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Hi everyone

FINALLY home, five days can really seem like a long time sometimes. I haven't read all of the last few days, just skimmed for updates, so I will do personals tomorrow when I'm properly caught up, just wanted to pop in and say hi and tell you that I've been thinking about you all.

Not really sure what's going on with me, hopefully being home will bring some sort of regularity/clarity to my chart
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Originally Posted by anonymousk View Post
I've been lurking and am just popping in to say that I've had 2 laps for endo and while they are certainly nothing to sneeze at it is a very minimally invasive procedure and I have three scars - one in my belly button that is entirely unnoticeable and two right at the top of my pubic bone that are conveniently hidden. The first day is pretty rough and I did take about a week off work for each, but it wasn't unbearable by any means and I would do it again without much concern. Sounds like you've already made your decision and I am sure it is the best one for you, just wanted to offer a little reassurance if you ever pursue the other option.

My thoughts are with you all, even though I haven't been posting.....

Thank you AnonK ! I would be very interested in hearing more about your experience with the laps if you feel like posting it... now or whenever you have time. It is nice to hear from someone that they aren't too bad. I have serious issues with any kind of surgery and I am trying to avoid it, but I appreciate knowing what to expect and that I will be able to handle it if I do get to that point.... in the spring I suppose.

I think my dr said the insurance should cover it since it would be for suspected endo. But now that I have an unexplained infertility diagnosis in my chart for the clomid I wonder if they would balk at paying for it ?

Sorry to be so self absorbed today with this today ... :
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Ocean, thanks for all the info about clomid. There were several things there that I didn't know. Hopefully, you and all the clomid girls will respond to it and not have to worry about anything else. That being said, no one is going to blame you for being nervous about the lap- I would be too! But, one thing I've learned about insurance companies is that they will pay or not pay based on the drs diagnosis- so if he (she?) codes the lap based on a diagnosis of endo, they will pay. If he codes it for infertility reasons, they probably won't. Just have him make sure he codes it right.

Teneal, my cycle buddy, how are you? What makes you so certain that you're not pregnant? Did your dr do a beta yesterday? I'm sorry this cycle has been so rough for you- hopefully things will even out soon.

SarahJen, welcome back! How was your holiday? I looked at your chart- its showing clear ovulation- do you think you o'd? Are you still spotting?

Susy, update your chart woman! I need something else to obsess over!

Tara, it sounds like you and dh were busy, busy this cycle! Wow, I would be exhausted! Fingers crossed that it works for the both of you this cycle.

Now for the rantings and obsessings of a girl at 11 dpo... (Don't say I didn't warn you!) My temp is still up. I have never had a chart that looks this good. I have had cramps for the last few days like is almost here, but its way too early for that. And the past two days, I've fallen dead asleep at 9:00 at night, and slept till 7:30 and still been tired! And my nipples still feel like they are on fire! Ugh. This is taking forever! Not sure what I'm going to do about testing- I know 11 dpo is waaay to early. I originally thought I would test on Monday, being 13 dpo, but I have an unused FRER upstairs that's calling me. I'm just not sure I can handle seeing a :-. Yikes- this is crazy making! I don't think I've been this obsessed during a tww since I started this whole process.

I have to work all day today, and you better believe that the week between Christmas and New Years is going to be slow, slow, slow. Everyone needs to come hang out here so I have something to keep me occupied all day!
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Question For All...

My doctor told me yesterday that it was impossible to have pregnancy symptoms and still get a negative pregnancy test.

What do you guys think?

He said that my soar bb's and nausea COULD NOT be from pregnancy if the test was NOT showing a +++ yet.

Now I don't think that I'm pregnant this cycle, but when I did I *had* what I thought were symptoms. Last time I was pregnant (in Oct/Nov) I *had* symptoms before I got a +++.....is it that we always have the same symptoms no matter what? I just don't think that's accurate. Other wise wouldn't you get a +++ pregnancy the moment you implant?


