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Hi... cd3. If FF had a setting higher than "Heavy" for af (maybe "Torrential"?) it would be more fitting. And, ow! Hello, cramps! But, actually, this af isn't even close to some of my worst af's. I used to have excruciating cramps when I was younger. But, I'm bleeding through everything in less than 2 hours today. Fun times. Hopefully, this post-m/c af will be a reasonable length, but I might be pushing my luck with that one.

Ocean - I guess we are cycle buddies this time around... Good luck calling the dr.

Tenk - : for you!

Angel - Sorry about the crosshairs. :

all around...
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Stacy Thank you, me too honestly. I was just thinking, man I want to hold a baby so badly. I'll take being miserably pregnant for 9 months to get one.

Steph My doc warned me that if I don't get pregnant this cycle that AF will be the worst ever and extemely painful. I'm so sorry mama, I hope you get a heating pad and some wine and can feel a bit better soon!

So get this, i just talked to my mom. She and my dad are going to TN for a day or so (to my aunt's house where my cousin, her boyfriend, their 1 yr old and about 4 dogs live in a 2 bedroom house OH and she's pregnant again due in March) and then on to IL where my GP's live. Ok, so my uncle (mom's brother) went to my aunt's to visit and help them unpack (after 5 months of living there) and he said that there was dog poo on clothes that had been packed away - where they just packed them like that - and that the smell in the house (of rotten food, dogs, and poo) almost knocked him over. He had to go outside to even get some air. He also stated that if Social Services went over there that, they would take the baby away from my cousin b/c the living arrangements are so horrible and unsanitary. Now someone please tell me WhyTheHell she gets to have one baby and be pregnant with her second and she has NO job but she can't even clean the house enough for her toddler to crawl around on the floor. AND my baby girl died??? I mean come on, were clean, we can support more children, we take care of our family. I'm so freggin' confused why the world works that way. It's so unfair to me. She does NOT deserve another child, i don't care who thinks she might, at this point I'm not even sure that God thinks she deserves a child only that her BF didn't pull out 1 time at the right moment. BLEH....
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Ocean, Hurry and call! You are going to start tomorrow right? I felt very sad upon leaving the pharmacy that day, so I know your feeling, but that will pass. It will be an interesting month around here. I am excited to be the threadkeeper. I may have a lot of editing to do on the cover page!

I hope you feel better punquin.

Tenk, it is really unfair isn't it.

Christy, I am so excited for your arrangements! Your doctor is awesome. Most docs (I think mostly male) will prescribe an antidepressant for you the second you shed a tear in their office. They just don't understand!

I have a mild headache for the past few days and some good hot flashes, but feeling great otherwise. It is going to be funny when all of us end up with twins.
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I think af is coming... I'm starting to get major cramps...

still dont have my divacup... ... oh well

I hope you all had a better day than me it wouldnt be that hard to do

stephanie... I know what its like to have really heavy afs... before I had ds I was like that a lot... things are much more calmer now

teneal...it really isnt fair when people who dont live well get the good stuff.. like little babes

ocean.. just do it... you know you want to

christy.. yay for clomid.. oh and I totally get the "I dont like needles" thing... but I got conditioned to it a lot with pg for ds

hi to everyone else.. I gotta go do some cleaning before dh gets home from work... yay.

btw.. is anyones page really wide today.. it wasnt like that earlier but since this afternoon mine has been way off the screen... just wondering
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OK I talked to the dr....

He feels the next step is a lap, but I told him that trying clomid for a few months first would feel less invasive. We talked about how it is used to bring on ovulation (I do ovulate regularly on my own) and that it is also used for Luteul Phase defect (and he said progesterone supplements are best for LPD). We talked about the side effects (hot flashes and ocassionally a cyst could develop. and twins.). He also said that clomid can make you ovulate later by a few days.
He said he would do a lap first to rule out endometriosis, that clomid boosts your estrogen and therefore could feed any endo one might have. But I am not ready to get cut open to look for endo just yet. He also said that when they do a lap they blow your tubes clear... but my tubes showed as quite clear on the HSG. I don't know, I can see a lap down the road but it seems worth it to just try a few months of pills before we go cutting stuff, YKWIM ?

