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Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post

Questions for everyone.

Shoes. How often do you replace yours? What do you do with your old ones? Do you have a different pair for running in the winter?

Running bras. How many do you own?

Winter training in general. Do you take an "off" season? If so, what does it look like?
Shoes - I track mileage on each pair in my training log. I got 390 out of my first pair, but they were not the right shoe for me. Then 438 out of the next pair. Usually my legs/feet/something in the lower extremities starts to hurt and that's the clue. Plus it just feels like the cushion and support is shot. My old shoes are sitting in the extra bedroom. Some may become yard shoes but honestly I don't wear out yard shoes that fast. Not really sure what to do with them. I do not have separate shoes for winter running, but then I don't have to deal with too much snow.

Bras - I have 3, two of which are stretched and nasty and barely serve their purpose. I'm asking for running bras for Christmas from everybody. I will admit to wearing the same one for two runs in a row if it doesn't stink (too much).

Winter training - no off season planned here, since I just basically took mine during August - October. I think a period of easy time and lower mileage is necessary about once a year, but I figure it will happen to me by default at some point and I'd better not actually plan it. Plus, there is too much eating in the winter for me to want to do fewer miles, although I'd love to because of the weather. But I realize you are actually building mileage anyway, not cutting back. I think what you're doing is fine. It makes sense to me to have this time now before you start training for the half (and Chicago, right?). I think easy base building now will serve you well when you are building speed during your training.

Off to bed...
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Hi all
No running to report for the last few days, but I did get in a very cold weather bike ride yesterday! I almost wimped out and went back after a few blocks to get the car, then I went a bit further, and pretty soon it was shorted to just keep going to work, instead of turning back.
Just found out today that there is a group of hashers just getting started at the university! I may go out and run with them some time.
Not much else new going on here, but I'm subbing, and will have some runs to report soon. I'd like to find a local race too, to give me something to work towards.
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reb-great looking site. Wow so much going on for you right now.

chelsea-I'm in desperate need of new shoes and mine are just at over 500. Just too lazy to go and get some. My knees have been bothering me on runs so I guess I need to find the time. I own 2 running bras and like eksmom I wear them more than once, but I don't sweat too much. I hang them to air out. Sounds like a great winter plan.

ND-I'm getting so excited for you. It won't be long before you're holding and nursing that little girl of yours. I'll be thinking of you.

Must get some more online shopping done. I need to be done with everything before we leave for Canada on the 16th.

Little man had his 2 month check up today and was 11lbs 8 oz and 24.5 inches. Where has the time gone.

I will get a run in tomorrow. I haven't gone since Wednesday. I so need it. I'm very mushy right now.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Bras -I will admit to wearing the same one for two runs in a row if it doesn't stink (too much).
Ummm, is that a bad thing? :
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ummm if it is, you would truly be nastified by me...
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If the fumes are wafting up to my nose after I've put it on, that's usually my breaking point. Only 'cause I don't like the smell; not out of consideration for anyone else!
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cReb-your site looks good! I hope this isn't too personal, but how is your dh doing after the big V? John is probably going to have one in the next year and i'm wondering how bad it is for them? Also, did your insurance cover it? Are you feeling good about it? I'm a little sad about the prospect of no chance of having more babies.
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old shoes - i know nike has reuse-a-shoe which grinds athletic shoes and turns them into sport courts, etc for underprivileged communities. it was really easy to recycle when i lived in portland with nike in my backyard. not sure if there is an easy way to do it other than shipping old shoes to them.[there is a map with drop off locations on that site but they are not in every state] they take any/all brands too, not just nike -ha!

creb/hbm - i am also interested in hearing about the big V because we so need to go down that road. dh is being lazy about actually scheduling , making time, etc.
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
cReb-your site looks good! I hope this isn't too personal, but how is your dh doing after the big V? John is probably going to have one in the next year and i'm wondering how bad it is for them? Also, did your insurance cover it? Are you feeling good about it? I'm a little sad about the prospect of no chance of having more babies.
Insurance paid.