Stacy I feel the same, still *SUPER* soar bb's way way more than normal. I also have been going up to bed before DH even says he's tired and sleeping like 10 hours or something crazy. I get up like 5times to pee every night. I've been so so so craby/emotional. I can bite your head off one minute and whine and cry the next. Poor DH, i had to worn the fam yesterday that I was having a bad day and leave me alone from the begining. My doc didn't do a beta only a pee test, and he even said it could be too early, but then he said that if it's too early then all the *symptoms* I'm having are NOT from pregnancy....they are just left over hormones from my M/C since I didn't have a cycle from it just yet. kwim?

Oh, and I'm temping now and my temp was higher at 6:30 than it was after I was up and about....any thoughts?
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Tenk - I think what your doc said makes sense. Like the symptoms of preg are related to how much of the hormone is in your body. So the more hormone, the stronger the symptoms. Thus if the symptoms are super strong then the hormone would be strong enough for at least a faint +. Does that make sense? I'm no scientist but my logical mind says that it would work that way. I've had preg symptoms with a - test and ended up deciding they were just strong PMS symptoms because it is easy for me to confuse the two sometimes.

The tww sucks! I'm 5dpo according to ff which is only using my opk results and cm data. Stacymom, I understand hating the tww for sure. Part of me thinks we dtd at the right timing but another part realizes that we did on the other months too so what will make this one any different. So depressing!

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Tenk, I don't know if it's possible to have them or not but I do know that I still had pregnancy symptoms after my m/c (nausea, sore bbs, getting up a million times a night to pee) until about two weeks ago. I asked my dr about it because I thought that once the hcg levels were down it would be gone but she said it would take a while for my body to get used to it even after that, especially the nausea and the peeing. It was crazy, when I'd get up in the middle of the night I'd feel so pregnant still that I could almost convince myself that I might still be. :

Ocean I'm glad your doctor has offered a few different options, what a tough decision but at least there are different avenues. I'm so hopeful and excited for you in the new year.

Stacymom your chart is looking very promising :

Christy I'm so excited for you to try clomid too, if my cycles don't go back to normal after this I'll be pushing for that in the next couple of months.

Stephanie I hope that AF has let up a bit for you, I'll be so excited for CD1 myself - hopefully in the next few days - thanks for the heads up about the heavy flow I can expect :

Hello to everyone else I missed, I know I missed a bunch

I don't know if I really did ovulate or not, everything supports it except for my temps which are still pretty low. CP and CM are right for after O but my temps are usually higher than this, I don't know what would make me think that anything about this cycle would be 'normal' though. The spotting went on for a few days while my cervix was still high and soft but it's stopped completely now that it's closed up tight. I guess I'll see in the next few days if AF shows up or not. I'm all prepared for CD1 though, have my OPKs and a new proper BBT thermometer, DH is rested and ready to punch the clock for his shift - we both just want to get started on actually trying again!
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Oh, one more question I meant to ask, I've had a terrible cold for the last few days and so I've been taking a decongestant. For anyone who has used this for increasing EWCM, is it possible for it to make you have EWCM after ovulation? Because I've noticed that since I've been taking it I've had quite a bit on and off which I found very confusing.
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Hello everyone. I have been away for a day. I can't totally catch up right now, but would like to say a couple things.

Sarah, I think so yes, Mucinex seems to make something out of nothing so it was a little confusing to determine the type of cm each day.

Tenk, I have symptoms like that each month. My boobs are always sore, slight nausea and hot flashes during luteal phase, I think I just have high progesterone in those days.

