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Some of my older stuff.

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I've been writing poetry since about 1997.

In our cleaning out and organizing of our storage boxes, I found a poetry book that I had to make my Senior year for Brit Lit. I got an A+ on it. Here is "the" poem.

Every So Often

Every so often
Someone comes along who changes
your life in the bline of an eye.
Every so often
Someone feels true happiness
And every so often
That happiness dies

Every so often
Someone finds their soulmate
Every so often
Soulmates fine each other
Every so often
Soulmates pass each other by

Every so often
two people are married
Every so often Two people create one
And every so often
This new family stays together "Til Death us Do part"

Every so often
I feel I am lucky
Every so often I feel I am beautiful
And every so often
I feel nothing at all.
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I like it, you should post more of your stuff. Do you still write?
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I have some other stuff around. I seem to only write when I'm sad or hurt. I've tried writing when I'm happy, but it just doesn't come out right. I'll find my album later and see if there is anything else I want to share.

Thanks !
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another from 2000

Emotions run wild
for some everyday.
Emotions for me run
every which way,
Whether happy or sad
confused or dismayed,
I put on a smile to
wear through the day
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Summer 2000

As the sun melts behind
the mountians,
The birds croon their last
While the moon peers
out around the clouds
The lightening bugs electrify
the evening
you can feel the stillness
of the night setting upon you,
It relaxes the soul.
Voices in the distance remind you
that you're not alone.
the crickets join in harmons
with the occasional bullfrogs belch...
it is night
I wrote that one sitting on the hood of my car (that I didn't have a license to drive, so it was parked in the street infront of my parents house)
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Untitled from Summer 2000

To gaze upon your handsome
face is to gast at the most beautiful sunset.

To get lost in your eyes is to find myself in heave.

To feel your hands upon my skin is to be caressed by the warm sunshine.

To hear your voice is to listen to angels sing

I married the guy who inspired me to write that one. :
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ha, look what happens when I open my poetry album (where the ones I like years later get written)

Joys son, light of my life
Amazing personality always shining brightly
Carismatic toddler, contgious laughter
Kid your are the light of my life!

Daring to care
Or daring to teach
Undying love, and trust in birth
Loving hands, warming heart
Always thinking of your ideal birth

(I can't remember if that's my work or not! But it's on a page with 4 others)

Mother to her Mothers
Identifying your fears
Doing her best
With your health in mind
Indiginous to birth
Fighting to keep it natural
Estatic to catch babies/Everyone needs a midwife.

Couldn't decide how to end that one.

Our children cry
Midnight calling
Midday boo-boo's
Your always there to sooth.

Finding their strength
Always a shoulder to cry on
Tears of joy when "It's a boy" or "it's a girl" are announced
Happy to help, for a computer or skinned knee
Everlasting love
Requiring only hugs and kisses from his children
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