It sucks in a big way for a few days. Lots of ice and ibuprofen, and keeping your kids from jumping on him for a while.
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wow, all this talk about the big V...I'm just happy insurance is paying most of my IUD. I'm sure we'll go that route in a few years but not quite yet.

creb, I love your site! hope everything settles down in bit for you and that your surgery goes really well. Back surgery as I remember?

and now for the balancin questions:
1. Shoes--I get new ones about every 6-9 months when I'm running a lot. I can tell because my feet start to hurt. I get the same kind (after I got fitted by a running store) online from finishline or eastbay, best prices for actual running shoes once you know what you want.

2. Running bras--I wear mine for a week, then wash it. Call me nasty, but it's made it last for two years plus. I only have an Enell because after I got it I swore off all other ones (the whole 34H problem), and I only have one. I need another one bad but it'll have to wait til after xmas. I've tried the Fiona and some others, and it's not near as good as the Enell.

3. My "off-season" is when I've been pregnant or post-partum. not sure what I'll do if neither of those happens in the next few years. I'll let you know. But I will say that if there was snow/ice/whatever, I would definitely take a bit of a break from heavy duty training. There's a great article in RW from a few months ago...maybe do a search on their site?

must go sermonize...we had something cool happen. A pastor we know broke his leg (that's NOT the cool part) and called us to see if one of us could fill in for him on Christmas Eve and some other times. We SO need the money and I was getting sad about not preaching on Christmas Eve, and then he called. I feel terrible for him as he is having a rough time, but so glad we can help him and it all worked out for the best (his words, not mine, but I agree!). Anyway preaching tomorrow too. take care y'all.
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Mamabeth-I'm so happy for you!

Geo-glad to know insurance paid. D is looking into it. He put extra $ in the flex spending account for it for next year. I'm happy with our family now, but not really ready to close that door just yet.

I ran this morning about 2.5. I ran to the kids nativity rehersal and as soon as I got there dh said, "you need to go home and shower". Must have been that bra from yesterday... Anyway it was a good run and the weather was awesome.
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I'm really sensitive about smells. I wear a super-cheapo for a short TM runs because that's not long enough to chafe. I have 2 nicer ones, both Champion, but one smells like something died in it (the older one). As soon as it warms up, I can smell it. And I'm too lazy (busy?) to seek out the solution.

Ramadan was my off season. I fasted and just found it too hard to squeeze in the running. I think next Ramadan, I will run 3 x 20 minutes, or do some uphill walking on the TM, something to avoid the total turn-to-jelly that took place this time.

Ran 2.5 last night and 5.2 this AM, both TM. My weight is going nowhere right now and that's bumming me out, but I am seeing a little bit of change in my body, so I'll take it. I'm trying to figure out a running schedule, and I try to do Pilates 2-3 times a week. I have to make Tuesdays and Thursdays my most significant running days, but when crap gets scheduled into those days, it messes me up, and my attitude gets in my way (you know--wrong time, wrong weather, wrong crap on TV, not enough time to do the full mileage I wanted, you name it I can use it). For me, 2006 was the year I learned that truly anything is possible. 2007 will be the year I test that hypothesis, by trying to make more dreams come true. I'd like to finish the novel I have half-started (and shop it out), hit my 100-pound loss goal, and really get into the homesteading side of the new home. Two years ago I'd have no reason to think any of this sounded reasonable. That was before Reb made me run a marathon!:

Anyone else thinking and planning for the coming year?
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I was looking at washing machines the other day and the salesman said there is one that releases silver particles into the wash to really clean clothes. I hope they recycle them, I haven't heard of using silver in laundry, but 1jooj, your smell sensitivity reminded me of that conversation.
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Shoes: Every 3-4 months. My knees and shins usually tell me and then I remember duh it's time. In the thick of ice and snow here I usually run in a good pair of trail shoes for better traction but not always.