So he said we could try 2 or 3 rounds of clomid and see what happens, but he's only going to give me a month at a time and I have to come in to have my ovaries checked in a manual/pelvic exam after each round before the next one begins. I guess that will be while I am bleeding ? Yuck. I really like my dr, and I think he is just going the better safe than sorry route with meds. He said that many drs will give clomid a try for everyone with infetility but he usually would do a lap first.
He told me to take it days 5-9, but I am thinking days 3-7 might be better odds ? What do you all think ? I found something on this site http://www.inciid.org/faq.php?cat=in...ity101&id=1#30

Should I be taking Clomid on days 3-7 or on days 5-9?
In theory, days 3-7 of Clomid lead to more follicles and fewer side effects on the lining and the mucus. Days 5-9 lead to better development of just a few follicles. It seems to make a difference for some women and does not make any difference in others. Little conclusive research on the issue exists.

I know there is a ton of clomid knowledge on this thread.... tell me what you think.

Oh yes and I stopped the vitex a few days ago when I was sure AF was coming... because I know you cannot take vitex with clomid.

OMG I am so glad we can all be in this together... and Stephanie and I are cycle buddies...
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Hello ladies! I'm back from Christmas, where I enjoyed myself and my family and played with my 4-year-old twin nephews and didn't think very much about TTC, although I cried at ridiculous things a couple of times and know that I'm a little depressed about it all.

There is no chance that I can catch up with everything, but I just skimmed the last several pages and feel like I'm up to date with you all. I'm so sorry that there weren't several BFPs waiting.

As for me, I finally got my hysterosonogram today after waiting for 4 months for the timing to work out. Turns out I have a couple of polyps which is not surprising to me, and also that my lining is too thick. So, I assume I'll go in next month to get the polyps removed. A friend of mine (who is not TTC) just had that done. Does anyone know anything about this too thick of a lining business? I can't find much information except that I think they can treat it with progesterone. If anyone has had this or knows anything about it, I would appreciate any info.

DH and I agree that this is good news, if both of these things are treatable. We may have found the problem, and once it's fixed, maybe it won't be much more time. But I'm figuring in the meantime, it ain't gonna happen. So I may not be visiting around here much more. But I'll check in and follow your progress. I know with all the Clomid going around, somebody's going to get pg soon!

Happy New Year, everyone.
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I am so sick of not being able to sleep... ever since dh started vacation hes been home at night and I literally wake up every 15-20 mins... its not his fault or anything... but I just wanna sleep you know!!!

ocean.. what is a lap... laproscopy? and i"m sure I spelled it wrong... and I TOTALLY understand your decision about wanting pills instead of being sliced open... I would so go the same way

hezzy... I knew that name sounded familiar... I've seen it around the boards and thought that I knew it for some reason... so welcome back... and how is having a thick lining bad... my own logic would say the thicker the better... but my logic isnt always that straight on... lol

well morning ladies.. I hope everyone else slept well... I actually get to get out of the house today (yay me)... have fun
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Good morning all.

Wow. I don't think I'll be able to catch up on all the posts since last week, so : to those that need it!

I think my chart is looking promising(?), so now I wait.

Happy New Year everyone!
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Good morning ladies

So, I have been much better about charting this month! I have missed a few temps, but on those days I have at least remembered to check the O microscope or do an OPK... I am very pleased with myself!

I'm off to physical therapy this morning- I have a back injury. I am beginning to think perhaps this is why I have not had a baby yet. Perhaps God wanted me to get this fixed before I had to carry more weight around! At least, this is what I am saying to make myself feel better Like, maybe after my back is healed I will suddenly be able to carry to term...

Good luck to everyone on clomid this month! I am curious about how effective it really is- as one without insurance, an RE will be my last resort.

As always, you are all in my heart :

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Ugh, this af is out of control heavy. I had to throw out the underwear I wore overnight. You'd think there wouldn't be that much blood in me with a d&c and what was basically a full af 4 days after that. : Ugh.

angel - I've had insomnia too - Mostly from the cramps and the fact that the cramps keep giving me miscarriage nightmares. :

Hezzy - Welcome back!

