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arg.. no baby yet. they keep callling and saying "for sure tomorow" then calling hours after they said they would be here with some excuse..anways, tomorow we will see.. ill let you all know as soon as he comes!
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Thanks for the healthy vibes for today, mamas! Noah's feeling 110x better and I think he really had a good day with his dad and grandma. This evening we had dinner and a small cake for him. He opened a couple of gifts from my family. It's insane, the kid is having more celebrations for his 1st birthday than I have had in a lifetime! We had a great evening, though, and he fell fast asleep in my arms in the middle of playing with his new MagNeatos! Life is good!
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yay, glad Noah is feeling better and had a good day! maybe all the extra sleep helped.

flapjack- good for you on weaning down the diet coke! that is great to hear it's helped your milk supply! I diet coke as a treat- I used to have it a couple times a week as a fun thing, but then I read an article about the coke plant polluting the water in an Indian village so they had no clean water to use and babies were dying and everything...so now I feel too guilty to buy it.

Welcome Kaspirant!

I am blogless as well. It's all I can do to keep up with MDC and my various yahoogroups.
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Here's the pattern for the poncho I made Ellie. Here is her finished poncho (and a scarf I crocheted for Killy). I followed the pattern for the rounded edges (you can do fringe or rounded), and I decided I didn't like the way the flowers looked so I left them off. I made it so that she could have a carseat friendly coat - its not safe to buckle kids into their seats with heavy coats on, but with a poncho you can pull up the back of the poncho, set them in the seat, buckle them up UNDER the poncho, then pull the front down over their body to keep them warm. Its a really, really simple pattern to make - it took me less than an hour to cut it out and sew it, and out of one yard of fleece I'm going to be able to make two, so its really cheap. Oh! And I bought the pattern at JoAnn's Fabrics with a 40% off coupon!
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Hey, I hadn't thought of a poncho for a car seat
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Jen, it's gorgeous! I'm totally going to make one for Brynnie, and one as a gift for a friend. The tassled hood is adorable.

My name is Jen - considering that I was born in the '70s in America, you could probably have guessed it!
Well it had to have been either Jen or Amy! I think our names were #1 and #2 for 1972-75 or something like that. I didn't grow up knowing many Amys, but now I live in a town of 4000 people and I have FOUR friends named Amy all within walking distance of my house!

Welcome Kaspirant. Is the arch the St. Louis arch?

Michelle, so glad Noah felt better for his big day! I don't know what magneatos are, but they sound cool. By the way, I love the picture of him kissing his Christmas tree. So adorable!

Barcelona, I was going to tell you, Brynn is so picky about eating if *I* offer her the food, but hilariously, if she can stab it with a fork, she will eat just about anything. I was really amused yesterday at lunch because I made vegetable soup and gave her pieces of carrot, potato, pea, and green bean. If I tried to just pop a little bite in her mouth, she'd shake her head no, BUT if I just put it on her try and let her fork it herself, she would eat it! She was so happy and is actually doing really well with the fork already. It's so funny! So at dinner last night, she was trying to fork little pieces of turkey cold cuts, and when she couldn't manage it the traditional way, she just picked up a piece of turkey with one hand and stuck it onto the end of the fork, and then ate it.

Anyway I'm so tired this morning! I think tooth #6 must be making it's way up quickly because Brynn was *attached* to my boobs last night. My nipples are so sore this morning. Oh, and I don't know what is going on down south, but I think my period may be coming back. I had bad menstrual cramps last night and then a bit of pink blood (that's the first time I've had anything like that since she's been born), but then nothing overnight. So I dunno, but it's weird.

