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Ity Good for you, I hope it is a very very BIG WHOPPING POSITIVE!!!
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Hey ladies! I just had to post here and show you what I got myself for Christmas - a correctly spelled username! Just thought you'd get a kick out of it!!
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Well, look at that!! And it's pink!!
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Yes, that was my other gift to myself - a paid supporting membership and no ads (well, no google ads cuz I like to see the WAHM ones).
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I agree that Ity and Ocean should get preg together now! I also think Christy should be in with them too. I pulling for you guys.:

Punquin and SarahJen, I'm sorry this period is lasting so long for you guys. It does stink.

I'm cd 12 and still no +opk. The line got darker but not something I'll call +. Weird because I almost always o on days 12 or 13. If the line is lighter on tomorrow's opk I'll assume I o'd this weekend. I have had at least two days of great fertile cm and we have been dtd once a day. My OBGYN said for us it is more important to catch the right day than to regenerate sperm and so he suggested we make sure we are dtd for four days. As in O-3, O-2, O-1, and the day of O. I'm doing my best to do like he suggested and we are having fun with it too.

I do still have this thought though that I don't expect anything besides my AF in 18 days since it hasn't worked up to this point so why should this month be any different. I have waves of hope followed by waves of complete sadness. I go from being so excited to dtd and catch the egg to being so sad that I can't achieve what we so want for our family. I was hoping the holidays would distract me more, honestly.

Ok, that's my vent for the day. I hope you guys have a great Christmas eve eve.

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I just checked CM again, and its not pink anymore. :

I'm gonna POAS tomorrow if my temp goes back up. (insert nail-biting smilie here)
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Oh Ity ! I so hope this is it for you!

I agree that Ity and Ocean should get preg together now! I also think Christy should be in with them too. I pulling for you guys.
I actually had a dream that Ocean got a BFP and phoned me (I know, WAY too much time here lately) and I said YAY next is Christy and Ity! I have very crazy dreams but I'm not really crazy.:

So I did the laundry, cooked, cleaned, packed, still feel like day old garbage but it's almost CHRISTMAS! I'm so excited to go home to my mom's, she still lives in the house I grew up in so it always feels like home to me.

I hope to see some BFPs before I leave tomorrow

edit: I just went back and properly read the last couple of pages because I just skimmed earlier and I had to say Ity you made me snort laugh with your edit reason: need angrier smilies
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oooh, Ity, I can't wait! :

And SarahJen, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has dreams about MDC! Oh, I'm a dork!
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Check my chart- I've been taking all of my meds every day, and doing at least one thing to check for O each day! I want to temp every day, but sometimes I completely forget... if I forget, I at least check for ferning, and I always check for cm... yea me! I even spent money on tcoyf and have started committing it to memory...

I need a pat on the back, big time... every woman at my church is pregnant except for ONE OTHER WOMAN!!!! And she is working hard to avoid being pg... :

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Originally Posted by SarahJen View Post
I actually had a dream that Ocean got a BFP and phoned me (I know, WAY too much time here lately) and I said YAY next is Christy and Ity!

Sarah, I love your dream. Can I just crawl inside it and live there for awhile ?

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FF gave me a special early Christmas present of CROSSHAIRS today which I'm sure they'll take away tomorrow so I'm totally not getting my hopes up. I'm conflicted as to whether or not it could be real, they say that O happened on the exact day that my O pains stopped which would make sense - everything matches for that day, but (and it's a big BUT) I've woken up a little later the last few days and I'm also feeling sick. And to add to the confusion, I don't run a temperature during the day so

It's also on a day when we DTD and weren't particularly careful (or really, careful at all) so if they do stay I'll have that to worry about for two weeks.

I'll enjoy it for today, maybe take a picture of me and my crosshairs in front of the Christmas tree, and try not to get my hopes up too much.

Ladies, don't make me come to your houses and wake you up with pee sticks, lets see some BFPs!!!
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hey ladies....

yesterday didnt turn out as bad as I thought it would... it was actually very nice after dh changed his additude.. mil gave me some crochet things.. yarn and hooks.. and a couple books.. which was nice because I needed more yarn I'm always running out... ds got plenty of new cars... which is his thing.. it doesnt matter what kind as long as its a car/truck... ds had a really good time with the kids.. and surprisingly played well with everyone

no temp for today... I woke up at 4:30 and was already halfway down the stairs when I remember to temp... I dont normally til 5:40... oh well

sarah... what a nice dream... I'm having fairly consistent dreams of 2 lines on a pregnancy test... like thats really gonna happen.. but how nice of you to have a dream of another mdc-er... just shows how much you care

ocean.. I havent been chart stalking but I saw your chart today... wow.. consistently rising... now I'm getting way excited :

valarie... *pats you on the back*

hi to everyone I missed! Merry Christmas!

