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Fola ! I have been thinking about you and wondering how you and your DH are. I am so glad to hear he is doing better. You have been in my thoughts and prayers !!! I want to ask more but I don't want to pry either.

Welcome Katherine !

There is a great group here and I hope your stay is short and sweet. Everything is supportive and friendly and nothing is TMI. Gotta love that.

Tenk If it were me in your shoes I would try not to make any decisions right this minute about ttc, but would give yourself and DH a block of time (like a month), and decide then. You both could have so many feelings to process, and you don't have decide today. Or maybe deciding and then changing your mind is a process in itself. So many hugs for you today

Crystal how is AF going now ? I wanted to tell you that the last time I saw my dr he said that if you take aleve for cramps during AF you will bleed less maybe it could help ? I do know that if you are soaking a pad in hour or so that is too much blood loss and you should call your dr. Good luck I hope this AF shapes up soon !

Theresa and Greenegirl : your charts are looking good and we sure are due for some good news here :

ItyBty and Allisonrose DH and I had been TTC #1 (now our 5yo DD) for almost a year and we had to get a new car... of course the one we loved had a tiny backseat and two doors... and I was so depressed about the ttc I was like lets just get it. Of course a month later we got pg finally, and dealt with the two door babyseat thing for 4 years in that car. We finally got a minivan last year and now there's all those empty seats back there.

Lily that is so sweet what your son said about the girls guitar. Kids, especially the older ones, often seem to know about the important stuff, so I wouldn't be surprised if he knows on some level about the TTC. But yeah, that's not what a 15 yo guy wants to think of... his mom trying to get pregnant.
I am glad to hear the clomid is ok so far

Christy It might be a Nabothian Cyst:

I remebered reading about them and just googled it. I hope that helps.

Papered Mom Hi ! Hope you get to O soon !

And Willowsmom, I hope you get AF soon. It just sounds so strange to say that around here.

Sarah I hope your trip goes well and you get to enjoy those little treats tonight. I guess you haven't O'd yet ? Were you going to wait a cycle or was it longer than that ? It has been almost a cycle's length by now, even though you are still WTO. Hmmmm....

Funnygrace How have you been ? Did you get to talk to your dr yet about the ultrasound (was it an ultrasound ? I cannot remember.)
I've been thinking of you in your cycle "off", I hope you are enjoying this time.

Elkmama Good luck with these precious post HSG cycles :

Phew ! That is a lot of personals ! Sorry if I left anyone out...

I am just in Limbo today. CD2.
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Thanks ladies for all of your support !

I am feeling a bit wonky... I posted a new thread question about prometrium check it out, I need some help!

I can't really focus to give everyone the individual attention that they deserve. I will try to catch up tomorrow after I am back to normal :
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ocean... af is ok... just really heavy... its like a flood everytime I stand up... anyway.. I havent taken any meds cause I know that tylenol thins your blood and I wasnt sure about the others... I'm dealing thanks for caring

and to everyone else... probably wont hear much from me til sunday.. this is the last 2 day off weekend dh will have for a long time hes got a new position that is 13 days on.. with one day.. a saturday off... so I'm gonna spend some quality time with him while we still got it

take care and have a good weekend ladies!!!
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Originally Posted by ChristyM26 View Post
Ok... TMI
(You've been warned!)
I have a little bump on my cervix that wasn't there before. It's right next to the opening and it feels kinda like a pimple... anybody have a clue as to what the heck that is and/or where it came from?

I believe they are called nabothian cysts as Ocean stated, and they are nothing to worry about. I had one that appeared out of nowhere one day, and I actually freaked out so much I called my OB/GYN and they got me in the next day. He said "It's nothing" And that was the end of it.

Here's a site that might help:
I hope you don't worry too much!

You're attitude about the mood around here is exactly it. I am glad to see that it picked up after you said that! A

As for my sour stomache, I'm not sure what the heck happened, but I had to drink a half bottle of Pepto to get it to go away. Now my stomache is all bloated and I've got gas (sorry... it's natural!) And I can't get DH to even look at me! But oh well... He's just lucky he wasn't here to smell that nasty smell from my burps! At least I'm fluffing without stink!!! (I cannot believe I just typed that!!!)

I can't wait to see what my temp looks like tomorrow! I hope it's still way up there!

I think we're pretty close to the same DPO and that we're having the same type of chart. My temps are up way higher then they have ever been as long as I've been temping! So I think we're cycle buddies (along with Tara)
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I'm so frustrated. I having O type pains - it's only CD 6!!! But I'm kinda freaking because my O pains have not been wrong in the past and I do have some EWCM.

I was having the pains before dinner. I was exhausted and feel asleep soon after. Hubby left me sleeping on the couch in the living room to visit the "girlfriend" (the computer). I woke up a bit because the TV was loud and he came through saying he was going to bed so I got up and went to start brushing my teeth. The pain was still there. I asked hubby if we could have a quickie and he turned me down. A) I hate the rejection and B) this might our chance for the month.

