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gee, i better think about this right here and now and post 5 things before i forget i'm supposed to post 5 things...

1) i'm mostly blind in my left eye. i have no central vision but still have peripheral vision which happens to work better in low light situations. it sucks when people throw things like keys at me because i have no depth perception and it's usually luck when i actually catch them.

2) i like to think that i have a "man on each continent" but i really only have a man i care about (and i think cares about me) on two other continents. only sporadically in touch with them both via email. one is swiss (and tall, balding software engineer -- i guess i have a thing for balding software engineers) and the other is aussie (a strawberry blonde former aussie rules footy player and rock climber).

3) we are customers of Melaleuca, which some people consider a multi-level marketing company or a pyramid program but it's not. both bill and i have serious aversions and almost physical reactions to most common cleaning products and Melaleuca's products don't bother us at all.

4) i was a tour guide for my university as an undergrad, which basically means i can walk backwards down stairs and talk at the same time. and that i really loved my university.

5) i think the portland mamas know this one, but you others may not: despite my "ed-yuu-cay-shun" majoring in biology and community health, i actually worked in retail for the 6 years immediately following college, over 4 of them as a manager, all of those years for [fontsize=1]the disney store[/fontsize]. i loved the everchanging environment of a retail store and shopping, but what i really hated was the smell of the dumpster when we took out our trash. uke:

our garage is almost cleared out enough so that i can park my car in it and not have to load M & S into their carseats while getting rained/drizzled upon, but it did not happen without much emotion and yelling people and crying. it seriously irks me that bill gets totally defensive about all the sh*t that he accumulates and can't part with and his totally made up reasons for why and then when i catch him in a made up reason (read: lie) he gets even more defensive. it's also irking me that he wants some and keeps dropping these unsubtle hints and i'm like, just do the dishes without someone asking you for once and then maybe i will consider it... i so never wanted to withhold intimacy from my loved one as a means of coercion but i'm seriously not in the mood when i'm not listened to or heard and i haven't had an adult conversation with him in like... 4 months... grrr...

okay, don't feel like getting worked up into crying so i will stop ranting now.

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new pics in my siggy link of both marek and stefan.
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Back to Short-Post Mode before I go haul my kids out of bed.

Claudia, beautiful kids! What is it with DH's? Here's the haiku I posted on the July 06 thread:
Sunday afternoon haiku
Football I hate you
You rob me of my husband
I can't do it all.

KK - are you sure it doesn't lactate? I never knew mine did until this last (third) baby was born. In fact, I never knew what it was until after my second was born. It's tiny, like a mole. When I was at my sister's wedding, we were all changing for something and my sister said "Oh, you have a third nipple too!" Turns out all four of us do. And after this baby was born, I gave it a squeeze and like 2 drops of milk came out. So it works, but it wouldn't be real helpful for feeding a baby.

Elsanne, "provincial" is not the first thing I think. I don't know what the first thing I think is, but it's not "provincial".

Gotta run. Girlies up!
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Miss Juice, OMG I have a THING for John Mayer! Like an "I wanna have his babies" thing.
But then again, I am kind of a music wh*re. I want to have Davey Havok's (AFI) babies, too...and Brandon Boyd's (Incubus)...ooh, naughty! :
How cool that you *all* have the third nipple! Ah, family sharing. *grin*
That haiku made me fall off my chair, and sigh in sympathy. I feel very fortunate that my DH doesn't watch sports...but he plays video games and has a million tools in the basement. Yeah. I'm a Wii Widow!
Elsanne, you are SO not provincial! *grin* I'm just a freak-a-deek.

Claudia. I get so tired of "reminding" DH that the laundry and dishes don't magically do themselves, that sometimes it get's really gross if we don't vaccuum, that hey, if I'm doing all that dinner isn't gonna be much else than canned soup or Annie's Mac & Cheese. : Hope your DH (and anyone else's partner who needs it!) gets schmacked with a clue-by-four sometime soon!
(DH and I joke about Blue's Clues, where Blue runs up to the screen and smacks her paw onto it to show it's time to play the game; we want her to go and whack Steve upside the head with that big blue paw. : ) Anyway.

