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Originally Posted by punquin View Post
So, my dr recommended the "sperm meets egg" plan (without calling it that)... But, I have a question. Does it become hard to tell your cm with all that bding? I know I get sperm and ewcm confused all the time.

DH and I were waiting for a table at a restaurant tonight, when I had to blink back tears. I said to DH, "Sometimes I get jealous..." and nodded my head to a woman across the room. He said, "Yah..." and looked sad. The woman was 4 or 5 months pregnant, had a baby in a car seat, and a 2-year-old. I just wanted to crawl under the rug.

Sorry, no personals right now... Feeling very sad. We had to put one of our dogs down. We knew it was a possibility a month ago, but it didn't make it any easier when the time came... She was my baby girl :

I am ready for 2007... 2006 kicked my @#&%$$ing ass.

Thinking of you
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Oh Steph, I'm so sorry! It really seems like you've had more than your share of tough stuff these past few months! Be gentle with yourself- I hope you feel better soon.
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Originally Posted by oceanmommy View Post
Hezzy it's good to hear from you. A lining too thick huh ? I am thinking that when you have your polyps removed there will be all sorts of uterus cleaning going on by your body and maybe you will completely shed your lining and start over ? I thought I heard somewhere that a thick lining could be if you don't completely shed the old one during AF and the new builds on top of the old... I wish I had a reference for that but I am pretty sure I read it somewhere. Anyways, it makes me think things might be different for you soon. : Here's hoping you have a simple "fix" and a happy & Healthy pregnancy in 2007.
Ocean - thanks for this. I think you're right. According to a friend who just went through all of this, polyps are caused by an overgrowth of the lining, so it's likely the same problem and will be solved by the D&C. I too am hoping that it's a simple fix! : for you this cycle!!

Punquin - So sorry you've had such a rough go. Here's to a much better 2007!
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hi to everyone..

last day for this thread.. we didnt have any good news this month did we??? (sigh)

well heres to lots of bfps in january to make it up

love to you all

ps.. does anyone else think my chart looks stupid?
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Good morning everyone

Crystal, I hate to say it because I know how hard the wait is but it looks like you probably haven't ovulated yet.

Nothing new for me, still wacky temps but all the right post O indicators really hoping to see AF in the next couple of days but if she's coming she sure hasn't let my body know because I have no PMS symptoms whatsoever.

How is clomid treating you all? I feel so left out, tell me everything! :
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Clomid makes me feel spacey and light-headed and sorta out of it. Like when you've got a really bad cold and you take lots of Nyquil and Sudafed? I really dislike it, but if I can get a BFP out of it, I'll do it. )Hell, if you told me that standing naked in Times Square balancing a goldfish bowl on my head while juggling rolling pins and hula-hooping all while wearing 6' stiletto heels would get me a BFP, I'd certainly consider it. )

We did have a sad and depressing month for December. I'm thinking January owes us LOTS of BFP's.
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Oh its true isn't it? Did we not have one good thing happen? I suspect January will be different!

Clomid has not made me feel too much different actually. I am emotional at times, but I can't blame the clomid for it because I am like that anyway because of all this. Lately seeing babies and even cute family things in general makes me get teary. I get teary with cute things my son does. I get teary before BDing because I am so stressed about getting it done. I get teary after BDing because I love my dh so much, etc., etc. I kind of blame that too on just getting older actually.

Punquin, I can totally see that being very sad. I am glad you have your DH to understand and care.

Sarah, It does look like things are about to happen for your chart right? AF? Time to get on with it?

Tenk, I am sorry AF showed, even though it is good for you to get it over with, but I kind of thought you were going to get another BFP. Next month it will be!

ItyBty, : : : Are your ovaries doing flipflops? Mine feel like there are poprocks in my ovaries. I am all stressed on timing this month, it sure takes away from the fun.

Angel, darn, yes your chart looks stupid!!! Man those charts can be disappointing! I hope you O soon and that chart can begin to look more interesting for you. Totally frustrating!

Everyone, you are on the previous page so I can't see your posts, but I would like you all to know that I am thinking about all of you and if I don't type your name, it is not because I am not thinking of you! I am just lazy.

