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Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
Poor Mr. Juice and his sore 'nads. So tell me why he didn't cater to you postpartum?
I think his definition of "catering" is just very different from his definition of "being catered to" if you know what I mean. There's a different intensity expected when you are the cater-ee. He's handling it pretty well, though, and seems to be feeling better today. At one point last night he kind of groaned and said, "I PAID someone to do this to me??"

Sigh. I hate having to take meds, even if they're supposedly ok for BFing. Sigh.

I want to do the Santa mall thing but think Lily will have none of it. She is big into doing exactly the opposite of what we ask her to do, so prodding her to go sit on the lap of some big red bearded man will prolly be low on her list. Although she might bite if we really convince her it's Santa. Don't know. Depends on which way the wind is blowing that day, I guess.

OK, not feeling very inspired. Feeling kinda out of sorts with Lily today. She's a whine factory and it really is getting under my skin.

on the meds.
How about that toddler antagonism? Allison just loves to tell me NO. It doesn't matter what it is, just NO because you suggested it, mom. Three minutes later she might ask for the same thing, and now that it's her idea it's great.
If anybody ever figures out how to deal with whining without inspiring more whining, I'd love to hear about it!
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Threadkiller here would like to start some December conversation. Can we play Five Random Things?
Tell us 5 random things that we probably don't know. I'll start:

1. I have a third nipple and
2. It lactates! (elsanne already knew these two, so I guess I'm cheating)
3. My favorite color is purple
4. DH is cooking dinner right now (even just 24 hrs post-V)
5. I'm afraid my maybaby is going to introduce her two dogs as "Gypsy" and "Tobydammit"

(6. I'm still really glad I found you all, and I'm feeling more comfortable here by the day, but I still feel a bit like an intruder and I'm working to get over it)
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Hmmm. Five whole things you all don't know about me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

1. I'm left-handed (boring).
2. When I was little I truly thought I would be "a Supreme Court Justice."
3. I learned how to swim in salt water when I was under a year old. (Really! My mom has pictures!)
4. I used to be pretty darn good at playing the viola, but haven't touched it in about 8 years.
5. I grew up on a farm in Virginia with cows and chickens, a rabbit, numerous cats and dogs, and a donkey. Did you guys know that already? I forgot.

Oop, gotta go.
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I love these roundtable response thingies. I think we should have to connect up/'fess up with other MMs' random things, so I'll admit that I have a vestigal 3rd nipple, too (but it doesn't lactate).

My 5 things:

(1) I've never, ever, ever been able to turn a cartwheel, and I never, ever, ever will be able to.:
(2) I've never been drunk (or have I admitted to this before?)
(3) If I could get away without taking a single shower all winter, I'd do it (and I think I'm slowly working in that direction ).
(4) I really like the movie Beavis and Butthead Do America (I guess because it's so mindlessly stupid and wrong, and y'all know I have a very potty sense of humor).
(5) Sometimes, I wonder if my kids' nostrils are too large (T especially). But they're probably just fine.
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X-posted... I'm a lefty, too. So far, T and Z are righties, L is my only hope.

Upon further inspection of the whole biodiesel thing, I think we're going to hold off. It looks like waste veggie oil (the feedstock) is really hard to come by here (because a private BD co. is already buying most of it up). It would also be a lot of work (which I could handle, but which would take away time from other stuff that I should be doing). And we'd have to get another vehicle ($$), which seems counter-intuitive to trying to save the Earth.
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1) I, too, always thought I would grow up to be a lawyer/SC justice. Who knew I always wanted to be like Sarah even at age 10! I obviously didn't go that route, but married one (a lawyer) instead.

2) In my early twenties, I worked in an auto body/repair shop and even had uni's w/ a name patch.

3) My DH does most of the laundry most of the time...even the diaper laundry! : I'm totally not housewife material.

4) I wish I had a dog.