Well off to feed the hungry baby. On the menu: oatmeal, eaten with a fork, of course!
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Originally Posted by amy
1972-75 or something like that. I didn't grow up knowing many Amys, but now I live in a town of 4000 people and I have FOUR friends named Amy all within walking distance of my house!
I had to look it up on this website... and it seems Jennifer was #1 from 1970 to 1984! Amy was in various slots in the top 10 from 1969 to 1982...
Wow. I didn't realize...
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Wow y'all were on page 5 before I even saw there was a new thread for this month and on to page 7 before I got a chance to read and reply at the same time. A late Happy Birthday to our last two 1 year olds and welcome to our new member. We're also working on teething here and trying to figure out new words. His new favorite thing is shaking his head no any time he is asked a question. Or much more amusing shaking his head no before doing something he has been told not to like opening the fridge.
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My name (Sarah) was in the top 10 on that site from the early 80's to 2002 I think... but in Canada I'm pretty sure it was more popular before that. I was born in 1972 and I had 4 friends in high school named Sara(h).

I always wanted a different name. I am still mad at my mom for giving me such a popular name. My sisters had WAY cooler names (Anna and Rachel).
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You have a sister named Rachel? DH's two sisters are Sarah and Rachel. Those names just must go together!

I'm starting to feel the holiday stress, y'all. I haven't bought one present for anyone other than Brynn, including DH. I don't know what I'm going to get him. I still have about 3 batches of cookies to bake and mail, 40 cards to *make* (what was I thinking??!), and gifts for the in-laws to figure out and then buy. I have no idea what to get them, and of course DH isn't really a help. :sigh: And with being so tired the past few days and Brynn being sooooooo clingy, I can't even get the minimal stuff done, much less holiday crafts.
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Gah Sorry to post and then disappear life has been crazy. DS is Jacob and his birthday is November 18th! We had a great first birthday party. I can't believe my baby is one. He was due Jan 2nd, 2006, but my water broke on October 17th and I spent 32 days on hospitalized bedrest. It was insane. I'm engaged to a wonderful man *DS's daddy* and we are getting married in April. I am a middle school teacher and DF is studying for his credential.

And yes the Arch is the St Louis Arch. We are looking at houses in Wentzville MO and planning a move there. We had intended to move this coming July, but it looks now like it will be one more year in Californa with a July 08 move. We are getting a 10 grand wedding gift that after a year in Cali with 2 incomes we will be able to put down a NICE downpayment on a house and *LOUD CHEERING* I will most likely get to stay home at that point!! We are planning on #2 then

We cloth diaper and have since DS was a week old. We were a little unprepared for him coming home so early. We co-sleep, we wear him everywhere.

He's a toddlin and a talking. He says Byebye, Thank you, Mama, ball and a few others!!

yeah so i'm sure it's disjointed but that's me in a nutshell!!
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WOW have we been a chatty group lately!

kaspirant- my guy was born on Nov. 18th, also- nice day to have a baby sounds like you had a rough time at the end of the pregnancy! Glad it all worked out ok.

Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
Well it had to have been either Jen or Amy!
Or Michelle! Wasn't that the other uber popular name back then?
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Baby Is Here!

he's just beautiful and i totally started to cry when the social worker left.. he's got big blue eyes and lots of brown hair in the front and just a wee bit in the back..and hes' all chubby and smilie.. a total sweetie pie.

i can't talk musch.. i have to find him something that doesn't smell like fabric softener and contain 10o% pollyester to wear : hes got a chest cold and is on anti biotics.. but im going to fix him all up.

love! ill write more soon
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Yay! Fern's baby is here! Can't wait to see pictures! :

I am so blessed right now! I am feeling all these wonderful consciousness shifts happening inside me... I can't really describe it, but I am so happy to be coming out of a dark place.

I am loving that we've been so chatty! And I'm loving all up to date pictures of our kiddos.

Lots of Love to all the mamas and kiddos!

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Aww Fern, that is so wonderful. I know you are going to give that baby boy so much love and he will thrive while he's with your family!!!!

Jaymi, I know what you mean! Lately I've just been feeling so full of gratitude and appreciation for the life that I have, my wonderful husband, our healthy happy child. It's like all is right in my world. It feels good.

