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What are you getting your 7 year old boy for Christmas?

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The list is running short for toys that are "safe" for little siblings, and are fun for big boys. In a world where if it doesn't have batteries it has no merit, what in the world can I give my son for Christmas? First I was going to get him a Laser tag set, but then I found out it took 12 AA batteries: I'm sorry but that's ridiculous! Even with rechargeable batteries, I would be spending more on batteries, than the actual toy. We already have the Gameboy, Xbox, PSP, PS2, and Gamecube...(daddy's vices ) so what can we get him? I am more interested in imaginative play than video games. He would love magnetix but again the little siblings would find them interesting too, and the boys share a room, and there isn't much space, or time for him to play alone. So what are you getting your 6, 7, or 8 year old for Christmas?
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I have struggled with this badly this year. I can tell you what I got my ds - who is 7. We too also have a PS2 (thanks dad!), but I refuse to buy games for it - grandparents ahve to do that. SO for our 7 year old, who i am done buying for, I got:

Legos - I think it is one of the star wars ones. DD is 8 weeks, so right now the small legos pieces don't present a real hazard, but we have been on ds nonstop about keeping his toys picked up for when dd is mobile.

Pirannah Panic - it's a game

a Johnny Cash t-shirt (he is a fan - he wanted to name dd JohhnyCashBobMarley!)

a hot wheels rader gun - tells you how fast things are going

um...oh and a radio wiht little ear buds that looks a lot like the mp3 player we boiugh his older brother, as he was asking for an ipod - but that ain't gonna happen!!

I have a hard time though too - last year I bought two remote control things and later realized they needed special $25 batteries each, so I am not making that mistake again - plus most stuff winds up broken in the toy box a month later. He loves his legos though and they inspire him to be creative, so i feel good about thosr.

i think his granda got him a little pottery wheel too...wonder how messy that will be?

good luck - let us know what you get!

sorry about the typos, i have a babe on the boob here.
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There is something called magna-tiles but they are a bit expensive. Assuming the magnets can't pop out, they would be less of a choking hazard then magnetix but I think they run around $50 for a 35 piece set.

My ds would be thrilled with a remote controlled robot but I think he is too young for the ones that he would like.
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A full sized foosball (sp?) table which is actually a shared present with his 9 year old sister as it takes two to play. He also wants lego, lego, lego and more lego.
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I'm not a mama yet, but because I desperately wish I were, here are some ideas:

100 hoops by leapfrog -- takes batteries but is educational (english/spanish, counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, etc)

lego has several new airport sets, including one in duplo size if you are worried about the sib mouthing things

animal bingo by eeboo (more like lotto)

krazy kars by skulldugery -- paint your own -- the finished product is tiny (matchbox-sized)

cosmic catch by hasbro

cranium hullabaloo dvd game (this involves physical activity)

dive, dodge, and slide bouncer by little tikes -- this is huge -- big enough for several munchkins

egyptology puzzle by mudpuppy press/candlewick (100 pieces)

furreal friends butterscotch pony by hasbro -- again, huge, and electronic, but wowee -- only get this if your kid is under 80 lbs

geotrax all about trains motorized set

get real gear (dress up clothes, including astronaut!) by aeromaxtoys -- electronic aspects but also high quality

kid tough digital camera by fisher price

puzzles of lego city by ravensburger (49 or 60 pieces)

lucky the incredible wonder pup by zizzle -- electronic, responds to kids' commands

mag xl magformers or magneatos intermediate

monster trucks by creativity for kids -- decorate it himself

furniture for the kids to share -- my creative table by alex -- big, but good for both


thomas and friends recycling center, echo tunnel, etc.

board games: ugly doll (like concentration), uno spin

word whammer fridge phonics, by leapfrog
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Heelies (grandma & grandpa)
A floam critter set
A Gameboy Advance & a few games (personally don't want to do this, but he has made a very clear and mature case for why he wants it that is actually pretty logical)

What about a telescope, a magic set, binoculars or walkie talkies? The game RushHour is also great.

Barney & Ben
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My almost 7 has always been a hands on kid. He loves to build and will get some new legos too. I am making a puppet theater for him and 4 yo dd to share. I also got them a magnetic calendar to share. The tools were dh's idea. He has been able to use a screwdriver since he was about 2. He took his own training wheels off his bike at 3 1/2 and has been working on his bike and various other things ever since. We thought it was high time he had some tools of his own. Just a simple set of screwdrivers, wrenches ect. I may be inviting disaster like I find him taking apart the stereo or something. But he's pretty responsible and I think he'll do well with them . My 4 yo dd is the one that's hard to buy for.
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My neighbors 6 1/2 year is desperate for a metal detector and there are kids ones. it take 1 nine volt battery. http://www.farmgoodsforkids.com/c574...-detector.html

There are some awesome science kits out there. I saw a really great rock tumbler to make your own polished rocks http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Scienc.../dp/B00000ISUU
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We got our 7 year old legos, legos, more legos and a transformer - lol. He loves legos and plays with them for hours, literally. He was almost 5 when his baby brother was born and was already well into legos then, so we have been really careful about the legos staying in his own room. I am a fan of rubbermaid containers with lids for storing legos. Little brother can't get those open. If keeping them in big brothers room isn't an option for you, then I would go with rubbermaid containers somewhere in the house that a little one wouldn't have easy access. We've never had a problem and we have legos coming out of our ears.
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Lego or Playmobil soccer
Race Track
Star Wars Transformers
Verticon Air Battle Arena
Snap Circuits
Folkmania Dragon Puppet
Playmobil Jousting set
Gross Oven (boy version of EZ Bake)
EcoZoo Stegasaurus
Discovery Moon
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Originally Posted by amamaslove View Post
Lego soccer
My DS absolutely loves his Lego soccer. He was able to put it together himself, with the help of his sister (9) and one of his school 7 year old school friends. DH and DS play it often!
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