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Out of lurkdom...

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Hello...just poking my head out of lurkdom to say hi...I've been following the April Mama's thread for a while and now that my new babe is 10 days old am getting around to registering...I also have a 6.5 year old who was present at his sister's birth (sort of unintentionally, but something that we're very thrilled about now!).
Anyhow, Hi! It's nice to be here!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Congratulations on the new babe! And welcome to MDC... You'll find this a wonderful place for support & ideas. Many mamas juggling needs of two as you will be now. See you around the boards.

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Hi LeoMama~

My then 13yo watched his brother come into the world 2 years ago. I was glad he didn't have a problem with being there.

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