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Els--it got soooo much easier when E was sitting up and content to play by herself for longer stretches. Though when she started crawl-scooting her and C got inversely happier/less happier with the toy sharing conundrums that ensued. Take those breaks w/ the wifey when you can get them!

Sherri--**hugs** Just answered over yonder...thinking of you and DH.

C is I think on the mend *fingers crossed* but still a bit : . I'm wondering if the girls and my nephew didn't trade colds at Christmas and we're now doing the back to back boogerfest thing. Yay.

In any case, DH just emailed and said the office is closing at 3 and he wants to get Chinese for dinner. He's taking me couch shopping tomorrow too. I think he's really just aiming to get into some of that moving and spiritual bible study stuff.

In crafty news, I'm halfway through crocheting these mittens for C and got the rest of the fabric today to make E a special blanket for her birthday (gasp...like 6ish weeks away!!!)
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Heather--sounds like your dh is really rackin up the points for some action! He's been a good boy--one more trip for mama to the spa oughta do it, dontcha think?

KK--I've been thinking about that post regarding the warranty expiring on my almost-35 year old body, and it is a hard adjustment for me to make to being overweight for the first time in oh so many years--then I ran into this on another thread and wanted to share:

Our bodies open, as they grow older. Become less secretive. Doctors open them up, and pry here and there. The doors and windows of our souls fit more and more loosely. The vulva blossoms, a red-coral-purple flower opening. Our breasts and stomachs and buttocks spread. There's some slack. We don't need to hold the fiction quite so tight, that all our parts fit together. We know they don't. We even lose some of them. Ovaries, gall-bladders, uteruses, appendixes, breasts; here and there a tooth and a toenail. Various tubes get tied and cut. Hair comes out. Scars expand. Veins reveal themselves at the surface. We get used to workarounds for the joints that don't quite work as they're supposed to, and the eyes that don't quite see what they used to.

It's just a body, she said. And that becomes clearer, all the time. It's not a mystery, not a tightly-wrapped bud. It's a blowsy, smelly, gone-to-seed creature, a lumbering mammal, kin to bears and orangatans.

When she was young, Martha says, she wondered how middle-aged people had sex. They couldn't possibly be attracted to each other. So how did they go about it?

Apparently we manage. Not in spite of the spaces opening, but because of them.

I don't really miss the tight-wrapped buds, the smooth-functioning bodies. They always pretended to be doors into other countries, and they seldom were. But these bodies, these shameless flowering temples, they really are doors. (Shameless Flowering Temples, koshtra.blogspot.com)
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Elsanne, I really enjoyed reading that. Thank you.
I'll explore more on that when I can. I'm still trying to fight being sick, and Rowan is watching Laurie Berkner in the other room (speaking of! We got tickets to a show she's polaying in Boston next year! Rowan is going to be SO excited!)
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i liked that too. especially since i am in the expanding stage i really don't look forward to that whale feeling

isaac is off in salem with my friend visiting horses and ponies today. it scares me a little but i know he's having fun.

morning sickness is just evil. EVIL. where is jacquie? did she succumb to the morning sickness? it is really bad when you can't tell people why you're sick yet. although i have no talent in that arena. i blab early on like wow did you know i'm 2 days pregnant! can't you tell by looking at me???????

i go see my doc on tuesday and he'll probably schedule my u/s. i'll be 20w the following week. so i'm still undecided about finding out the sex. i don't knowwwwwwww. i kind of dont' want to but when i'm there i will not be able to peel my eyes off the screen of wonderment on the child and maybe i'll end up seeing again. that's what happened last time. his penis was right there clear as day.

and wow amara is sitting up and E is almost 1. big girls!
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Hi ladies-

Elsanne, that was really cool. I will show it to my mom; she'd appreciate it, I think.

I miss Jacquie, too. Are you okay, hon?

Well, we're still here in Florida. Our flights was delayed/cancelled yesterday, and everything was booked all weekend, so we opted to sty here for two more days instead of trying our luck in Houston, where we don't know anybody. So we leave on Monday. My mom was overjoyed, of course. I was kind of ready to go and return to normalcy, but it could be worse. DH and I will be able to go out tonight together alone, something we hadn't gotten to before now. And we'll be here Sunday night, so actually may be able to relax and drink something stronger than wine. ;P

Lily understands what happened, I think. We were actually on the plane with our seatbelts buckled when the delay was announced, and stayed on the plane 45 minutes before learning that our connection was cancelled. So she was pretty amazed when we got off the plane and were still in Florida. But we explained what happened and I *think* she gets it.

Anyway, enjoying another weekend here in the sun. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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Okay, threw up this morning. Not fair. At least sweets took me seriously when I said I was sick and took the lentil out for a little snow time.

Speaking of snow- hot damn, is it snowy here. At my last count, we were up to 20 inches, which is completely unheard-of for Santa Fe. It does snow here, but never more than a manageable 6-8 inches, tops. Now we're talking mountains of snow. I feel like we're in minnesota. Sweets keeps going out to shovel the driveway, thinking it would be good to get a headstart on it all. Then we get distracted and before we know it there's another 3 inches piling up. It's unreal. And it just doesn't stop! We're on the 3rd day of this! I want to go out and buy furniture, damnit!
/snow rant.