Okay, so I am irritated at my friend right now (the one whose DD isn't allowed to eat raisins--remember her? ). We haven't seen her in WEEKS, playdates have been cancelled, rescheduled, she was away, etc etc etc. Well, I forget exactly why we didn't see her last Monday (we always do the playdate Monday mornings, at her house; she has 2 DDs, one of which is now 5 months old, she asks that we go there because it's easier for her, which is fine, but right now, everything about her is upsetting me. *sigh*) and so we were like, "DEFINITELY this week!"
Well. Last Wednesday Rowan got a cold, no fever, just the cough and stuffed, snotty nose. He is mostly over it now (though he slept HORRIBLY last night, but that's another rant) but I told my friend last week that he was sick, and she was like "Oooooh, well if he's even the SLIGHTEST BIT sniffly Monday let's postpone until he's 100%, okay?"
Dude, if she wants to wait till every kid around her doesn't even sneeze...it's gonna be one HECK of a LONG winter. :

She does this all the time. I understand that she has two daughters, she doesn't want her littlest getting sick, but it's not like anyone ever touches the little one but her usually, and she has brought her DD to MY house with a cold, and well, at this point in my son's life, I accept some things as fact, like, kids get colds in the winter.

I dunno, am I being unreasonable? I really am asking you wiser mamas about this. I mean, I admit I have been bothered by this friend in certain situations for a while now, I am slowly coming to realize that she and I do NOT parent even REMOTELY alike (CIO, forced weaning and potty training, vax's, making her kid speak proper grammer at *2*, time-outs since like 1, etc--all things that I DON'T do, I don't judge her for them for the most part (gods, if I COULD find an effective way to give my son a time-out I would... and I think she thinks that I'm crazy for letting my kid "run the show" (I don't think we do, but I'm pretty sure she thinks this)

Anyway, I'm just not sure how to handle this. I used to really like her. I just think that there would have been NO way we would have been friends if our kids weren't close in age and we weren't all LLL members (former, in her case), and I feel sad because I have very FEW mama friends IRL and I am feeling so isolated. Winter, man. Good thing I have a psych appt. this week.

Sorry I'm ranting all over you all, I just need some sort of commisseration here. Or a "Renae, you're nuts! " Haha.

It's SNOWING today! I love it, and hate it at the same time. I am using it as an excuse or us to stay in our jammies, drink hot cocoa, and watch a movie and read books cuddled on the couch.
Heck, since he DOES have a bit of the cold left, it's an excuse to make sure we stay home and make him 100% again!

Have a great day, mamas. I am so lucky to have you in my life!
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Renae--hehe...I would totally be that mom asking you guys to stay home, but for me it's not so much about getting the colds as what it keeps us from doing. Like I just had to cancel C's food playgroup for tomorrow because we're coming down with a cold from our last playdate. : Playing devil's advocate...but maybe she's just not up for having a snuffly up all night can't nurse babe. I'm a huge germaphobe so I can totally relate. But yes, winter is upon us and kids will all be snuffly at some point. I will totally take my snot bugs to the grocery store this morning (necessary) and to the library on Thursday (not necessary) but they will pretty much just be on my lap and not playing with other kids. But given that she's done the reverse to you and brought the sickies to your house...well then sounds like she's just being annoying this morning!

must. get. out. the. door.
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If Rowan got the cold last Wednesday, I would definitely think that he is not contagious today. I think she is being a tad unreasonable. But I am like you, Renae; I think kids will get colds, and that's just the way it is. I don't usually stay home from social activities unless Lily actually feels bad, or it's very obviously the first or second day of a cold.

I can remember my mom saying, "you aren't sick; it's just a cold" and pushing me out the door to school...:

I am also so glad my DH doesn't care about sports. Although he does project-based work, so when there's a deadline he's pretty much sequestered away in his office. Oh well, this current one launches tomorrow! Yay.

Loving these 5 unknown things!

Big presentation today on the paper I've been working on forever - wish me luck!

