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What's going on for you right now?

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I know we started this in our thread, but wanted to post it again. What are your symptoms right now?
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im super tired....but that has more to do with my new job that beng pregnant
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Major nausea here. Morning sickness has hit with force. I'm queasy 24/7 right now. It is a happy thing though because it means that i am pregnant. I also have sore breasts and am very tired and moody. I am on progesterone supplements though, so the moodiness and tiredness are probably from that.
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I'm not doing too bad. I get a little sick late afternoon/early evening. Sore breasts, tired, and a little emotional at times. I also have a lot of round ligament pain. I didn't think that would start so soon.
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Tired, achey chest. Excited!!:
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Mostly, I feel great. High temps, some very minor cramping, gassy, some VERY minor nausea, a minor headache, and starving. O, and fatigue.
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I'm lightheaded alot, and I require huge amounts of water and protein packed foods. Other than that, I feel great.
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I've been having some spotting and cramping just on the one side, so I went in today to rule out ectopic... There is a gestational sac & yolk sac in my uterus where belongs and the pain is due to a big cyst on my ovary... so that was a relief. They also started me on Lovenox
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I'm feeling pretty normal. A little more tired than normal, and some additional trips to the bathroom. I've still got some off and on cramping, but a friend of mine pregnant with her third said she noticed more cramping early on with each successive pregnancy. Perhaps I'm noticing more of the ligament and uterine stretching than with the first...not sure, but I wish it would go away! I still feel at times like my period is about ready to start. But, I got a postive test this morning (my 2nd test) with one of those digital tests, so I'm pregnant!
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aside from the pregnancy stuff, i am super sick with a wicked head cold, the start of an ear infection, sore throat, and wicked cough. ugh.
my pregnancy related stuff: tired, hungry, nauseous, smell aversions wicked (when i can smell through my snot), WAY sore breasts and sensitive nipples, dizziness occasionally, insomnia, exhaustion, stretchy sore round ligaments, stretchy cramping in the uterus... the list goes on and on. with DD at 6 weeks i was barely feeling pregnant, this pregnancy i am feeling VERY pregnant. and have for a while now.
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Looking at the Official EDD list, it looks like I'm the baby of the group at 22. Wow, I feel young.

I go to the doctor tomorrow morning, and I'm honestly nervous that I have a blighted ovum or something like that. My BFPs aren't getting any darker. I'm 16DPO, and I've had 5 very faint BFPs. It's a bit of a concern. I'm not having any random pain, so I don't think it's an ectopic. And AF isn't on her way, so definitely not a chemical pregnancy.

Overall, I feel pretty good. I'm hungry every two hours now, which is a bit annoying. But I'm eating small meals, and am surprised it's workign for me. I also almost got into a shouting match with a 16yo conservative girl at work today. I mentioned that I was doing a homebirth (I work with all girls and have a big mouth) and she was like "blahhH!!" Of course, her mom's a doctor..

Sorry needed to rant. Off to watch a movie!
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I am feeling pretty normal...but kind of in that head fog..forgetting what the day is and in general pretty happy and laid back (which is really very nice).

I am very tired and sleeping very deeply. I am hungry and thirsty more...and that is about it right now
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howdy. Glad to have a group of ladies to connect with!

i am feeling a bit nauseated, but really mild overall (enough so that i wonder if i'm making it up at times). pretty tired, but i managed to get a head cold this week, so the sneezing and generally less-than-great feeling could be that too. as for smells...my sweet husband has made me dinner twice this week, and the thought of either of those meals makes me so queasy (and they were really good). he had leftovers for dinner last night and i had to sit in the other room until he finished eating.

oh, poor guy...he's gonna be in for it!
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Originally Posted by sunflwrmoonbeam View Post
Looking at the Official EDD list, it looks like I'm the baby of the group at 22. Wow, I feel young.
There's a new 8/07 "baby" now - I'm 21!

I just got my first bfp this afternoon, although I've "known" I'm pregnant for almost a week (felt implantation, triphasic chart, and plain ol' intuition). So far my "symptoms" are mild cramping all week (had the same thing with ds), tender nipples (have a voracious nurser), fatigue, lightheadedness, and being a little emotional. I did have a very small amount of spotting right before I poas today, which concerned me a little, but I'm not worrying about it right now (I had just walked nearly two miles, which may have had something to do with it) as I am only 13dpo.

I'm still walking on air right now! This was our first cycle ttc (I just had my first ppaf last month) and I'm THRILLED that we conceived so soon. I'm seriously considering a UC, and I'm doing limited prenatal care.

So exciting!
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I had some spotting earlier on (before I knew I was pregnant), but that has stopped now. This pregnancy is a huge surprise, and I have NO idea when I'm due, so I'm looking forward to having an ultrasound to figure it out. Still adjusting to this whole idea though.

As far as symptoms, other than the spotting (a first time for me, so that does have me a *bit* concerned), I have the frequent urination (getting up during the night kind), headaches, weepiness, lightheadedness, and just a *touch* of MS. I'm dreading the full onset of the MS and Fatigue- it gets me every time. Def looking forward to the 2nd trimester, lol, and I have aways to go!
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I don't know if I'm pregnant or not yet (getting negative tests but very, very rarely late and never this late) but here are my symptoms anyway. Take them with a grain of salt since I may or may not be pregnant.
  • Sore breasts, especially nipples
  • Nausea that comes and goes
  • Hungry all the time... But hardly anything sounds good and never what I have on hand.
  • Very, very moody
  • Very, very, very tired
  • Bleeding gums when brushing my teeth
  • What feels like ligament pain sometimes

So, you can see why I'm not sure if the tests are right.
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muttix2, it definitely sounds like you're pregnant . . . keep testing and good luck!!!

I forgot to mention the bloating and constant peeing in my previous post. I could pass for 4 months along by the looks of my stomach right now! I hope this doesn't last!
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Occasional nausea, lots of fatigue and lack of motivation to get things done, hungry hungry hungry, but full after several bites , gassy, bloated, round ligament pains, oh, and VERY hormonal...i.e. bitchy, irritated, teary, joyful, romantic, angry, sad, and apathetic all in one day :

Oh, and I'll be 22 in less than two weeks
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Super tired. Queasiness started yesterday at 5wk 1day. Way earlier than my other two.
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I'm 4w4d, and apparently it was a chemical pregnancy. Miscarriage isn't fun.

So, this is my farewell. Good luck ladies
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