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Good luck with round two, Lily and Ity. I have : for both of you.

And for Tenk and Punquin too... I hope both your bodies give you a new years gift!

And everyone else...I'm lurking all the time here wishing and hoping for you. I haven't been able to leave you ladies!
s to all.
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Lily You are absolutely correct, that was meant for Ity I was thinking of both of you and it's been so insane in our home the last few days I was even more absent minded than normal with all the chaos in my what is normally peacefully kingdom...HAHA. Thank you for understanding!

Ity To you, I wish I could take away all the pain your going thru, and make you happy even if it was ever so brief.

Stacy Here's to cycle buddies, nice temp spike!

Tricia Nice to hear from you.

Ok, now that my house is empty let me tell you what happened. We had my mom and dad, my MIL, FIL, SIL, and BIL all here. My BIL is 18 and my SIL is 28 and then my step brothers and neice came to visit for a few hours. They are 17 and 21. So our home was full to the brim. Well, my IL's were supposed to stay til tomo and my SIL who is BTW a huge b&%$h got all pissy this morning and as SOON as my MIL, and FIL got up and showered, she said she was ready for them to go back to Cincinnati and she didn't want to stay another day. We had a day of shopping at the outlets near my house planned and everything, but she wanted to leave so they packed up and left. My hubby was so ticked off at her. Why the hell would my IL's let her be such a freakin' baby and tell them she wants to leave and then they just go....WTF....oh well, everyone's gone and the house is normal again.

I hope everyone's time off is nice and restful if nothing else!
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Hey everyone, I just came in to check in and say hello. I've been thinking about you all often. Everytime I hear someone "complain" about their uberfertility I get flushed and angry. :

So far, things have been fine with me and the bean. I have my first midwife appt. on Jan. 9th. I will really be able to breathe easier once I hear the heartbeat. I can def. see the appeal in the superearly ultrasounds, I must admit! : I am nauseous and am strangely comforted by every wretch!

My dh is interviewing for a job in San Jose and the interviewer said she'd be needing someone in the position by March or April. Eep! I'm trying not to get to freaked out by the prospect until the words "You're hired!" are said.

Here's wishing lots of babes in arms in 2007!
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its about time you checked in... nothings really changed since you left... were all still here moping about how we cant get preggo...

anyway.. good to hear stuffs goin well.
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ugh.. I just realized that I'm on cd 31... omg...

af should be rearing its ugly head anyday now...

I kinda hope it would so I could have a "normal" cycle
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CD 1 for me! I've never been so excited to see af. I actually said "yes!" outloud when I saw the blood. I'm so retarded. But, now we can actually dtd at o time without condoms. I feel like I am starting over on square one with ttc.

I knew I wasn't pg a couple days ago, but I went ahead and poas on xmas to get the last test out of the house before my next 2ww. Today I was supposed to go to my final beta test, but I called the dr and asked if I could skip it now that af was here. They were fine with that. I didn't want to have to pay another $150 bill. Of course, the insurance office is still closed today for the holiday.

I think it is a good thing we have this run of af before trying again. The blood coming out is very brown/old. I am going to research what to eat to build up my lining big-time. I know pineapple is one thing. Do I start eating it as soon as af goes away?

Christmas was interesting. I had my small family over for a midday meal. My dad, who has parkinson's, fell down our porch stairs in the rain when they arrived. It was awful - I was at the door so I was the only one to see it. It was like slow motion. I had a handful of nails because they arrived early while I was hanging photos, and I threw them on the floor and ran out the door. Thankfully, he just was scraped up. dinner went well after that, besides my dog scaring my 2-year-old neice by barking at her when she was waving her hands in her face.

SO, that's it. Not pg, but it is for the best this cycle. I don't think my lining is anywhere near ready. But I've always had cycles of steel - they may very slightly in length, but they just keep on coming no matter what. This is the first time I've really appreciated that.
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Hey Steph I'm so very HAPPY FOR YOU!!! AF is normally not a good thing for people like us, but it's so great now for you! YAY!!! Now I am looking forward to you being back on track and getting your Big Fat Positive very very soon!

Racecar Good to hear from you, glad to know the bean and you of course are doing well!!

Everyone Else Thinking of you, and hope your well!!!
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Joining the 6+ month club...where does the time go??? showed today so it's officially been 7 months. Wishing for lots of BFP's for eveyone in the new year!

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aww.. another newbie... welcome izzysmom... lets hope your not here long!

where is everyone????? its so weird to see everyone not here... and its after 8 already... geez

anyway.. I got dotted crosshairs... but not on the day I think I o'd... but my temps are allover the place anyway so who knows..

good morning ladies
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Crystal YAY!!! for crosshairs....now I have no idea what the dotted ones mean but at least they are there.

Izzy Welcome to the thread, I do hope your stay here is short and sweet.

Sarah, Stacy Were all 3 cycle buddies.

Fola Looks good over there with your chart.

Ocean When are you testing woman???
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Tenk, I forgot that you were right there with me! How are you feeling?

Welcome to Izzy, hope you're not here too long.

