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Hi to Katherine. Hopefully you don't have to stay to long... My stay is starting to be longer than I would have liked.

Tenk -

Lily - Don't stress to much. Just keep going with the decision that you made and things will work out. Hey if you ovulate, you're ahead of me.

Jenn - That cycle seems to be annoying. Hopefully it ends soon. I thought my 51 day cycle was bad. I did like the comment though (I bet it seems like cd 5 trillion!)

Still haven't o'd this cycle, but did have a stretch of EWCM, so perhaps there's hope. Then again I should probably stick with the party line: "Why should this time be any different??"
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MIC - eeeeeeeewwwww! Yuck. I hope there is a good reason for that!

It has got to be all in my head. But I can barely handle the fact that I am only on CD4.
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I'm feeling the burn today too ladies. It's 5dpo and I feel sad and lonely and bored this afternoon. I'm sure it's a combination of a bunch of things, but it still stinks. I might take DS out for a ride on my bike later to try to clear my head if it's not raining.

I need something to keep my mind busy but I can't do anything with DS because he demands my attention all the time. I feel badly that I get so exhausted playing with him and think maybe I should only have one kid. These doubts are fueled by my bordom and pessimism about this cycle. I'll stop rambling about my bad attitude now.

I'm sorry for AF Spider girl. That stinks!

I hope the rest of you are holding strong with good attitudes. Maybe it will rub off on me.

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wow.. everyone is so down today... dont make me sad too!:

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I tried to follow my own advice in a desperate attempt to cheer myself up, looked up Squirrel Nut Zippers on myspace so I could listen while I work. My speakers aren't working all of a sudden for some reason, spent 10 minutes digging behind my computer trying to figure out what plug goes where in the mess, and could not fix it!!! : and practically threw my precious computer and livelihood back in the cabinet while breaking out in a sweat! Anyways :
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It's such a Friday today. I just feel like going home, snuggling under my fleece blanket and sleeping for the rest of the day. But unfortunately I have to work instead.
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There are a lot of gloomy cycle buddies today.

Okay, nevermind... now I'm cheerful.
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What's your secret lily? What cheered you up?
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Not really, I was just saying that. Well actually, my speakers just suddenly began working so that cheered me up. I also closed up shop for today so that cheered me up a little. I ran down to get the mail and got to stare at a tall heron in our yard which is always funny. I think I do feel slightly moody today, but that is pretty normal for me anyway while on day 4. Trying to cheer myself up! Yay!!!
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Maybe we're all kinda bummed out because it's December. A new month and also the stress that might come around the holidays....
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Greenegirl, your chart looks excellent!
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Ok... TMI

(You've been warned!)

I have a little bump on my cervix that wasn't there before. It's right next to the opening and it feels kinda like a pimple... anybody have a clue as to what the heck that is and/or where it came from?
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TMI also:

Yes, I have had that same thing I think right around O time, because that is mostly the time I check, and it is not there at other times of the month.
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Oooooo... so maybe I'm going to actually ovulate for real? That'd be nice.
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I had a total : day today myself.

I'm trying to get in a better mood because we're going away for the weekend and the last thing I need is to start a fight with DH on a two hour car ride. I hope we even make it up there because the weather here is absolutely horrible and it's supposed to turn to snow overnight. Maybe we'll get there and not be able to get back (which would be awesome because we have a room with a fireplace and jacuzzi!)

I'm looking forward to getting away but it's bittersweet, we had planned the trip for this weekend because I would have been just past my first trimester mark and would have been feeling less exhausted than I had been when we were planning. Probably the reason for my : mood this afternoon. On the other hand I can enjoy champagne and jacuzzi and some other unmentionables now.

susykat welcome! I hope your stay is short.

Tenk I'm glad to see you're sticking around, take some time to think about the decision. From experience I can say that the time around a m/c is extremely emotional. Maybe when you've had some time to recover physically and emotionally you can make a more solid decision together.

I'll pop in over the weekend to see if anyone needs updates because I take my laptop everywhere (geek confessions).

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Hi everyone - Sorry Friday has not been fun for most... and good luck on a fun weekend without too much ttc obsessing!

Welcome, susykat!
Good luck to the clomid crowd - which is now Ity and who else??? Right now I'm thinking I'll start in the New Year since messing with my hormonest for the first time right before Xmas just doesn't appeal.
Christy - looks like o time to me...
Sarah - have a great weekend. I had to giggle at the comment about not starting a fight in the car with dh because I have been feeling SO grouchy and just ready for a snit...
Greenegirl - :

I am glad to be back with you after 13 days of travel. We went to Texas to see extended family... and all got sick with a NASTY stomach bug. But the last 2 days (when everyone was done puking and more) were fun. Then I swung back into town and got my HSG before going on a business trip for 3 days. So my head is still spinning. I didn't temp at all while traveling so I think I'll need OPK to know for sure that it is happening. I hope the no cover-line doesn't drive me crazy in the lp...

I have been thinking of you all and I did still appreciate the MDC help (on questions about the HSG) when I was away and only checking email every couple of days. Still, glad to be back!
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Thanks for all the good wishes! Those temps at 98.5 are the highest temps I've ever gotten in the last 6 months of charting. However, I've kind of convinced myself this isn't my month because I don't feel any different than any of the other months. I'm probably going to POAS tomorrow since I'll be 10 dpo, but don't really expect it to show anything other than a BFN.
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greenegirl your chart DOES look good :
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Does anyone have any opinion on if it is okay to drink raspberry leaf tea with Clomid? I drink it every night and was afraid it would not be good with Clomid. I know you are supposed to avoid red clover and chasteberry with Clomid, but I am still taking primrose and hoping to drink raspberry tea.
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Hi everyone


Sending to those who needs it.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. DH has been discharged and he is getting better everyday with his medication.

My cycle/body is wacky, I pray it straighten up itself soon.

: for everyone for goodluck this cycle.

Love you all.

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