I am going to prepare the January thread tonight and post it because I won't be up until 8 pacific so I hope that one of you East Coast early morning posters can find it on page two or so and post on it to bring it to page one? I hope this is okay?
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Happy New Years everyone.

May 2007 bring us some joy.
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Lily I had to laugh out loud when I read about the pop rocks in your ovaries....hehe. I can't wait to be there starting tomorrow.

I have to say that the only month I've taken clomid I did feel a bit light headed at times but I sometimes feel like a space cadet anyway.....so maybe the clomid maybe not. I don't think it did anything to me other wise tho. The last few days i have been way more emotional and b$#@hy than I ever have with AF....seriously it NEVER happens like this. Oh well, I have terrible cramps too and nothing I have is helping them.

Steph I'm so sorry that your going thru so much right now. I know that 2007 will be a much better year for you!

Sarah Hopefully AF shows up in the next few days....here's to hoping.

Crystal I'm sorry I can't comment on your chart, I know nothing about them....but I do hope that Diva cup gets here soon!

Tara Good luck!

Stacy How are you today? Your chart is not updated...???

Ocean Feeling ok today from the clomid?

Ok hugs to everyone I missed....
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LaLibertad, your chart looks WONderful!
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OMG, I hate that I forgot to ask Ocean, yes - how are you feeling? Ugh, I am sorry! Feeling excited? I took mine at night and really didn't feel much until later when the work began in the ovaries.

I was searching charts in the FF gallery, and noticed a lot of people O'd around 11-12 on clomid so I am thinking maybe I O'd early because I already have a lot of partially grown cysts in my ovaries. Maybe it just chooses one or two of those to grow fully and go, so maybe it doesn't take as long? I have NO IDEA, but I think about these things a lot.
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Another thing I noticed is I felt very sentimental this Christmas, and bought presents for people I normally don't, felt very close and missed my relatives, ones I haven't seen in years, and bought myself a cute stuffed animal!! I hugged a stuffed puppy in the store I thought was cute!
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Lily That's the one thing I forgot. 2 cycles ago when I did the clomid....I felt very very clingy....I told DH that I was feeling clingy and I honestly needed him to hug/hold me often. It was so weird. Now it wasn't Christmas so I wasn't buying extra gifts, but wow it was crazy. I kinda hope it happens again.....I love being clingy with DH hehe
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Stephanie I am so sorry to hear about your dog, your "baby girl". You've had more than your share of pain these last couple months, I hope you are repaid for it all in joy during 2007.

I'm not really feeling any clomid effects at this point... I am cd5 and have taken two with three to go (#3 at bedtime tonight). I am excited and a little scared to feel pop rocks in my ovaries... But basically feeling calmer than a few days ago. I have also resolved to be as sugar sweet as I can with my family and DH especially this cycle, to ward off any evil mood clomid effects.

Lily and anyone who misses me during their personals.... don't worry, never worry. It is virtually impossible to get everyone, everytime. I have resolved to post more and worry about personals less because I tend to skip posting if I can't do personals and that is just silly.

Oh goodness did we not even get one BFP in December ? That is BS !

The law of averages owes us baby !

maybe we needs some grads to come and sprinkle baby dust on us.
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Originally Posted by oceanmommy View Post

maybe we needs some grads to come and sprinkle baby dust on us.
Your wish is my command, Ocean...(although take it carefully, this twin thing is kicking my butt!)

To all of you for very happy, very healthy and very BFP 2007--
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Well, I hope its not too late for some good news....

I poas this morning, even though I swore I was going to wait. Its a ! Its faint, but its there. Took me a while to post because we have early church on Sundays.

I'm tentative posting this, because I know that so many of you have been trying so much longer, and have been through so much. I couldn't have made it through all of this without the support from this thread. Seriously.

I expect to see lots of good news next month!
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Oh my goodness A BFP!!
: : : :: :
: :
: : : :: :
: :

I'm so freaking excited to move someone, I just KNOW this is a good new years omen for ALL of us!
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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STACYMOM!!!: :

Oh that is great news!!!

BFP IN DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Alright Stacymom!!!!!!!!!

Happy happy joy joy!
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alright.. yay for you stacy!

a bfp in december!!!:

(I'm gonna go cry now)
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