Punquin, Yea for cd 1! Glad that you get to start over fresh. Sounds like you and dh are in for a fun month.

I second the "where is everyone?" I was actually bored on MDC last night because there was nothing interesting going on!

Another temp spike this morning for me. My chart is looking very, well, interesting. Who knows. But, my nipples were so sore last night that I woke up a couple of times because I was sleeping on my stomach. I tell ya, hope is a cruel thing.
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Hi all!! I'm not sure who here remembers me, but I have a question I was hoping you could help me with. First the background, I was part of a mom's group when my first DD was little. We used to meet with all the kiddos every week. Since about the time my second was born three and a half years ago we've been meeting every other week in the evenings with just the moms and any little babies in the group. I have been in touch via email, but haven't been to any of the get togethers since this summer as DH's job has been super busy so he hasn't been able to get home and watch the kids.

One of the mom has been TTC for years, she's had failed IVF attempts and still isn't pg. Her oldest is turning six. I will have a chance to start attending the meetings again after the new year. I haven't told any of them about the pg because I just didn't want to hurt this other mama. Now my question, if you were that mama how would you want to find out? Should I email her in advance letting her know and then tell at the next meeting I go to. Or is that more pressure on her to keep it a secret? Should I just email everyone including her and let them know? I'd call her, but I'm thinking that would totally put her on the spot. I'm 16 weeks so it'll be pretty obvious when they see me. I'm guessing the news will hurt no matter how I tell her, but I want to break it the most gentle way possible. Any advice? Thanks in advance!!!

Also, for all. I'm keeping my : and still regularly check this thread. Here's hoping for TONS of good news in the new year!
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Well Stacy where do i begin....oh how I want these to be pregnancy symptoms so badly. For the last 4 days I've been battling nausea. To the point that I'm taking phenergran pills (2 night) and pepto 2 other nights. It's on and off during the day, and been pretty terrible at night. I am however attributing this to eating Christmas foods for the last few days. Turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, green beens, corn, sweet potatoes, and some pumpkin pie. Now all of this is Gluten Free to prevent me from getting sick. AND the only thing that was not normal on my list here is the pumpkin pie, as we don't eat it all the time. So, I'm blaming the foods, that I eat all the time anyway. LOL. My whoo hass are so tender, and I feel the need to sleep after around 2-3pm. So, I'm sure I have imagined all these *symptoms* in my head and they are nothing. I did also have some nasty cramping yesterday/evening as well. HUM...who knows. How bout you....any symptoms?
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Stacymom You're chart looks great!! I never thought I'd say this... I'm glad you nipples are sore Halfway throught the 2ww, it's gonna be a long week with a chart like that :

angel1895 Woohoo for crosshairs!!

Izzy I hope that you don't stay here long

punquin A fresh start!! CD1 well now CD2 sorry about your dad

lily Are you not temping this month?

tenk sounds good to me!! I hope that you get your BFP this month :

Well, I had a HUGE temp spike this morning and FF gave me crosshairs! But I think I might have O'd on the CD12 and FF says CD15. Someone said something about having higher pre-O temps b/c of progesterone taken last month?! Anyone know anything? I put the poll on FF - what do you ladies think?
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Just a quick check in, welcome Izzysmom.

Nothing new here, still sick, still in the VERY COLD Winnipeg, still showing crosshairs.

Hope everyone is well, more later...
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Teneal, all of those symptoms sound very promising! I sure hope this is the cycle for you! I totally understand the overanalyzing of every twinge, although getting nauseous with foods you already eat sounds pretty suspicious to me! I've been pregnant three times (I had a loss my first pg) and my first noticable symptom was always the exhaustion. I am never as tired as I am the first trimester of pregnancy! I don't usually start feeling nauseous or anything else until later. Although my nipples being so sore is making me wonder...

Secretly trying, IMO, you should give the girl struggling to conceive a heads up before you go to the meeting. A good friend of mine was struggling with infertility when I got pregnant with both my girls, and it was really hard for her. If you at least email her and let her know before you announce it to the group, she will have a chance to react on her own terms, and not be forced to put on a happy face for you in front of all the other moms at your group. That way, she can be sad, angry, bitter, and all the other feelings we all understand without worrying about hurting your feelings.

Susy, I'm voting for cd12 too. I think the only reason ff didn't pick it up is because your first few post o temps were so close to your pre o temps. But when I look at all your other signs, it really looks like cd12 is the best bet.

SarahJen, your temps are looking good. At least your chart is showing something, right?

I'm really not having any symptoms, except for my sore boobies. Trying not to get my hopes up, because we really only had one good try in, and it was probably within a few hours of when I ovulated. But, I was 2/3 of the way asleep, so all those people who tell me to just relax can go suck an egg. It doesn't get much more relaxed than being mostly asleep! My temps have a history of looking good for the first week after o and then dropping, so I'll have to wait and see what they do the next few days before I get too worked up. Plus, I have long lp's- about 15-16 days on average- so I still have a while to wait. All five cycles that I have charted, my temps have clearly shown that I wasn't pg at least a few days before af showed. Thankfully, my dh is working shorter hours this week, and my sister is coming to town, so we should have some fun things to do to keep us occupied and keep me from obsessing.