Ocean, I think that it may be a good diagnostic tool, but surgery itself is a very stressful thing on your body, no matter how simple a procedure. It seems it would by itself cause a couple of months delay and further possible scar tissue! I am sure the doc knows what he is talking about, but personally, I would be trying Clomid for two months (possibly three) before moving on to that. After two to three months, you may want a break anyway. If you absolutely don't want twins, I would consider the lap. I have had two. Pretty basic as far as surgery goes, but surgery is surgery. It still hurts. Stomach ache for a few days. I would definitely take it 3-7 if I were you. I am supposed to be taking it 5-9, but I have read many more positive results on 3-7. Hopesmom: 3-7! Also, your cycles are so short, it makes more sense to take it the earlier days. Your body will be moving too fast for it if you don't I would think. So that would be today right? : It hasn't been so bad. I am gearing up for those few bad O days I have though. Like you said, I did ovulate and have a progesterone boost each month on my own, but my eggs were not developing all the way because of PCOS. I may get twins!

Everyone, I want to talk to you all so much, I am checking all of your charts and reading up on the news, I just am off work and my kids expect me to enjoy this time OFF my computer. I really do want to spend this time with them sooooo... I will see you all soon. Back to work Tuesday, but I will be putting the new thread up late the 31st, so it will be ready for all you East coast posters.

to everyone!
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[QUOTE=Taradactyl3;6873597]Tenk - I think what your doc said makes sense. Like the symptoms of preg are related to how much of the hormone is in your body. So the more hormone, the stronger the symptoms. Thus if the symptoms are super strong then the hormone would be strong enough for at least a faint +. Does that make sense? I'm no scientist but my logical mind says that it would work that way. I've had preg symptoms with a - test and ended up deciding they were just strong PMS symptoms because it is easy for me to confuse the two sometimes.

Me too, but I've had them, gotten a negative and actually been pregnant....but when you've been pregnant 6 times I guess that's bound to happen eventually....right?
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Good morning everyone !

Hezzy it's good to hear from you. A lining too thick huh ? I am thinking that when you have your polyps removed there will be all sorts of uterus cleaning going on by your body and maybe you will completely shed your lining and start over ? I thought I heard somewhere that a thick lining could be if you don't completely shed the old one during AF and the new builds on top of the old... I wish I had a reference for that but I am pretty sure I read it somewhere. Anyways, it makes me think things might be different for you soon. : Here's hoping you have a simple "fix" and a happy & Healthy pregnancy in 2007.

Sarah it's nice to see you. I hope something good happens with your chart/cycle one way or another soon. It looks to me like you did ovulate and that there is a chance there :

Stacy thank you for the info on insurance companies... yes you are right. I just have to make sure it will be done for the endo diagnosis.
Your chart looks lovely ! : good luck for you too.

Tenk I think you have got at least two things going on here: 1. you are still in your first post-MC cycle right ? residual hormones and what Sarah mentioned about your body adjusting ? and 2. PMS/luteul phase feelings are similar to eary pg.
That being said I think everyone is different and I can believe that some women are indeed sensitive enough to feel it right away. : good luck to you as well this cycle.

Christy hows it going today ? any news?

Crystal you're quiet today, how is it going ? Get your Diva cup yet ? I am interested to hear how you like it. Actually I hope you never get to use it for good reasons. I can never find my cervix so I wonder if one would be useful to me. I told DH about them the other day and you should have seen his face ! It's obvious that he doesn't have to deal with menstrual blood (or even think about it) ever.

Originally Posted by Taradactyl3 View Post
PS - Jeez, how many times did I use the word hope in that post!
Tara I do this myself... and then I think... we should be hopeful, right ? It helps me when I am down and others are hopeful for me.

Lily, LaLibertad, Valerie, Ity, Stephanie, Katherine, Fola, and everyone I missed How are you all doing today ?

Ok so I dreamed about clomid all night again I think this cycle is going to be pretty crazy for me, and I am trying to relax and maintain a zen detachment about it all. Ha !

Yesterday DH and I had an argument over something really silly and small, but he was mad and it lasted for hours. And I am thinking... now is when I start the clomid ? I think I am just going to try and be aware of not being cranky this cycle... I'll do my best anyways... cranky does not make for good baby making GIO.
I told DH he better be prepared to pull out all the stops this cycle. I think we'll go by the sperm-meets-egg-plan
It is roughly what we've been doing every month but it seems to provide for plenty of swimmers all the time.

