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paganmum~ I love the idea! I am not too fond of the simple goddess dolls, but would love a plush Genesh or Pan or....well, lots!

Here are some I found:

Expensive Thoth and others- very nice though!

Anubis and Hydra- cheaper

Plush Viking

I think there is still a lot of deities to work with!
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WOW! that Thoth is expensive!!!!

The others were cool. So far it's looking like my idea will be a go. Between my digging around and the digging of others I'm not seeing anything quite like my idea. I'm going to think on it over the weekend and see if the idea sticks. If it does then I'll start working towards some mockups
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Keep us posted! I'd love to see what you come up with . . . and perhaps place an order?
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OK you are the second person to say that!

Is this my warning that if I don't go ahead with this and keep up with my re learning how to draw for the web comic idea that popped up in my head that the cosmic 2X4 is going to be coming my way? :

My life is just getting weird!

I geus I know what I'm going to be doing with some of my christmas money when I go shopping this weekend. Now to just make sure that Dh doesn't misinterpret this as my trying to convert the kids. :
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these are related to deities, but if you have a different twist on it, then hey why not!

Here's what DH got me for a yule gift



It's called a shepherd's timepiece, and you line it up for whatever equinox or solstice you are at (or in between) and point it at the sun, and a dot of light shines through the hole onto a row of numbers, telling the time. I had been looking for a sundial, and he found this. Pretty neat.
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I would love my dd's to have a goddess doll!

I just picked up a few books-
Welcome with Love
Gaia Eros- Reconnecting to the Magic and Spirit of Nature.

I love the Welcome with Love book. It's about a homebirth. Beautifully illustrated and written.
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Pam, that is so pretty. Neat website too. I want the insect repellent charm.

We are going camping tomorrow. It'll be nice to sit in the woods (hopefully not too many mosquitoes) and decompress after the stressful holidays. I need to release my negative energy toward my in-laws and concentrate on rebonding with DH.
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P and A~ how pretty! I love the Shepard's timepiece! A very nice gift...

KH~ have fun camping- sounds like fun! Just you and dh?

brendon~ I'll have to look for the Gaia Eros book!
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We have "Welcome with Love" it is one of our favorites!
Another cool kids book we have is "Big Momma Makes the World" It is the whole creation story but with a mama doing it and she has a baby with her the whole time. It is very cute.
Hey has anyone had those little oranges... called cuties? I am freaking loving them. I have been eating them for a week now and I am not even close to being burnt out on them. LOL
I made my son a goddess doll last Yule using a design by the dancing goddess lady. I had it have something of all the elements on it. He still sleeps with it.
I think a goddess/god doll Waldorf style would be very cool. A friend and I had toyed with making Waldorf looking dolls for children of gay or lesbien couples... they would come in a pair and be holding hands (have like velcro on their hands)... maybe have a baby with them. But since it took us forever to make a couple dolls (as we are not big in the sewing department) it has sort of fallen away.

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Originally Posted by Birth Junky View Post
I really, REALLY love the Robin Wood deck; it is beautifully illustrated, and because it is a pagan-themed deck I find the symbolism used on the cards really easy to interpret.
I've got the Tarot of the Old path and I really love the artwork on it... very wiccan really (which I'm not, but close enough .

Originally Posted by paganmum View Post
Is there a plush shiva or ganesh? I dodn't think that I've seen a plush brigit or thor? Could I have caught on to something here?
I have seen Goddess dolls online, but I don't think they were specifically geared for children as they had glued on yarn hair etc so I think you might've hit on an original idea there The hand painted faces idea would be excellent too and if you stitched the hair on it'd be safe even for the littlies.
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Hi mamas- I'm just going to jump right in to this discussion

Paganmum- I like your goddess doll idea, you can expand on it in so many ways, and its not something there is a lot of supply of, and likely a good demand. I am planning on making some waldorf style dolls for my dd's in the coming weeks.
Thanks for the rec's on Tarrot decks, thats something I have been wanting to start learning for a long while.

I am a crafty mama & like sewing and making stuff. I also do a lot of reading. All of this of course juggled with homeschooling my girls. I have considered myself pagan for the last couple of years, and have been learning along the way. Dh is coming to share the ideas too, and I am starting to integrate more "pagan stuff" into our lives- its been hard for me to find a starting place with my kids, but lately things have been falling together.
Nice to "meet" you all
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I love tarot decks for the amazing art work, but sor some reason I just never seem to "click" with the standard decks.

I did find a deck called the Celtic Oracle (you can see images from a few of the cards at http://www.wicce.com/celtoraclepix.html and the deck was designed by Nigel Pennick and Nigel Jackson) that I've used for over ten years now, and I still love it. There are only 25 cards, and the images are taken from the mythic history of Ireland and the British Isles...and since I really resonate with that history, and am familiar with those stories and worldviews, the deck works really well for me. But the deck didn't come with a lot of "background" information so it's probably not a good deck for people who aren't familiar with that mythic history or who want a more "traditional" deck with major and minor arcana.