Off-season:I am taking the month of December to run without worrying about time just build distance. No races on the schedule this month and I really need to get back in the groove of building distance as I have been hanging out at the 10-13 mile LR since tri season finished.

RM- This is my first marathon and it seems a little crazy to aim for Boston out of the gates but I also didn't think I could run a 1:44:21 half either and I did. If it doesn't happen in April I will know what to work on for the fall marathon(Detriot or Columbus). I'll be in Boston for 2008 I'm pretty sure.

I just got back from a better run than I thought I would have. It is cold here and we have been working on fixing our fence that nearly completely fell over after yesterday's high winds. This is the coldest I have run in sinc elast winter. When I set out I gave myself permission to only do 5.5 miles but as I got warmed up it just seemed like I should keep going. Ended up doing 9.5 miles. With tomorrow's planned run I will be ~35 miles for the week. The most in a long time. Guess it's a good way to start this whole marathon training. Next week long run 14-15 miles

Must hit the nice warm shower and really warm up.
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6.1 miles outside tonight, DH did the outside Christmas lights (bless him), pizza w/ homemade crust for supper, and now guess what's chillin' in the fridge for later baking? Shanti cookies... mmm... I'm taking them to our church choir party tomorrow. NOW it feels like Christmas. Shanti, maybe you want to post the recipe on the recipe blog for anyone that doesn't have it?

OK, somewhat OT here... how do you handle lying in a 3 year old? EK told her first one tonight - it was nothing big, but it was blatant and she blamed what had happened on DH (which was also blatant ). I didn't get mad, but I did remove her from what she was doing (helping in the kitchen) because she had been asked several times to not do what she had done and then lied about. After she stopped screaming, we talked about lying and how it is best to always tell the truth... am I expecting too much of her at 3 yrs. 2 months? She is sooo freaking verbal that I think sometimes all of us around her tend to forget her age.

OK, off to get her to sleep... hope y'all are having a good weekend.

And cReb, on the website!
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Katherine - I think even if it goes over her head you still have to talk with her. Dd does this from time to time and it started probably around 3. She is getting it more and more about why it's wrong. I used examples though, like if I told her she could have candy and then we actually didn't have any to give her.

Now...tonight we discovereds she stole for the first time. It's not big...she took a fabric rose from her babysitters...purposefully...after being told by dh not to take it. She told us that she put it in her pants. So we had a big talk about stealing. On monday she'll take it back and apologize. I don't think that's the last time though...
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So I thought I'd do an "easy" workout tonight and wimp out of the cold and just run stairs (aka "midwest hills".) Holy Camole! I can sure tell I haven't done them in like, 10 years or something. I did ten sets of our three flights, which I am up and down at least 10 times a day I would have thought, but I had to stop because I was having trouble picking up my feet on the last rep. I can already feel it in my quads. Hope I can walk tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for sharing so honestly about running in a not freshly laundered bra. I have felt like such a skank when my clothes have been reused but short of making myself crazy washing them out in the sink I think it will just have to happen sometime as I sure don't have the money to have a fresh set for every day. I do think I will ask for some more running bras for christmas--I can usually reuse them once but I am prone to thrush. I gave up my enell over thrush, actually. That and I shrunk out of it and got some chafing issues. I think I didn't have it sized small enough to begin with though. That was the best support ever though.

I love love love my new shoes. Love 'em! I was so overdue...
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Chris' vasectomy.... He had some trouble with his, as he had one larger than normal tube. But he isn't sore, but is really itchy and if he tries to do much he starts to bleed. Which stinks, since we're desperately trying to finish moving. Chris is chronically lacking follow-through, but for some reason he got right on scheduling the vasectomy without me saying a word. When I asked him why, he said that he was "trying to take away all of my excuses"

My surgery is a sinus surgery. They will break my nose and fix it, remove a spur, scoop out some other stuff.... I'll be off of work for a week and pretty restricted for another week after that. I'm really really scared.

As for stinky bras....I only have one. and I wash it when it gets stiff enough to stand up to dry rather than having to hang it up.
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