Ocean - So, even if you are already ovulating, you can take clomid? What does it do in that case - make you ovulate twice so you have a better chance of catching the egg? I am a clomid newbie.

Tenk - Your dr didn't want you to wait one cycle before ttc again? Most ppl are surprised my dr only requires 1 instead of 3... I have my : for you!

I've been working from home this week, but had to come in to the office today for a holiday luncheon. Here's to hoping I don't bleed out all over the place. :
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That's it- you all are going to have to lock me up in a closet for the next few days. My temp went back up this morning, and I'm feeling a ridiculous amount of hope for 10 dpo. Being hopeful is so hard, because I really am expecting a temp crash tomorrow or the next day, but there's always this little voice in the back of my mind saying "What if this is the month?"

Ocean, good luck with the clomid. Surgery would scare me too, so I hope it works.

Teneal, Where are you this morning? Come out and play with us! Or at least come so we can obsess together!

There is an abotion ad on the side of my page this morning. How cheerful.

Love to everyone...
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Hey Ladies I'm on vacation on my way to Steamboat Springs but the real reason I'm checking in is my huge temp jump I hope my vacation will keep my mind occupied Oh I really hope I am preggers. If I am then I'd be due near the end of September and my 30th birthday is Oct 7.

There is a huge part of me that doesn't think it can happen I hope I'm wrong!

s to those that need them and :to the others
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Alrighty... so to catch up, I guess... I read all of the posts but of course several of them are old and no longer applicable so I'll start fresh from todays and yesterday's stuff.

Ocean - I can see your doc's point but also totally understand the not wanting to wait any more and seeing what happens. I think since you've already had the HSG the lap can wait a bit. I haven't even had an HSG yet, although my doctor doesn't think there's much point in doing it since I haven't had anything done that could have resulted in a blocked tube. She thinks that's quite unlikely and I'll go with her assessment. Anyway, hopefully the clomid helps!

Stacymom - yay for temp jumps, although after this month I don't even trust that anymore. My chart lies, I tell you, lies.

Stephanie - sorry af is so heavy and yucky. Hopefully it won't last much longer and then you can start trying again. Oh and as for the clomid, I think that if you ovulate but not regularly or well, a low does of clomid can help your ovulation regulate or happen sooner. The dosage needs to be watched carefully though because to much can stop ovulation.

Valerie - I don't know if it matters but my ob/gyn prescribed my clomid. I haven't seen an RE yet. Though I think that if the clomid doesn't work in a few cycles that will be the next stop.

Crystal - sorry you can't sleep well. I hate when that happens.

Today will be day 6 on the provera, so 4 more days and if it works like last time I should have 2 days before af shows up. I wish it'd work faster though so I can start my clomid. *sigh*
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Originally Posted by punquin View Post

Ocean - So, even if you are already ovulating, you can take clomid? What does it do in that case - make you ovulate twice so you have a better chance of catching the egg? I am a clomid newbie.

...Here's to hoping I don't bleed out all over the place. :

Aww Stephanie, I really hope you get through it without too much bloodshed. FWIW my GYN told me to take aleve during AF if I want to bleed less... so that could help maybe ? If you are soaking through a pad an hour it is too much. And make sure you are getting your iron & vitamins. Ok, sorry I am in Mom mode here I just care about you.

How clomid works is by interrupting the hormonal feedback system in the brain... it tricks your brain into thinking you do not have enough estrogen, your body makes more FSH and LH in order to produce more follicules to develop into eggs (I believe the follicles in the ovaries secrete the estrogen, and it is this feedback (or the trick of "hiding" the estrogen from the brain) which leads the brain to make FSH and LH... in order to make more estrogen... see ? simple right ? ).
Basically you wind up with more eggs (hence the chance of twins or more is slightly elevated), stronger eggs, a robust ovulation, and since the corpus luteum on the ovary left over after ovulation secretes the progesterone for the luteul phase, and there are usually several corpus luteum(luteums ? lutei ? sp.) you also get a big progesterone boost in the second half of the cycle. So it's primarily used for annovulation, PCOS, irregular cycles, but it can also be used for LPD (luteual phase defect... not enough progesterone) and for general unexplained infertility. For me the LPD and unexplained infertility are the reasons my dr was willing to prescribe it.