McSarahB, I'm so sorry you got stuck when you were ON THE PLANE! Wow. That stinks, but at least you can be with family and you have good babysitting. At least you have that.

jstar- I can't help but want to find out the sex. We're just planning people, and there are enough surprises in life, you know? Maybe the babe will have its legs crossed and the decision will be made for you?
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Emmalola, I am sooo excited to show Sol snow!! That will happen on Thursday, when we fly into Burque! I heard about the megastorm youguys are having/had. I would love to hook up with you at some point. We are for sure going to SFe at some point in the journey, and I will have both kids by myself during the working days (scary). But I do have access to a car.

Sarah you must have done a good job 'splaining to miss Lil about the airplane. I am so excited to take Sol on the airplane on Thursday.
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Elsanne, have a good trip!
:Pukeing mamas, no fair indeed.

I just wanted to post one more time in 2006! Holy moly! Have a wonderful day, mamas!

Can't believe we've known each other so long already! Yay!

Much love to you all.
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i had a melancholy day on friday as we spent the whole day getting my mom's stuff packed up because she was flying out that night. then my sis ticked me off because although she is flying out tonight, she is spending the whole weekend with her girlfriend and her girlfriend's aunt and uncle's house and neither my mom or i knew of this plan until friday morning. apparently, it was the "plan for weeks; it was the plan all along". i got over feeling sad about it by saturday morning, but i'm still disappointed. i told her i didn't know what to say to her and i didn't feel right asking her to change her plans. oh well.

M is doing surprisingly well with my mom gone. i think it was good that he went with bill to drive them to the airport, even though it was late at night. he fell asleep on the car ride home and i moved him inside without him waking.

in other notes, yes, we are still in the club of putting M to sleep with one of us in the room. not sure how to make the transition to him doing it himself. he completely freaks out when we leave him in the room himself, and since he's just on a bed, he simply climbs down, walks across the room, opens the door and comes looking for one of us, usually bill. "i want daddy to lay down with me, i want daddy, i want daddy." if bill has work to do and doesn't want to fall asleep (which he usually does ANY time he gets in a horizontal position), it takes a lot of coaxing and creative sentences to get M to agree to lay down with me. and the other night it took him over an HOUR to settle down and finally fall asleep. dude, i just don't have that kind of time, what with dishes and laundry and another baby and wanting some alone time with bill.

okay, need to eat breakfast.

: to you all for the new year!

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wow the end of 2006!!!!!

i should be packing. we're going to stay at a ranch house thingy in silver falls tonight along with 47.5 of our not closest friends. and i think maybe 10 of those are kids. it is all dormitory style sleeping. it sounds fun in theory but when isaac is having total spontaneous combustion at 10pm and it is too noisy to get him to sleep i'll probably wonder why we didn't just stay home and do the big fat nothing for new years. i can't even drink : but i can compensate myself with food i spose boy o boy :

i lay down with isaac for ~5 mins after i turn the lights off and then make an excuse to leave and tell him i'll be back to check on him. the last few nights he has insisted on falling asleep in our bed instead of his : and then i move him to his when i go up because it is toooo crowded for 3 and he wiggles too much.

i'm tooooo lazy to pack. and i think we might dissassemble the tree this morning. awwww. i am feeling surges of 'new year' motivation to do all kinds of organization and projects. i finished some mittens for isaac this morning. (finally) and i have a toybox i need to paint. the toy sitch is getting crazy and it is definitely needed. must.find.primer.

have a lovely rest of 06 ladies and a very happy new year!!! :
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We stay with the lentil in his room until he's asleep, usually. Sometimes he lets us wander off, and sometimes I get away with the "I'm going to go check on something, I'll be right back..." but I usually have to stick around until he's down. It doesn't take long, and at naptime it's light enough in his room for me to read a little, but I wish we could just walk away and have him fall asleep on his own. He's still in a crib, and this is one of the reasons.
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Z has been peeing on the potty sporadically the last couple of days (he knows he gets raisins if he does . He's currently napping, wearing underwear (as he requested). We'll see... I had been hoping to start "pushing" the potty around now, anyway, so hopefully, he'll go for it. I know that he's completely capable, but I don't want it to be a struggle.

Our bedtime sitch with Z is about where EL is at with the lentil. Usually T is asleep instantly, Z takes a bit longer. It's easier to make excuses and wander off than it was with T (who would *not* allow something like that at this age!).

Where are Nuggets and Jacquie? I'm thinking others haven't checked in since before Xmas, but I can't recall who else...

I forgot to explain that the mastitis is probably because all of a sudden, L is eating 3x/day, and I think for a day or two, she didn't nurse as much/drain me completely. These days, I've been pumping while I feed her (to get milk to mix with her food/give to Z), and everything seems fine. (You'd think I'd know this stuff on the 3rd kid, but remember, we never did this with Z...)

Goodbye 2006. Hello 2007. Whoever starts the new thread better have a snappy title...
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Just toasting in the new year with all my favorite mamas! Here's to much love, happiness, and health in 2007!

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Hey what's that cool new mouth smilie, sherri?

just popping in the house from a fun bonfire with viet outside...the moon is beautiful, it's not too cold, and sol is snuggled up asleep by the fire...
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Happy new year, everyone!
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