5) AF came and went and hypothetical number three is totally not happening any time soon or at least perhaps not til the end of next summer I think.
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KK, you've NEVER been DRUNK??!! Wow. That's amazing. I mean, I've only been REALLY drunk maybe about, oh, 3 or 4 times, but still. Tipsy way more than that.

Heather, how cool you worked in an auto repair shop. I wish I had those kind of skilzzzz.

And I'm really glad I don't have a dog. I don't even like my cat. : Although I like cats in general, just not *my* cat. He's too much like a dog - loud, dirty, and high-maintenance.

Love you guys.
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i shall now hold my nose when i read kk's posts. and isaac is a lefty!

i'll try to think of 5 things. i think you know everything about me, i swear.
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must also think about 5 things...
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1) I also have never been drunk. But I've been tipsy 10-ish times. Don't know if that counts.

2) The childhood author that has most affected my adult belief system is Madeline L'Engle.

3) I think I've shaved my legs/armpits once since I got married, and probably less than 10 times since I became an adult.

4) I gave L a quick swat on the butt the other day when I was angry at thim. First time. Totally stupid and spontaneous and ineffective. He just kept doing what he was doing, probably because I give him love pats on the butt all the time when I'm nursing, and he had no idea I was trying to make him SUFFER. : I then proceded to more effective discipline. (Got down on his level, serious voice, expected him to make ammends, which he did).

5) In college I was the swing dance queen of my dormatory. Taught many a guy to dance.

It is adorable watching L and Sarah interact.
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OH, these are funny! I am wide-eyed about
-never having been drunk!! fern n kk!

-swing dance queen!

-heather not housewife? I think I had you lumped as awesome parent/awesome householder/awesome houseKEEPer. Just the first two, I guess!

-large nostrilled kids!

-no shower all winter!

-viola! virginia farm! swim in salt water!

These are neat.

It's going to be hard to find five things about ME because I am always going ON AND ON about my minute, garlicky, details.

1) My favorite color is purple. I think my girls' "colors" are:
Sol: yellow and turquoise
Amara: lavender and pink

2) I have lived in Mexico five years now. I was in the peace corps in Guatemala for two years. I studied abroad in Ecuador 7 months.

3) While abroad, I dated (& lived with) a Colombian man. That's how I REALLY learned Spanish.

4) I have an M. Ed. (some of you knew this)

5) I have had plastic surgery.:
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5 things you all definitly don't know about me:

When I was 20-21 years old, I flunked out of college because I was addicted to meth. Ew! Gosh... it's weird to think that was 12+ years ago. Feels like a lifetime ago, yet the memories are still painfully vivid.

I eventually got msyelf together, put my butt back in school (no help from mommy and daddy this time) and finally graduated in 2000 with a BA from San Francisco State in Lberal Studies.

I have very nice looking feet : and at one time, seriously considered becoming a foot model. More than one pedicurist told me I should go into it, and I'm guessing they would know - they see a lot of feet!

I took woodshop in junior high. I was the only girl, but I came into the class knowing way more than any of the boys because my dad owned his own construction biz.

I can't stand avacado. Even if it's dressed up as guac. :Puke

There ya go.

Speaking of puking, that's what Mia's been doing all afternoon and evening! She has some sort of nasty stomach bug, complete with fever and all that fun stuff. My poor boogaloo! Now I just hope Jett doesn't get it. Arg.
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These are great! So, five things you don't know about me:

1. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and a Minor in French. I actually used the PR degree for about 5 years before becoming totally fed up with the world of marketing/advertising/PR.
2. I have taken 7 years of French (albeit 12 years ago), but have never been to France.
3. I have never been drunk and have never smoked, well, anything!
4. My travels are few, but I have been to Juarez, Mexico, and Belize, Central America for immersion experiences as recently as 2003. DH and I fantasize about some day packing it all up and moving to a rain forest or just some foreign country.
5. One of my favorite movies (and guilty pleasures) is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with an early Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt!