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Ok girls, I need lots of updated charts here, I have nothing to obsess over with out todays temps.
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
Ok girls, I need lots of updated charts here, I have nothing to obsess over with out todays temps.
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Well, it's still a bfn. But I'm not upset over it today cause that's what I expected (probably cause it's what I already got). So... I dunno. My temp went up (again) so maybe I just o'd? But ff hasn't changed my crosshairs and there wasn't any CM so I don't know what to make of all this.

I do know that there is NO WAY on earth that I'm walking out of my doctors appt Thursday without a rx for clomid in my hands (unless of course, I'm pregnant and I'm one of the wierdos who can't detect it in their urine - which I doubt).

FWIW, I almost threw up last night (I didn't have nausea though - it was very wierd).
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Oh Sarah! Crosshairs! Yay!
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Sarah! Crosshairs!!

My temp was freaky high today. My sleep hours have been off the last couple days but today is the only odd temp. I had a bfn Friday morning, so I'm not testing today.

Miscarriages are expensive - even with health insurance. All the bills are pouring in from the d&c and all the sonograms and betas. Merry Christmas, right? :
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Crystal thanks for your good thoughts... but I am pretty sure AF is on her way. Look at my chart now ! ugh.

Ity hows it going for you this morning ? I still have high hopes for you ! :

Christy I hope you are one of those weirdos Good Luck !

Sarah enjoy those crosshairs ! And I hope you feel better soon.

Valerie Here's that pat on the back, or maybe a hug That must be so hard to be surrounded by pregnant women !

ETA: Stephanie that is terrible about the bills... as if your loss was not enough, you have to be billed for it. That sounds very painful to deal with, I wish I could take care of it for you.

Here's my tiny silver lining to my probable AF. I had the first clomid talk with DH last night. Actually he didn't want to talk about it (of course, he never does, he is uncomfortable with the situation, not knowing how to "fix it" and make me happy). I told him that I was going to call the dr on Tuesday after AF shows and ask over the phone to be prescribed clomid... I had talked to him about it a few months ago and he said to give the HSG a few cycles then we could try it. My insurance will not cover a dr visit so I am hoping he'll go from his notes and prescribe for me. I am excited and scared, of course, and I go back and forth between wondering if I know what I am doing to being angry with myself for not taking this step sooner.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone !
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Good morning everyone!!!!!

Just want to say hi before I turn off this computer for a few days.

Sorry BFN Christy, but your chart is looking awesome so I think you O'd late! I am still crossing my fingers.

Sarah - Yay for your chart too!!!!!!!!! I love that temp!

Ity, I am dying to see your temps today. I will maybe have to leave the computer on until then. Don't tell me you guys actually have better things to do on Christmas eve than sit on the computer and chart your temps for us?

Ocean, Okay, I see your chart Ocean, Ugh, I hope it is implantation? I am glad you are going for the Clomid. I really think it will work for us.

Tenk, how I wish you were temping too missy!

Pamperedmom, your name looks exactly as I always saw it!!, but prettier in pink!

Teradactyl, Susy, Stacymom, everyone, I will do more personals later, I am thinking of all of you, but my kids need me there today, not here!!

Punquin my dear, I am sorry but I am going to have to get excited FOR you if you are not going to do it yourself.

Anyway, my cramps are crazy and AF is heavy duty. I can't wait to take my first Clomid. Is that silly or what. Maybe I need to read back over my posts and remind myself how I felt!

Merry Christmas and I will be checking back in after Christmas. Everyone enjoy the holidays!!!
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Ocean - here's hoping that the clomid works wonders!

Stephanie - I hate when insurance doesn't cover things that it should (cause it really should cover those things). here's hoping your christmas brings you some nice surprises.

Teneal - hopefully my chart is obsession worthy for you.

Valerie - I'm understand that annoying feeling that you're the only person in the world who's not pregnant.

Tara - here's hoping you catch an egg.

Lily - here's hoping for a good second cycle. Hopefully I'm there with you soon (on the clomid)... er... well, you know what I mean!

Maybe I've got the flu? That could explain my tiredness, achiness and odd am temps. It does not explain the lack of af... I think maybe the cycle was anovulatory. It wouldn't be the first time that ff gave me crosshairs and there was no ovulation. My temp right now is 99.6 - that's higher than when I woke up. No wonder I'm so freakin hot. WTF?!?!?!
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