 08 he'll go to K. UGH, it's just so hard to decide. We did just go out and buy a 2007 Tahoe with 9 full size seats just because we wanted enough room for more kids (and I hated our Durango). Part of me wants a baby now, and part of me does not. I got ahead of myself and bought some maternity clothes that were super cheap that i just loved and now I don't need them. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and the decision would be made for me. Or one of you could tell me the right thing to do.....:

Can you please add me to the TTC #5 since 04/06? thank you.
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Well, I have mostly been lurking since my initial posts on here. But I am still here and still trying. I talked to a midwife last night, and I really liked her. I'm 9 dpo today, so I am going to wait and see what happens this week. Then I'll call her and make an appointment. If I do get a BFP, it'll be the first visit for that, otherwise, I'll get a pap smear and blood work, etc.
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I'm glad you're going to at least stick around here for a while. We'd have missed you! I think you're doing the right thing by taking your time to make the decision. You can alway change it from day to day, and as long as you're here, we'll support you the way you need it.

: that you'll be going to her for your first prenatal visit! The other one sounds not much fun

Ok... it's a long morning... I'm baking cookies again... these ones are way too sweet! I need something to do!!!
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I quickly want to subscribe to the thread, but can't talk now, tons of company over. Good morning!
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Hey Lily! How you feeling?
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Just like normal. Maybe a little bloated? I feel just fine. My 15 year old son is having four friends over who spent the night last night, so I can't be on here too much. I feel great and excited and sure hope this works.

Hey, I just wanted to add that I may have sounded like I am a pretty unhealthy person, but in general, I am a vegetarian who eats vegetable dinners and blended fruit shakes for breakfast and I am pretty healthy. I am the right weight for my height, but I haven't been exercising too much though because it is so DARN cold outside! But, I just drink diet cokes. I also eat ice cream a lot now. Anyway, I didn't want to come across as an unhealthy person TTC.
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WOW! 4 Fifteen year old boys!!! I'd go crazy! Though I'm not a big fan of teenagers... They're annoying...
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