As far as I know EPO is ok with clomid... anyone know anything about that ?

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Lily it is good to see you, thank you for your reaffirming words. I thought the same thing, that I have shorter rather than longer cycles in general, and that 3-7 seems more on than 5-9. So I started last night at midnight (yesterday was cd3) when I went to bed... dr said take em at bedtime... which was really just about cd 4 really, being midnight and all. That made me feel better.

Have fun with your kids today... enjoy them, love them, savor every minute with them !
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I think I'm getting AF right now. Cramps aren't as bad as say 3 days ago but I'm spotting a tiny bit. The creamy CM that I had a moment ago was white with some very light pink swirls. WAHOOO....I have 10 clomid tabs waiting on the bathroom sink right now....YAY! Can't wait hehe. See I'm offically insane....one minute I feel pregnant, then next I don't, then next I'm dissappointed because I'm not, the next I'm freggin' excited to take clomid again....LOL....let's go girls....
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Ocean, one more thing.... Don't totally believe what your doc said about late Ovulation. Mine was extremely early. So sperm meets egg plan it is! Don't skip a day thinking you know when O will happen, that is what I did. This month, every other day no matter what and then I am testing tomorrow on.
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: You all have been BUSY!!!!!

I've been in Alabama since Tuesday, we got back late last night/early this morning. I'm not even gonna try personals, cause there is just TOO MUCH to comment on.

Those of you on Clomid, did you have wonky periods on those cycles? Mine this month was really weird. 2 days so light I was thinking maybe it wasn't actually AF, then 2 days so heavy that the word heavy just doesnt' seem to describe it quite right. I felt like a leaky faucet, and (TMI WARNING!!) I nearly gave up on my cloth pads, because I kept leaking thru them. Yuck. : Also cramps from hell, tired, bloated as all get out, backache... just generally miserable. I've never had cramps liket his before. In fact, I still have cramps today,and I usually only get them on day 1. :

Anyhow, I'm in a slightly better place. I spent the week playing with my 20month nephew (who is a living DOLL I tell you - simply a gorgeous child!!!) and his sister (who is neartly 6, and equally gorgeous!) and just kept thinking... When is it MY TURN? I mean, I had a blast, I love DH's family, and they are so much fun to visit with, but it was a bittersweet thing. I was playing with nephew, and thinking, hmm... whats it like to have this all the time? I wish I knew. So I'm still sad, and still angry, but I know I'll get over it, because thats what life is all about. I started my Clomid on CD3 this month, instead of 5. I'm praying for a miracle, because I'm not sure what else short of a miracle will make this work. :

Hugs all around. I've got more reading to do, and a house to clean for people coming over tomorrow night.
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Ok, so a girlfriend here in town who is also ttc just sent me a link to a bbc thread where several people have gotten preg and they think it's because they took geritol complete. I can't link the thread because it's against the rules but you could go search babycenter for geritol complete and find the thread I think. Seriously there are several people who tried for over a year and then got preg the first month they took the geritol complete. They just took it once a day like a prenatal and bam,,,preggo. If I didn't catch the egg this time I'm going to try it I think.

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Just wrote a long reply and lost it... : Dumb computer.

Ity, welcome back! Sounds like you really did have a bittersweet trip. I hope that you were able to do something fun, just for yourself- it sounds like has been a witch for lots of you this month! Good luck with the housecleaning!

And Teneal, you being so excited about visiting is making me laugh. I'm not sure I agree totally with your Dr's assessment. I think that just like some women react differently to different drugs and medications, that everyone would react differently to pregnancy hormones. I remember knowing, without a doubt, that I was pregnant with my second dd at 7dpo, mostly because I was so exhausted that I couldn't even think straight. Now, if only I could be so sure this time around... I hope the clomid does the trick, or that your spotting is implantation spotting, and that af never shows. Oh, and my temp is always higher when I take it in the morning than after I get up and start moving around. I thought everyone's did that? Its probably a good thing for me, because my temps are so high after o that I would be walking around with a fever the whole time if my temps didn't drop after waking!