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Claudia, I am looooving the pics in your sig! how extremely cute is Stefan--wasn't he born, like, yesterday? I esp. love the pic of you two. Then Marek--they are growing up so fast! I cannot believe it was a year ago I went up yonder North pdxland. Love the attitude--in pictures. Not in real life.
And if you can gently tell dh this: "The sexiest foreplay in the world? A man doing dishes." I know, they don't get it. They really don't. And then, if on top of all that, one is supporting his a$$, one eventually kicks them out. Then brings them back in for some lovely Bible Study and toddler wrangling.
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Sarahbee--thinking of you and your presentation!!!! I dig that kind of stuff, but then again, I'm a teacher.
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football is the perpetual background noise of my life right now. c'est la vie. i'm soooooooo not into it except when ucla beats usc

claudia - he's grown so much! cute cute pictures

isaac is shockingly snott-free right now. as in...it has been maybe 2 months since his last sniffles : i think that is a record and i'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. there was also one case of chicken pox in one of the other classrooms at his school so wondering if that will start a 'round' of that in the school.

5 things. i am not creative at this moment so most are inspired by your postings.
1) my favorite color is green
2) i studied french from 5th grade to senior year, minus 7th grade. i took latin in 6th grade.
3) i have no tattoos and only one hole in each ear because i passed out and vomited when i got them pierced. hence the reason i am not homebirth or nurse/doctor material. i get faint when people tell me about accidents/surgeries. everything went spotty and black when they were TELLING me about getting my wisdom teeth out at my consultation.
4) i'm going to see jenny lewis and the watson twins on friday. i have this vintage purple cowgirl shirt i borrowed from a friend who borrowed it from her neighbor who used to be a roper...like 30 years ago. jenny lewis wears prairie dresses a lot and i think i should get in the spirit but this purple shirt is a bit ridiculous doug will probably tell me he is not going with me if i am dressed like that. plus, what to wear it with?
5) i've announced to family that we aren't doing a big shopping frenzy this year and it feels GREAT not to have to stress about it. i've asked them not to worry about doug and i and just get something for isaac if they want. he is way more fun to shop for!

i suppose i should get a shower. the MIL was here this weekend and i haven't had a lot of mdc time. it took me an hour to read up on the pdx thread :

we got a tree saturday and i lllllllllllloooooooove turning on the lights in the morning
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Not sure if I can come up with five things, but lemme see....

1. I was only 21 when dh and I got married.

2. I'm not as Martha-like as you may think

3. I only nursed dd1 until she was six months old. Its something I still regret.

4. I am deathly afraid of vomit/vomiting

5. I am a Grey's Anatomy addict.

Pretty boring, huh?

Good weekend was had by my family. And the best news is that our house is completely sold! The UPS man delivered the final paperwork and the money we got back once our mortgage was paid. YEEE freaking HA

Sarah has a abirhtday party she was invited to at ChuckECheese this afternoon. She is beside herself with excitement.

What's with friends these days? Mercury in retrograde or what? I just got an email from a friend that has been bugging me.
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Five things:

·I have lived in Orkney, Scotland (island off the north coast), Mashonaland and Harare, (central rural area and the capitol) Zimbabwe – as well as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, and California.
·I have been to 48 of the states (missing North Dakota and Hawaii)
·I bite my nails – I am mostly reformed, but it is one of those habits that seems to never be gone from my life even when I am not doing it. I think about nail biting with lust if I have a hangnail.
·I have a BA in Biology and Women’s Studies and I did research on HIV and breastfeeding (transmission rates and public policy) – I have told you this, I think.
·I used to play underwater hockey (called Octopush in Europe), which involves snorkeling along a pool bottom trying to get a puck into a net using a little stick while other people fight you for the puck.

On the third nipple thing, Eleanor is always looking for more nipples on me. She will sometimes cry if she looks under my arm and I tell her there are no nurses over there.

KK – I can’t do a cartwheel either. Your posts make me have serious water consumption guilt. Our new house is not of the eco variety (yet). It includes such features as a 75-gallon hot water heater!

Renae – If you can be friends with her “as is” and have a relationship you feel good about, by all means put in the effort. Remind yourself of the good qualities you see in your friend and be at peace with who she is. Or you may just need to accept that the friendship has run its course – odds are she feels as put off by you and your relationship as you do about her. Perhaps you could make room in your life for other friendships to develop rather than putting your energy into an increasingly conflicted relationship. I know that parenting has taught me a lot about how and with whom I will spend my time. It’s okay to say it isn’t worth it.

Our new house is FABULOUS. I finally feel like we have a family home and I had no idea how much I would appreciate this. I really really like it even with boxes and crapola everywhere.