And if it's not O pains, then why the heck does the area around my right ovary hurt?

So now I can't sleep. I figured I'd come here and vent to the people who understand what I'm going through. :
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I POAS and got a BFN this morning. My temp is back up, and I woke up drenched in sweat. I'm a little worried that I'm getting sick. DH has been sick since last Sunday, and is just starting to get better. He's been running a fever and has been waking up drenched in sweat every day.
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I completely understand. Not even a month ago, DH & I had a huge fight that led to him telling me that he didn't want to make love. I actually cried! I felt very hurt and couldn't sleep either. I came downstairs to vent to you all, but he followed me down and asked what was up, so I told him and we made love later in the night. Maybe you can wake him this am and get a morning after quickie in?

I know exactly what you're saying too. I've been worried all week that I'm getting sick because I've been so hot while I sleep and sweaty around my neck when I wake up.

I have a question.
It seems that my temps aren't really high compared to my other cycles. But they are higher above my coverline that they have ever been. I've adjusted my homepage so you can see it on my chart. There's a huge difference as far as points above coverline, but there's hardely any difference between temperatures this month and in previous months. KWIM? Should I just assume that my coverline is lower this month and I shouldn't worry about it?
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Good morning

greengirl sorry about your bfn but your chart still looks good (hope you're not sick), maybe it's just too early to test.

allisonrose s

ocean we were supposed to wait a full cycle to try again, that's this cycle We're honestly not doing much to 'avoid' apart from not GIO with focus if you know what I mean but we DTD for fun instead. You know what? If it happens this month it happens. We're up at this old inn right now and it's just the 2 of us (no MIL, no BrotherIL, no crazy cats) and if it happens this month then so be it. I have all the signs of O the last couple of days and we're not planning on being up here and sitting on the couch holding hands

Theresa : your chart is looking GREAT!

and to everyone I missed
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Theresa our posts crossed. I see what you mean about the diff over coverline, I still think it looks different from your other charts though, the others went up slower. It also looks more consistent than the others (less ups and downs) I hate to say you'll have to watch it for a few days and see what happens :
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Theresa - I agree with Sarah that you probably just have to watch what your temps do over the next few days. It looks nice though so I wouldn't worry to much.

Thanks for any advice ladies - though it never occured to me that my strange little bump should be worried about. I just didn't know what it was since it appeared a couple of days ago and hasn't disappeared.

I have an hour and a half of waiting until I attempt to get Billy Joel tickets (it's been years since I got to see him live). MY DH was joking about it last night that if I don't get the tickets I'd better pack up and move out. Personally I'd be pretty bummed anyway if I can't get them.
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You ladies don't mean be patient do you??? I'm not good at that at all!!! Man! Patience. Hm. I don't want to do that!! Ok. I agree with both of you, but I was hoping someone would say something like "That's what my chart looked like when I was pg the first time" or something encouraging like that. I agree that it does look great, and I hate to get my hopes up. But I'm going to anyway. I want to be pg this time!!!

Just an FYI, mine didn't go away for a month, and then it was gone as quickly as it appeared.
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Theresa, yes PATIENCE and if you find out the key to being it please let me know because I'm not at all! I'm the one checking my own chart to see if it has any updates for me

Now that said, I will tell you 2 things that I didn't want to say because I don't want to get your hopes up 'just in case'. **disclaimer** personal experiences only! The month that I was pregnant my temps went up quickly like yours did, not as drastically but it looked different than my others the way yours does, not the highest temps ever but higher faster and consistently high. The other is regarding your argument with your DH the other day, the month that I was pregnant DH and I kept having arguments similar to that, I was SO emotional and SO frustrated with everything he did and I just couldn't figure out why until the test came back positive, then it all made sense.

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I just realized I've been completely wrong about CP and fertile time, I thought low was fertile and today I can't even reach it so I looked it up and I was completely backwards.
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Sorry about BFN Greenegirl. It's still too early IMO. :

Allisonrose, so sorry about your feeling like you may have missed it. I agree with pp about gio this AM if possible.

MIC, I'm not much of a charter so no advice, but I'm still here hanging with you in something like 6 or 7 dpo land.

Last night I had weird pinching feeling cramps for a couple of hours. Could that be implantationat 6 or 7 dpo? I hate to get my hopes up but it was so uncomfortable that I couldn't ignore it. I feel like I've had PMS for a couple of days too but my AF isn't due for over a week. Everything is super frustrating to me lately.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great saturday regardless of all the ttc stuff.

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Ok I'm still super confused. I woke up at 6 to temp: 98.0. I took it a second time: 98.3. So I peed on a FM stick: LH line was pretty dark. Monitor said "high". I'm wondering if it was a day after peak reading. With the FM I get peak the day I O. With traditional OPK, I also got the darkest reading about 48 hours before O.