And welcome saphire!
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wombat~that deck looks lovely!

I bought my Goddess deck and came home. After the kids went to bed and I could concentrate I lit a candle and started reading the little book that came with.

I sat down and did a one card pull(i forget the particular name for this type of reading) from the major arcana. The major arcana all have particular Goddesses associated with different cards. Well, Kuan Yin kept coming up. I did a few other things after the first reading. She came up twice very close to me each time. Just thought I would share, any particular thoughts? I'm pretty new at this, I was just kind of taken back that she came up twice.
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Clay~ I like that deck! I use Rider Waite and really like it, but it might be time to get another deck.

Midstreammama~ sounds like a sign to me.

The New Book of Goddess and Heroines says that Kuan-Yin is the feminine bodhisattva and a symbol of human compassion.
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One deck I loved for the art...I actually wound up using most of the cards in ritual art projects...but it's a neat deck (a bit more traditional in that it has suits and courts).

The Dreampower Tarot by RJ Stewart. If you follow the link for a "sample spread" you'll see different cards each time and get a feel for the artwork (http://www.dreampower.com/tarot_online.html).

The cards I loved the best were The Table, The Sleeper, and The Observatory.

And even though I wasn't looking for a new deck, I picked up the Runic Tarot (by Caroline Smith, http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/runic) since yet again, I couldn't resist the art work! I've had some really spot on readings with this deck though, so maybe my inner eye saw something my brain hadn't picked up on?

The Celtic deck is still my favorite though, and the only one I use regularly...I remember picking it up the first time specifically because it wasn't a standard tarot deck and it had fewer cards to memorize! But then I was only 17 and "quick/easy" had a lot of appeal at that point. It's funny sometimes the things that shape the path you walk...it's far and away the best deck for me and has always been part of my path, but that had nothing to do with my "conscious" reason for taking it home with me.
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Originally Posted by paganmum View Post
"does anyone sell deity dolls for kids?" I'm talking a nice soft doll that a kid could haul around and play with if being raised in a nonchristain household.
That would be me! I started making Waldorf deity dolls about 4 years ago (someone else gave the link to my Dancing Goddess dolls website up there). Like you, when I had the inspiration for them, I wanted to make a Pagan doll that any little child could drag around and love to pieces. The dolls have had a life of their own and many have gotten more elaborate as the years have gone by, but I still have the simple ones for the little ones (I call them the Kores and Muses). Hope this helps!
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Welcome Saphire!!! I would really like to name a girl Saphire.

Gaia Eros is a very interesting read so far!!!

I sent dh off to the store to pick up supplies for our feast! DD is sick, so we are staying in and I am so happy to be home!!!
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Originally Posted by folkymom View Post
That would be me! I started making Waldorf deity dolls about 4 years ago (someone else gave the link to my Dancing Goddess dolls website up there). Like you, when I had the inspiration for them, I wanted to make a Pagan doll that any little child could drag around and love to pieces. The dolls have had a life of their own and many have gotten more elaborate as the years have gone by, but I still have the simple ones for the little ones (I call them the Kores and Muses). Hope this helps!
love, Love, LOVE! your dolls!!! My dh & I sat and browsed thru every single one of them last night I really hate the exchange rate (and not to mention shipping : ) or I'd be picking up a couple of those right now for a couple of adult female friends of mine who would love them as well (forget the kiddies hehehe!) Bookmarked for future reference though :
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Thank you, Cari! That's very nice of you! You must be in Canada, I assume? I think that exchange rate is not so good. It works out well for my UK and Australian customers though, although they pay through the nose for shipping. Shipping isn't so bad to Canada. ANYWAY!

I have looked back over a little of the recent thread. . .I've always wanted to make time to join the Pagan threads here on MDC but am just too busy. I wanted to recommend:
* my favorite non-fiction book of the year Hold On to Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld
* my favorite fiction book of the year The Passion of Mary Magdalen by Elizabeth Cunningham
*my favorite book-to-read-with-my-kids-with-tears-streaming-down-my-face-and-my-kids-laughing-at-how-silly-mama-is-that-she-can't-read-without-crying-no-matter-how-many-times-we-look-through-it is Child of Mine, Know This by Rebecca Gittrich Whitecotton - very Pagan themed and just beautiful.

Happy Reading!
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Actually I am in Australia : Our dollar is only worth about.. 77US cents give or take depending on the day, and yeah, the shipping is what would really hurt! Depressing I tell ya! Although it is probably keeping a fair few bucks in the pocket because there are several things off greenlee's site I drool over regularly as well *sigh*

Just thought I'd say happy new year all! DH works tonight (its new years eve for us) till 4am so I'll be all alone. My plans are to sit in front of the television watching the Sydney party & fireworks whilst working on my Goddess cross stitch project that I finally got started on last night! Oh ye Gods the hours SHE is gonna take to finish
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