Oh, and Elsanne, is it rude to ask for what body part(s) you had the plastic surgery? Curious minds, ya know.
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I feel like I'm not housewife material, either (I think I could happily live in a mud hut in the backyard)... some days, I cannot believe I'm a SAHM, but here I am.

HF, are you trying??? I knew that you were thinking maybe about #3, but didn't realize that you might be trying.

You guys, I *do* WASH (and use deodorant). I prefer baths to showers when it's cold (and super dry inside, and it's COLD when one steps out of the shower). But I'm not particularly fond of washing my hair, and I generally *bathe* every < every 4 days. Our family uses hardly any water, *especially* in winter.

I'm super big on Madeleine L'Engle too. :

I used to not shave at all, either, but I found that my pits *hurt* if they were hairy (how weird is that?). How does one do the ascii? *(.)(.)* (But I suppose I have to put a 3rd nipple in there somewhere... mine is really quite small, though, like a dimple on my tummy)

I wanna see pix of Meg's feet. (Sorry Mia's sick!!!)

The only smoking I've ever done was for a play I was in when I was ~18 (and I didn't inhale). But it still hurt.
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Thread Starter 
Oh wow, and here I thought I was just going to post a quick "hi" and get offline! No way! I have to post 5 things! These are great! Miss Juice, a third nipple that LACTATES! That rules! Hehe.
And I am glad you are feeling like less of an intruder, because, um, you're totally not.

Okay, 5 things, and then I have to go:

1) In high school I was in a seriously bad physically (and verbally, emotionally, sexually) abusive relationship. Like, it nearly killed me a few times. It was the only one (hence never really starting a cycle unless you count my parents), and I still feel really stupid about it. But thanks to therapy, I'm (mostly) all good.

2) I was in a psych unit a few times in high school. (okay, maybe that's not much of a shock! )

3) I cheated on one of my boyfriends THREE separate times! (high school/college) : I am now a MUCH better partner.

(now some less serious ones!)
4) I love to read romance novels. We're talking bodice-rippin', vampire-sexy, cheese-tastic romance here!


5) DH and I used to be, um...gosh, how do I state this without getting us shut down? Well, remember how I had a job doing some whipper-snappery sorts of things in that "adult lifestyle club" I worked at for a while? Well, we used to do that a LOT, and I was almost always on the receiving end of things. And we had a *contract*, even. : YG for the really juicy details (if you want them! it could be TMI, let me tell ya!)
Fun, crazy stuff, all put to a halt when our little Poopy McPooperton came into the world.

Speaking of, yeah, I want to know more about some of these little factoids! Elsanne, I have two friends who have had plastic surgery! Now, three! whoah!

I thought I would have more to say, but it's been a loooooong weekend. We did our holiday portraits this afternoon (after I had to work for a few hours at the retail job) and Rowan was NOT very cooperative. But we did get some good pictures for the holiday card. DH had his 30th birthday party last night, and Friday I went out with my friend who is getting a divorce, and um, we got drunk. I definitely, DEFINITELY have been drunk in my time!

Have a great night, everyone.

ETA: HEY! look at my DDDDC! Whee! I feel so loved.
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
The only smoking I've ever done was for a play I was in when I was ~18 (and I didn't inhale).
She says. Didn't a well known politician say that, too?
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Politician = Liar
KKMama = Beacon of Truth

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MF--a contract? Receiving end? *wide-eyed wonder* sometimes I feel so provincial.

Sorry to hear about that relationship. You have really been up, down, and all around...so glad life is on a relatively even keel now.
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Beacon of Truth!!!!!
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subbing here. I also stopped getting notifications and the sickies have been doing the rounds here. But my hoo-ha is garlic free.
but you already knew that about me.

five things you don't know are
-I still have a thing for a guy I knew in HS though we never went out.
-I feel guilty for not speaking Dutch to my kids and I do speak Dutch
-I miss winter
-I never imagined myself as having kids and I certainly never imagined I would stay home and like it
-I actually like Andre Rieu and went to the concert last night
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