So I woke my hubby to GIO. Hopefully if I did O, some swimmers will make it to the egg in time.

I know we've talked before about late Oing, but what about early Oing? If I really did O on CD 6, do I have any chance this month???

And thank you, ladies, for all your support!
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Karen & Theresa I just wanted to add in my 2 cents and they are not worth more than that of course.....here goes, when I got pregnant, I was super hot....at night I woke up sweating or super hot, and I got a BFN at 10dpo. I didn't get the +++ BFP til 11 almost 12 dpo. So the night heat, and arguments or crying spell are a great sign and your charts look so wonderful.
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I tested this morning at 6DPO so of course I got a BFN!

allisonrose I understand! I never really experienced rejection from my DH until we started TTC. I was hurt and frustrated because DH didn't understand. You know I think that when I ask he knows its about TTC but when I just do something to get him intersted he's more willing. I think that I got so focused that my DH felt a bit used. Anyway, just my experience. I would keep on BDing seeing that it is early. Good luck this month!

greengirl Your chart looks great! Sorry for the BFN. I think that it just may be to early (this coiming from someone who POAS at 6DPO!)

mommy_in_chaos Your chart looks promising and different from your other charts

Taradactyl3 I am interested in what the others say about this. I too had pain last night on my right side. Could it be implantation? I don't know? But I am right there with you at 6DPO

I went to see a new family doctor yesterday, who also does obstectrics (sp?) He was so awesome!! I have only been able to talk to my midwife on the phone and she wants to put me on clomid next cycle. This DR looked at my blood work and told me that my progesterone is to low and that there is a more *natural* way of going about it before I try clomid.There was just something about him! My DH was with me and he also really liked him. I tend to find the *weirdest* doctors possible and my DH is usually skeptical. This guy however, had the perfect blend of both. He has 12 children and supports BF and AP and will do what you want with vax. I am so excited!!

Hope you have a good Saturday! We have a college football bowl game today! Go Cornhuskers!!
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Well, just for the record; my bb's started hurting last night when we got home. As soon as I took my bra off, there was that pinching feeling. I hate it. But I knew it was close to starting.

I don't want to get my hopes up, but at the same time, I'm thinking that if I do, I'll just be let down. I don't want to think about it constantly. I don't want to wonder how I'm going to tell DH. I don't want to think that this could be it. I just want to know, and I can't know for sure for another week!!! That's just too long!!! GRRR!!!

I went back and checked out your chart Sarah and your's really did look tri-phasic. Mine doesn't look like it has that second phase in it. Doesn't there have to be three distinct (and by distinct I mean 3 days of levels at a time) temperature increases? Mine only has two that look like a second phase. Although, there are three above coverline and then the shift upward.

Ack! I just don't know what to think!!! I want it so bad I can taste it, but I just can't bring myself to think that this cycle could be any different then the last 8.

Ok, I'm all done now...
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Theresa if there's one thing I've learned about charts these past couple of months its that you just can't know till two lines show or AF. That being said your chart looks great : I hope this is it for you !

Katherine : I have tested that early too : That's what I get for ordering 25 pg test strip at a time off the internet.

That is so cool about your new dr.... did he tell you what natural things to do about your progesterone ??? I'd love to hear what he said (I use natural progesterone cream and take vitex).

Allisonrose I'm glad you got in the BD just in case. I've always heard early O to be like day 10 or 11, but I am no expert and it seems weird about the FM and OPK. Is there any chance do you think that you could be pregnant ? I know that if you are pg it will make opks +. Once I was pregnant and had my "period" at the normal time and had no idea.

I saw a friend this AM who just had his second "surprise" baby. When he told us they were expecting a few months back I asked if the baby was a surprise and he said "yeah - aren't they all ?" It was all I could do to not cry as I told him no, some of them are very hard to get.
Anyways, the babe is 2wks old and I got to hold her... At first I didn't even want to because I have been really barricading myself from all the baby stuff lately. But he gave her to me and man, I just melted. Newborns are so amazing, she gave me such a lift when I held her but my aching heart was so much worse afterwards.

I'm really not feeling down today but I will say that life feels so unfair sometimes, YKWIM ?
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I know exactly what you mean. There has been someone pregnant in my family for the last 7 years. Not a time at all that there hasn't been at least one person expecting. Now the last two of that 7 year streak are due to have their babies on the 4th and the 8th. I have seen and held each and every one of those babies, as newborns, for the last 7 years. Each time, I think... When will it be me again?
Now that the last two are pg, maybe it's my turn to get pg again so I can keep the chain going. If not, the chain will be broken. Everyone else either has just given birth, or got a tubal after their last ones.

: that I keep the chain going!!!
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