OK, I just have to tell y'all the coolest thing that Brynn did today. As most of you know, we've been doing our own version of EC, but really not pushing it or stressing about it. Basically we put Brynn on the potty whenever we take her diaper off to change her, and then also if I get a "warning" that she is going to poop (the warning being that she passes gas). Well anyway, for the past few days she's been saying poop and doing the sign after she poops, so I was pretty impressed with that. Today though, she actually told me she had to poop *before* it happened, so we made it to the toilet for the big event! I was so thrilled, not only because that was one less poopy diaper to clean up (yay!) but because it means that she now understands that she can let me know ahead of time!! Now even if this only happens once a week or so, I am feeling really optimistic that she will be out of diapers entirely by 18-24 months, and I think that's pretty cool!
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I think children being out of diapers before the age of 4 is miraculous. Frankly, I'm depressed that my 6yo wears far funkier nappies than the baby (curse flipping bedwetting) because anything else soaks through.
Fern, you got the baby! What does Ngaio think? Is she jealous, or is she just taking it all in her sweet little stride?
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Fern, I'm so happy you got the baby! I'm sure he will be happy too. Nothing is better for babies than LOVE!

Amy, that's awesome about Brynn and the potty! I'm going to get Rowan a potty for Christmas, but we're going to be pretty casual about it. I still wish I'd been in a better headspace when she was little and we'd done some EC.

ETA: and I am feeling sort of - not jealous, but maybe left out? - of you mamas who are entering blissful new states of consciousness. I am finding myself in a distinctly non-blissful state of consciousness, as every day passes with me in the office doing work that is so far less meaningful than taking care of my baby... and yet, I have to do it, or my family wouldn't function, DH wouldn't get his degree, etc. I feel like I shouldn't be doing this, and yet at the same time I feel like I should be doing it... it is very perplexing, emotionally.
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mommas of boys...

if you have any 6 month or so baby boy clothes that you dont need anymore i would pay shipping.. he came with next to nothing and we are going to buy some new things for him, but anything cotton/unsynthetic or fleecey stuff would be wonderful..everything he brought with him is stained and polyester and stinks like fabric softener and smoke..and i have mostly girly stuff
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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
and gifts for the in-laws to figure out and then buy. I have no idea what to get them, and of course DH isn't really a help. :sigh: And with being so tired the past few days and Brynn being sooooooo clingy, I can't even get the minimal stuff done, much less holiday crafts.
Sorry you're feeling the holiday stress, Amy In-law gifts? You are a terrific wife (and in-law). I leave responsibility for my dh's family solely to him.

We're being pretty low-key with Christmas this year. I bought Neela a huge bucket of wooden blocks that I'm sure I'll regret when all 150 pieces are strewn through my house. We're making a tradition of buying her a nice classic Christmas book every year. And I'm making little felt steiner dolls, which are almost finished.

I was thinking about baking some cookies next week. Neela drew on about a dozen Christmas cards for me, so I should get them addressed. But I rarely send cards, so I might just save them for next year

Fern, I hope that Ngaio adjust well without too much "foster sibling rivalry".

Sarah I can totally relate to the working mama issues. DH and I had a heart to heart about my career this morning and how we can make this all work for us. I wish there were better answers sometimes In a perfect world I would work one or two days a week at a totally amazing, fulfilling job, and be a SAHM the rest of the time.

And on to miss Neela- the child who is having a total verbal explosion. She has learned so many words in the past few weeks, and often surprises us with words that I didn't even know she understood. I love it
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oooooooohhhh Fern! I sure you will nurse him back to health in no time! He will thrive on the love in your family. So you need ~6-12 month size warm clothes? I'll see what I can do. Can you pm me your address?

spiritmomma that's great!

Guys, I rarely post pics on here since I don't have a blog or picturetrail or anything, but my dh updated the boys websites so here are pics of baby Ez: www.ezrabailey.com and I know you don't really know Ethan but if you care, here's his site too: www.ethanbailey.com You can see the destruction that Ezra causes, getting into everything! I love taking pics of the messes he makes, it is so comical!
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