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drjen - I think I have an easy method. Find a huge embroidery hoop for the ring. You can glue ribbon onto it or paint it, slide the fabric etween the hoops, tighten and voila...I have been meaning to make one myself...

Have to run today. Spent the night up with dd :Puke . Not my favorite way to spend the night hours . She hasn't thrown up this morning, but wants to nurse and nurse and nurse. Hopefully I can break away...

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DrJen - that's exactly what I made dd for X-mas. The materials I used were a quilting hoop and about 6 lengths of fabric each about 3-4 yards long. And then I had a 2 yard piece of fabric (heavier material) on the top draping over the quilting hoop and covering the fabric attached to the hoop. I used very thin metal wire on the hoop brought together into a loop at the top. I'll try to take a picture and post it later if I can.
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Hey mamas,
I've been reading along but I feel like I haven't *been*here in a long time. We've been having a pleasantly uneventful week since xmas. I'm sorry to see how many of you have been having stressful times with family. After I left my dad's we wrote a few emails back and forth about how it was a bummer that I'd been stressed out by his step family and how it would be nice if we could actually be purely joyful just to be in each other's presence but that life just doesn't seem to be that way for real. But it was good to have the chance to do a post mortem on the visit and see that we both felt the same way.

Dr.Jen - I cannot believe your mom! I try to imagine what I would have thought if my Grandma tried to manhandle me at 11 years old and it is too bizarre, what was she thinking?

So what are you all doing tonight? I feel like after all the anticipation I've had building up to tonight I should be doing something exciting, glamorous, meaningful etc but really I think I'm going to go to bed early and catch up on sleep (last night I thought I was just beginning to get either a bad flu or food poisoning, I had the chills, the runs, waves of nausea. But somehow it petered out and I feel okay today Thank you arsenicum 6c!). There is a party we're invited to and it seems like everyone else in town is dressing up and going out so it's hard to feel okay about having no plans and just being normal.
Well, I just found dh in bed. He says that he's feeling the early flu-type symptoms so maybe I should just focus on hoping that we can all dodge the bullet!

So, this is more non-RR stuff but I'm curious if y'all would think it sounds crazy. I am thinking about going on a 9 day pilgrimage to some shrine in the next state at the end of January. It's not so much that I'm devoted to the particular vision of the virgin that we're supposed to see there but timing is such that it would be the 9 days leading up to the first anniversary of Wendy's death. It just seems like maybe it would be sort of nice solemn way to mark the days with plenty of time for reflection. It's sort of vision-quest-with-a-crowd. There is an article about it here just scroll halfway down the page. I feel like it wold be somehow appropriate and almost especially so since dh would have to take dd with him up to the States. I think 9 days away from dd would be hard but I kind of feel life this would help me remember who I am outside the context of my family.

So, anyway, I welcome your thoughts and I'm curious about your doings for tonight. Sorry about the flagrant lack of personals! :

Happy New Year!!!
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ugh - no racing for me tonight. i spent yesterday throwing up allllllllllllll day, : and am still rather shaky today - having not really eaten since friday night - and i dropped five pounds since saturday am . i had started feeling better last night and thought that maybe i could run tonight if i ran with my sister at her pace (abt 10 minute miles or so). well, this morning, SHE starts throwing up all over : so the kids and i packed up and came back to pa rather than staying in the sick house for another day. bummer.

the good news is, other than the shakiness which i'm sure can be resolved with large quantities of gatorade and actually *eating today, i am going to try to do the new year's fun run with the local running club tomorrow am. not quite the pomp and craziness of central park at midnight, but cozier
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Plady, that sounds like a beautiful idea!!!

Kate~mom Miserable!! A fitting end to 200s*x and a fitting beginning to 2007!

I ran 6 miles today on the tm. I went super slow and didn't worry about how long it was taking me. Seems like the way I have to do it on the TM. It was the best run I've had in a while! Marathon training starts on Tuesday. I have a short list of silly, beginner questions for you experienced Marathoners. I'll come back and ask them later when I have more time.

Happy New Years Eve to all of you!!
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CherylAnn~looking forward to your questions, as I am sure I need to know as well! glad the TM run went better. I rather enjoy the TM quite a bit.
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I'm completely behind, but just wanted to pop in to say:

Happy New Year Dingos!!!

We're flying home tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to getting back in shape after a couple weeks of pigging out!
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eeek! mandy, i am in the mood for some retail therapy and your website is not working for me! :

fwiw, it's giving me this error msg

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HAPPY NEW YEAR DINGOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya mamas.........
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browsing around on runners world - this blog entry made me think of you all

happy new year, mamas!
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Woot! New thread! Hello 2007!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my wonderful running mama friends. I y'all.
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