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We're Toddlering Now!! Nov 05 mamas, it's December!!!!

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We're taking the plunge into toddlerhood! Happy December everyone!

Oh, and here's the old thread.
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how exciting!!!
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Yes we are.

We're 9/01/05 and we're definitely, definitely a toddler now.

Tantrums included. I'm so exited. (really.)
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my ngaio is still a babe! shes only half walking.. ..

but but.. we are getting a baby!! not the same baby, but a 6 month old baby boy..and this weekend! im so so excited! ill give you all the details later.

sarah thanks for starting this
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Fern how awesome!!!

We aren't quite toddling over here. Cruising, yes. Getting into the diaper pail, yes. Throwing socks away in the rubbish bin, yes. But no walking yet. !

Helen, you trip me up! I have been blind to your awesome sense of humour this entire time!
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Waaargh!!!! I don't want to be a mummy to a toddler! I want a cute fluffy newborn with a yummy-smelling head again!
(actually, all I want is to be able to finish the message I've been writing for 2.5 hours)
So Skye walks, talks, climbs stairs, is obsessed with dogs,cats and squirrels, has started sorting objects and has a new unsuitable plaything (her current obsession is screwdrivers. We don't let her.) Oh, and her favourite suitable plaything is still the green wood ring from her stacking toy thingummy. No idea how much she weighs, and life here is still blissfully boring. Thank goodness.
Zjande, Fern, are you guys preggers yet? I need to get my broodiness quota in somewhere...
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OMG! We're toddlers' mamas!

I know she's not a baby anymore, that's for sure.

Isa is not walking, but is getting more playful and more imaginative. It is evident in her babbling and her social interactions with other kids. I love to see her around other people!

We went to an AP playgroup this morning where she was the youngest baby...erm, toddler. (still getting used to it!) It was loads of fun, but I think she felt funny being the only non-walker. She couldn't really keep up with the other kids. She is getting braver, though. She climbed the steps up to a slide by herself and then went down the slide many different ways (on her belly, in her back, sitting up, army-crawling...) I am NOT by any means rushing her, but I am excited for her that she'll be walking soon. I know it will bring a whole new level of experience to her play.

*sigh* I'm not a "new" mama anymore. I'm some kid's mom. :
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I'm not ready to be in the Toddler forum yet. I'm in denial. Ds is still my tiny soft sweet newborn babe. Who walks. And talks.
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Originally Posted by StrawberryFields View Post

I'm not ready to be in the Toddler forum yet. I'm in denial. Ds is still my tiny soft sweet newborn babe. Who walks. And talks.

I know mama.
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Awww, well, I kinda love it. I love my chitter-chattering signing walking running toddler! I just think this age has been the funnest. Most fun? Whatever. She cracks me up all the time. Tonight she was so tired that she was running around and twirling in circles in the living room and then stopping to laugh hysterically at herself.

Two more days and she'll be 1. Exactly one year ago, I had been in labor for ~3 hours, and had about about 30 to go.
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Oh Bex, I keep meaning to ask you, what is the 229/500 in your sig for?

And Fern, HOW EXCITING!!!!

And Spughy, still no package yet?? Should I be worried?
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Daggonit you mamas are quick to fire up a new thread! To warm us all up for the days to come of life with a toddler....I DON'T WAAAAAANNNNNNA BE IN THE TODDLER FOOOOOORRRRUUUUUUM YET! : I am still technically allowed to call Noah my little baby since his birthday isn't until Thursday!

YAAAAAY Fern! Can't wait to hear all about your new babe!

OK, just stopping in to sub and say hello! Barcelona...I'm digging up my birth story just for you, mama.

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Amy, I haven't got your package yet - but remember it's got a long way to go and a border to cross, so give it another week before you start to panic. What method did you sent it by again?

We went to my company's "Winter Celebration" party (aka christmas party) tonight - it was held at the Butchart Gardens which is lovely, they had an outdoor skating rink and christmas lights everywhere, and we had an ok time but most of it was spent chasing Rowan around. She wanted to run EVERYWHERE. Except the direction we actually wanted to go. She was awfully cute but she is getting so fast, it's really hard to catch her when she gets going. Until she trips and falls. Then afterwards we went to the IL's for dinner since it was close-ish and we wouldn't have to make a late dinner at home... only MIL can't cook worth beans and Rowan wouldn't eat much dinner. I said it was because she'd had lots of snacks in the car but that was a little bit of a lie - it's because she hates dry meat like overcooked chicken breast. She ate quite a few mushy green beans but mostly she just played with the food and wiped it onto the floor. Oh well. She did have a good amount of snacks in the afternoon.

Time to start Christmas shopping! I want to go to a craft fair tomorrow but it's up the peninsula a ways - at least a 1/2 hour drive - and I don't think it's fair to subject Rowan to that sort of car ride, and it's definitely not fair to subject DH to child care on the weekends since he does it all week. Maybe there will be another one closer to home.
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I'm with Amy in the loving my toddler groove. I can only really see and admit it to myself in retrospect, but early babyhood was a big trial for me. There was a lot of high-needs baby time that I don't really want to re-live right now.

But toddler- this is terrific fun. The walking, talking, sassing, climbing, laughing (and even sometimes trantruming) toddler.

The new word of the day is yuck. I didn't teach it on purpose, but realised that I've been using it when she puts non-food in her mouth. As in "yuck, leaves aren't food". Which she now says proudly as she puts *whatever* in her mouth.

How exciting, Fern!
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Winter's birthday party is this weekend and his birthday is Tuesday. Sigh.
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DiD, did you find a midwife? I thought you were UC-ing?
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Fern: I am so excited to hear what's next for your family! yay for babies!

DiD: I don't think your package from us is going to be there by Sunday. But it is still coming!

It's so cool to see how different our kids have become at the one year mark. We've got some walker/talkers and some mute/crawlers. All different stages of toddlerhood! Pretty fun! I can't wait to see where our families go from here!

And I'm realizing too how much I rely on this group of ladies to feel connected and alive. Thanks! I love you guys!
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Amy, the numbers are for the decluttering challenge over in Mindful Home Management (or is it Decluttering?). Anyway, the challenge was to get rid of 500 items in your home in the month of November. I am still purging, but have just fallen behind.

I am loving this age as well don't get me wrong, I just fell so in love with my daughter and I have savoured her since her conception. I feel guilty that I don't have those emotions about my son. I would go to the ends of the Earth for him, I would die for him, but it's a different feeling that I have for my daughter. So I guess I have those guilty feelings wrapped up in the 'typical' feelings of having your child grow older. I don't know, I'm rambling now.

Sarah, does Rowan dislike car rides? Sounds like you guys had fun at the party but not such much at the IL's. Does your MIL try to feed your babe contraband foods? Just curious.

DiD, are you feeling down about the gifts part or the age part? (((hugs)))
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: Noah has his first really yucky nose! We have been so darn lucky/blessed that he really has not been sick yet. Last night between the teething and the stuffy nose we got NO sleep. I've been taking Emergen-C and echinacea in hopes to pass some of to him. Hopefully it doesn't stick around.
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Awww! I hope Noah feels better soon. Those colds are really tough, on both the babe and the mama/family. I hope you guys get some rest today. I think it's harder at night in general so a few naps during the day should be in order. s

Abs only had 1 cold and she was about 2 months old. I remember the snot/drainage/stuffiness interferred so much with sleep and nursing. Get well soon baby Noah!!
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