... and then I think... we should be hopeful, right ? It helps me when I am down and others are hopeful for me.
Ocean, I love this. Thank you! Maybe this is too Pollyanna-ish for some, but being hopeful this cycle has improved my outlook on ttc 100%. I am feeling better about this cycle than I have about any since the first two, (when I wasn't even charting) and although it will be hard if this cycle doesn't end with a , I'm glad that I haven't spent the whole cycle depressed. (Although I spent plenty of time at the beginning cursing the whole process!)

I started laughing earlier when I realized that "sperm meets egg" is an actual plan... I always thought it was silly when people said that, because of course the sperm has to meet the egg. Oh, the things I am learning on this thread.

SarahJen, fwiw, I took mucinex, epo, and flax seed oil this cycle, and had more cervical fluid than I have ever had before. In fact, I thought I o'd on cd 14, and had ewcm leading up to that, but my temps didn't stay elevated. I then had ewcm all the days between cd 14 and when I actually ovulated. When I did finally ovulate, I had more ewcm than I've ever seen! So I don't think it's uncommon to have more of everything.

Love to everyone. I hope there are lots of good results in January from all the girls taking clomid!
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Stacy Thank you so much for being such a sweetie about it, but guess what....CD 1 for me. AF is here and exactly like day 1 any other cycle....very light right now and will be the devil of all floods tomorrow. I actually prayed that she would show today so that the worst of it would be OVER before I go back to work on Tuesday. Thank you God!!! I do so hope you really do get your BFP thsi month tho!

I will start my clomid as planned on Monday at 100mg. I'm am actually happy that AF started, and in all honesty all the *symptoms* I had this month were SO NOT like me. I mean I get tender bb's but they never just HURT and I'm NEVER nauseated like I was this week. Holy cow. I'm ok, (well I miserably crampy and just feel yucky but ok that AF is here and I get to do the clomid again.

Ity Glad you had a good time in Alabama. I've never been there but I hear it's nice. Sorry that AF has been so crappy for you, and I'm glad you had fun with your IL's. Good to have you back tho!

Tara I think that's a good plan then, Go for it! I do hope you don't need it and caught the egg but if not good for you!

Hi to everyone else, I'm not myself today because of all these hormones in my system that are about to come out. I had no idea that left over pregnancy hormones could do this to you when you m/c. Ok ttyl girls.
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haha.. I'm quiet cause I havent been on... I ordered my diva but it may not get here before af... being cd 35 I expect it any day... but it will save us $.. and that was my justifications for telling dh I was getting it... telling not asking lol

anyway... I hope everyone had a good day.. I will check in tomorrow
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So, my dr recommended the "sperm meets egg" plan (without calling it that)... But, I have a question. Does it become hard to tell your cm with all that bding? I know I get sperm and ewcm confused all the time.

DH and I were waiting for a table at a restaurant tonight, when I had to blink back tears. I said to DH, "Sometimes I get jealous..." and nodded my head to a woman across the room. He said, "Yah..." and looked sad. The woman was 4 or 5 months pregnant, had a baby in a car seat, and a 2-year-old. I just wanted to crawl under the rug.

Sorry, no personals right now... Feeling very sad. We had to put one of our dogs down. We knew it was a possibility a month ago, but it didn't make it any easier when the time came... She was my baby girl :

I am ready for 2007... 2006 kicked my @#&%$$ing ass.
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Originally Posted by punquin View Post
Sorry, no personals right now... Feeling very sad. We had to put one of our dogs down. We knew it was a possibility a month ago, but it didn't make it any easier when the time came... She was my baby girl :

I am ready for 2007... 2006 kicked my @#&%$$ing ass.
I'm so sorry. I'm so with you on being ready for 2006 to be over, this year has been really hard on us as well.
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