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I'm so HUNGRY! but can't eat!

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Aaaahhhh!!!!! I'm SO HUNGRY!!!!!! but I can't find ANYTHING I can eat! It's as if I've developed an aversion to everything! The ONLY thing that sounds good to me right now is wonton soup, but I'm at work, so I can't get any right now! Also, students are dissecting the heart today, which is not bothering me at all. but you know what is? I can smell french toast being made somewhere in the neighborhood, and that IS making me sick! Weird, huh?
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I am right there with you sister! I am starved all the time but nothing sounds good. Well now wonton soup sounds good . I may have to pack the kid up and walk around the corner to get some for lunch. I feel like it is some cruel joke. Elli is nursing like crazy, I am trying to grow this bean, I am hungry all the time and everything makes me want to hurl.
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Same here, ladies! I haven't been sick yet, but the food aversions are intense. I mentioned before I was coping with my aversion to water by drinking weak tea. Now I have an aversion to THAT! At least wonton is nice and healthy! Most anything that sounds good to me (and that only fleetingly) is borderline healthy, at best. I won't list the items here, because I'm sure they'd just make you feel queasy lol.
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That's SO TRUE about how quickly what you actually DO WANT passes! If I feel like having something, then I'm like "OK, I better hurry up and eat it, before I don't want to eat it anymore!" Then after I eat it, I develop an aversion to it, or God-forbid I'm not finished with all of it, I have to throw it away I haven't actually gotten "sick" yet, but the omnipresent, low-medium-level nausea (with peaks in intensity) and the incredible, all-encompassing food aversions is driving me NUTS!!! (although, it's better then a couple of weeks ago when I didn't feel anything/felt great and then I was so worried that I might lose the baby!)
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I've been like that for what seems like SO long... but - I actually haven't thrown up for a few days, and I am HUNGRY!! And yesterday and today, I could actually EAT 3 whole meals! And I'm hungry AGAIN!

I don't know if it was timing or my doctor's advice to force myself to drink TONS of water (down to keeping/drinking a quart next to my bed at night to just chug every time I wake up) or the blah is just fading on it's own, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!

Of course, now that I haven't been quite so sick, it's allowed me to realize just how exhausted I am at all times... :
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I am "coping" with this as well.. I am perpetually starving. Nothing sounds good and when I come up with something either we don't have it OR we do and as soon as I start preparing I feel ill. I also become so hungry but nothing sounds appetizing and then I get the dry heaves because of an empty stomach. I actually just spend part of my day dry heaving.. it helps to eat something but even then I can't throw up I just heave. I have like an iron stomach or something. With my first I threw up so much the first couple months that I was able to control when it happened. When I am not pregnant I usually have to help myself throw up.. but I won't do that now so I am just miserable. :
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ditto Jee's mom exactly!
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Well, I looked at the lunch I brought with me... YUCK!!! BLECH!!! So, I went to the cafeteria... BLECH!!! I almost puked (and they actually have really good food!) I was SO FRUSTRATED I wanted to cry (I think I actually started to.) The principal walked by, and asked how I was feeling, and I blurted out that I'm SO HUNGRY, but fighting bad nausea and I JUST.WANT.TO.EAT!!! but can't find anything!!! (poor guy!) So, I left work, went to a tavern down the road (where they make really good homemade soups-which is what I feel like), ordered the homemade chicken noodle soup, looked at it and saw pieces of tomato in it with a spice/tomato smell and thought, "I can't eat this.", but felt bad for the waitress, so choked down a bite, then two, then was able to eat it. But, was still hungry, so looked at the menu for, like, 10 mins, before I could choose something that I all-of-a-sudden didn't develop an aversion to (normally I can eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!!! I am the most non-picky person I know!) i finally chose 'a romaine lettuce, with a little bit of tuna and all of the vegetables you can find' salad! The waitress was SO KIND! (I had explained the situation when I first got there! ) It had celery, brocolli, tomatoes, red cabbage, red onions... YUM! It was HUGE and I ate almost the whole thing! As I was leaving, I said to her "I told you I was hungry!"
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