Here’s my psychological/relationship development issue: How do I deal with a SIL who seems to be mad at us because she planned to bring us lunch on Sunday (unbeknownst to us) and some friends brought us lunch instead? She called and when we mentioned that things were going well and some friends were bringing enough lunch for all she said that she would just call us later. She never called and when I called her to see if they were coming over she said that we clearly had all the help we needed. We later got an email that said, “Glad you have such supportive friends.” We are not just misinterpreting the snark in these comments - she is very clearly upset with us which is very upsetting for Alison and I.
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Lisa--sounds like she is the one in need of relationship development advice, but here goes: She sounds like one of those who likes/needs to be needed. If she's the kind I'm thinking of, she would just adore to be the one you call when things are not going so swimmingly. How to mend? Call her and tell her how much you appreciated her intent, when you discovered it, and that yes you have good friends but there's nothing like family when one really needs them. She needs to feel important.
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quick request: can y'all check over the the yg at the calendar and make sure i got everyone's and everyone's littles birthdays on there? i think i have you all, but postpartum mama brain makes me hazy most of the time so if you all can check i would feel better.


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Can't go over yonder these days because no DSL at home and I can't go into it at work. My b-day is 5-1-73.

Your updated pictures are so sweet, Claudia!
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I am older than Lisa! Who knew! Because Lisa has her scheit together so much more than me, I just asssssuuuuumed she was older.
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Well, Lisa has the advantage of not having a man in her life to get in the way of progress. :
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You ain't just whistlin Dixie, there, Meg!
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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
Well, Lisa has the advantage of not having a man in her life to get in the way of progress. :
laughup :
of course said man is bathing the children but I did the kitchen. Can I help it that I am just faster than he is...
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Hey, Jacqueline, you speak Dutch! That is neato!!! Of course, that explains everything. You being Dutch n all.

I like the "gobblediboo" in your sig, although hoho's gotta go in there somehow now. Gobblediho?
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You guys are so awesome!
Okay, so um, I feel like a jerk. Rowan has an ear infection! : I'm still kinda irked at my friend but I think I am taking the relationship as it is, she is a friend and I do care about her (and her DDs!) very much. Our friendship is weird and I think I just have to try not to worry about what she thinks about how I parent Rowan. And likewise, I need to just not worry about how SHE does things. We just sort of have to parent parallel to each other and let what happens, happen. If that makes sense. (I haven't had my coffee yet! )
I don't even know if it's worth it to talk to her about any of the conflict, maybe it's best to just let it pass. I spoke to her on the phone and it was fine, we even have a "date" to go to the mall on Wednesday night, alone, after the bebes are sleeping! We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, short update, it was bizarre; Rowan woke from his (45 minute!! nap yesterday crying and asking me to kiss his right ear (I always have to kiss boo-boos--if I'm around no one else can do it. ). We went to the doc later that afternoon and he asked me "which ear did he say hurt?" I was like, "the right" and he was like "yup, it's infected!" Wow. My child can now TELL me (mostly) what's wrong!!

So we have abx, and I am treating him with those (and yogurt and probiotics because I am so paranoid about yeasties!) plus chiro, plus homeopathics (those earache tablets from Hylands), plus olive, garlic, and mullien oil in the ear. He already seems much better. DH feels like a super-jerk because Sunday night was so rough for them both and he was SO mad at Rowan! Rowan didn't even tell us his ear hurt until Monday morning though.

We're chilling out at home today, for real. So, I think it's time for that coffee.

Have a wonderful day, mamas. Thanks for your thoughts yesterday! I knew it would help to talk about it. I am kind of a germphobe too...it's just, if I kept us in everytime I knew a kid had a cold we'd never go ANYWHERE! And it would drive me : I'm NOT one of "those" moms who takes their snot factory to playdates and everything when he is OBVIOUSLY sick. : But if he is at the end of the cold and is barely needing tissue, or something like that...then I use my judgement. I also ALWAYS tell anyone we may come in contact with about whatever's going on and we go with their thoughts on it. I just wanted to make that clear. I'm not thoughtless!
*sigh* Being a mama is tough.

Rowan just ran in here yelling MAAAAMAAA! And then hehugged my arm and said "I got you, mama!" Aww. I love him.
And he's lined up some of his little animals to "read" a book behind me!

Take care, everyone.
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