Can you tell I woke up thinking "clomid!" this morning ?

Originally Posted by HopesMom View Post
Call and get it over with Ocean. I know its a big leap but at least you'll be able to know how this cycle will move forward either way!

I'm thinking of you.
Tricia, thank you so much for this. I kept playing through my head while waiting for the dr to call back.

gotta run more later I'm sure.

I'm still hoping the clomid experts can tell me about the day 3-7 vs day 5-9 dosing schedule and what you all are doing. I have a ton of links too if anyone is interested.

Lily and Ity are you out there ? Do either of you remember (or Tricia if you are here) which days Tricia took it on ? She was certainly successful. Doubly so.
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Punquin - Sorry about such a heavy AF. Ugh, that stinks. I hope she lets up on you soon.

ChristyM26 - I understand your impatience. Sucks you having to take the provera. I hope the clomid works first try for you.

Ocean - Sounds like you did your research. It also sounds like you made the best decision for you. I really hope it works!

clomid - It scares me. I know I ovulate and I was preg once so I don't think I'm much of a candidate. At least not for a while. We are on month 7 right now and 4 dpo.

Stacymom - I know exactly how you feel. The whole little voice saying "what if this time it happened" thing is crazy. I try not to hope but it is impossible. I always have a little hope in my mind. I can't figure out why since each month we do essentially the same things and it doesn't work. Actually, this month things were a little different. Going on my OBGYN's advice we dtd everyday during ovulation time. We dtd everyday last week and last weekend. DH was sure happy! Now let's hope it happened.

: Susykat, Valarie, and anyone else hoping for good news in a week or two.


PS - Jeez, how many times did I use the word hope in that post!
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Ocean I know for sure that Tricia took it days 3-7.
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I just ordered my diva cup doo dah doo dah... hopefully af doesnt come till I get it..

I dont have time for personals now...

dh ds and I had a great day!! ttyl

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Hi Everyone

CD2 here today.

Crystal, Teneal, Oceanmommy, Punquin

: for our miracles and blessings in year 2007 amen.



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Ok sorry for the MIA today....I had my appointment this AM with my OB.

Stephanie My doctor said that I didn't need to wait as all looked fine. So we didn't wait, but I'm almost 100% sure I'm not pregnant anyway. But he DID tell me that AF would be AWFUL this time....I can feel that b*&%h coming too.

I don't remember who asked, but Clomid is technically NOT for women who O one their own every cycle. The best way to determine that is you have a regular cycle every single month. ie. my cycles are exactly 30 days every month (well almost). BUT my doctor said today (and we discussed all the pros/cons) that since it's taken 10 months now (8 to get pregnant after Kamryn, but ending in miscarriage last month) that maybe my eggs are not in 100% *good* shape every cycle, AND that DH's sperm are not at 100% all the time. So he gave me an Rx for it today at 100mg CD 3-7 and 5 refills. He also stated that since I do O on my own, that my chances of multiples are 3 x higher than the normal person that takes it for anovulation. I will take it this month with out being monitored. If pregnancy is not achieved then I will start taking them again next cycle but start the regular ultra sound monitoring for follies and what not. Ok more later.
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I've been lurking and am just popping in to say that I've had 2 laps for endo and while they are certainly nothing to sneeze at it is a very minimally invasive procedure and I have three scars - one in my belly button that is entirely unnoticeable and two right at the top of my pubic bone that are conveniently hidden. The first day is pretty rough and I did take about a week off work for each, but it wasn't unbearable by any means and I would do it again without much concern. Sounds like you've already made your decision and I am sure it is the best one for you, just wanted to offer a little reassurance if you ever pursue the other option.

My thoughts are with you all, even though I haven't been posting.....
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