That all being said, I really just want my temps to stay up and to get a ! It would be so nice to have this whole process over! But, I am thrilled that my chart and temps show ovulation, even though it was late in my cycle. If it doesn't happen this month, its at least given me hope that I am ovulating, which means I don't need to go see a fertility specialist right away. I would love to do this without spending a fortune...

Love to everyone else. Thanks for listening to me
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Hi Secretlytrying !!! it's so good to see you ! I hope you and the little babe are well. I miss you but I am glad you have moved on to the ddcs. I hope I get there before you leave !

I think that is thoughtful of you to consider your friend's feelings when announcing your pregnancy. I think that
1.) Mentioning something about how you tried for awhile ttc yourself like "after almost a year of ttc we were lucky to find we had finally succeeded". Personally I always have less jealousy around pregnancies proportionate to the amount of time someone ttc.
2.) Letting her know ahead of time is a real gift. I think email would be good if you can because it really gives her time to process before she has to respond. I would guess that she will be genuinely happy for you, but of course that happiness may remind her of her own unhappiness.
I would perhaps email the whole group so she doesn't feel singled out ? (that could hurt too). I guess it depends on how much she has shared with you about her ttc journey...

good luck with this... and of course if it doesn't go well, know that it's just her own feelings she has to deal with... not a reflection on you or your wonderful pregnancy that you worked so hard to achieve.

Racecar hi ! Glad to hear that all is well with you and your bean ! Seeing some grads come back is so inspirational.... it does happen eventually for most of us if we keep trying !

Fola ! It is so good to see you too ! How are you and your DH ? are you back on the ttc train ? I've been thinking of you.

Punquin I am glad you got some closure on that last cycle and your body had a chance to rest and clean house. : ok, now the craziness begins again, right ?

Christy, Tenk, Crystal, Stacy, Sarah, Susykat, Izzysmom, Ity, Lily, and everyone I missed - I know you are out there : good luck to you/us all ! Here's hoping some miracles are in the making.

I am 14 dpo today and I feel like AF is perched on my doorstep. Watery cm, backache, bloated. ugh. I took a test yesterday, neg. Took one on impulse yesterday afternoon and it was neg, but after it dried it had the strangest evap line I have ever seen. Thick faint pinkish/purple. If it had come up in 5 mins instead of an hour I would have been on the roof with joy but it was confusing. I have taken two test since then both bfns, so I think it was a fluke. The test acted funny when I took it in the way the dye streaked across. If I hadn't seem a gazillion tests and evap lines in the past year+ I would have gotten excited but I don't think it is really anything. *sigh* why do I allow my hopes to get up ?
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someone post something before I lose my marbles:

dh has been working 2nd shift the past couple days.. and ds wants nothing to do with me unless its on his terms ( brat)

c'mon.. you know you want to...
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Hello everyone!

Secretlytrying! Yay, so happy to hear from you. I was going to say what I thought, but Ocean said it perfectly, so I need not! 16 weeks. I hope you are enjoying your little belly!

Ocean, I hope it is not really time for AF, but if so, let me know if you are getting clomid and are you going to do 3-7? Everyone I have spoken to has agreed on those days for some reason. I hope it is true! I was having a few hot flashes today, even while in the snow.

Punquin, I am happy for you, although your chart had me fooled. Those darn charts. I do think your body needed that AF. Yay, hope it happens quick for you.

Tenk, ... more later....
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Tenk, are you sure you didn't take sneak and take meds this cycle? ?? Just curious what the Xs are for on your chart. I would just be amazed if you got another BFP this time! It really sounds promising. I hope it happens for you.

Stacymom and Susy, both your charts look good so far, although, I hate the darn things and can't trust them! But they do look good!

Racecar, yay! I can't believe you have to wait that long for the heartbeat. I forget all that. What a great sound it will be. I was in the doctor office getting a regular ultrasound and heard a sound like that for some reason and it just brought back all sorts of great memories! Enjoy!

Izzysmom, good luck, hope it happens soon so you are not here long.

Angel, I hope your chart becomes a little more clear for you. I think after a couple another month it will be more readable. Hopefully you won't even need it, but if you do go through another month, it will be helpful for you. Man, isn't it weird to have your Dh all of the sudden be the one not interested? That is just plain weird. It is a complete switch when TTC it seems. I think they secretly enjoy the fact that we are going to be the initiating one and take advantage.

I am just on pill #3 today. I just can't wait to get on with the trying! I can't wait for the action to begin! I have my dh scheduled on a calendar for a huge time slot, as I have absolutely NO idea when I might O this time. It can be anywhere between day 11 and 21! So it will be a lot of pee holding and OPKs. What a pain that is. I think I hate that the most. I think I may need to do two OPKs per day, what time should I do them? I haven't gotten a positive for two months now so I am kind of suspicious of this internet brand.

I am starting to get more excited and hopeful, so I sure hope it is possible or I am going to hit a major crisis point. Oh, I just need to smooch and cuddle and snuggle a little baby, I can't stand it.
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