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Peacefulmommy: missed you guys at swimming today! I hope Noah is feeling better soon (and that you both get some rest!) s:
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
DiD, did you find a midwife? I thought you were UC-ing?
I found a UC-supportive midwife to possibly attend my birth but she is supporting me if I decide not to call her for my birth. She is a really incredible midwife and I am so lucky to have found her.

Originally Posted by spiritmomma View Post
DiD: I don't think your package from us is going to be there by Sunday. But it is still coming!
It's okay, it's really thoughtful of you to have sent Winter something for his birthday.

Originally Posted by Bex80 View Post
DiD, are you feeling down about the gifts part or the age part? (((hugs)))
I don't want my baby to grow up!!!!!!
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Spughy, I sent it US Mail, uninsured. I probably can't track it, so if it doesn't get there in the next week or so, let me know and I will make you a new one and ship it a better way.

OK, get this: I am SICK. AGAIN! I woke up with a bad sore throat and thought it was just from having the heat on now that it's really cold, but no....looks like it's strep. : So I had to go to the ER to get checked and get a prescription because the Saturday clinic was already booked. The good news is that the doctor I saw this morning was the same guy who I saw when I had my miscarriage back in 2004 and he was a really great guy. I got to say, "Hey, remember me and my miscarriage? Now look what I've got!" So that was fun. Anyway I'm on antibiotics now and am supposed to be past the contagious phase by tomorrow so I guess we're still having a party, assuming Brynn doesn't get it now too. Seriously, could this family be any sicker??!! Enough is enough.

Poor Noah! Man, we sure know how hard that is. I hope he gets better soon!!

Bex, 500 items. DAMN! Good luck sister. Sounds like quite a job!

Everyone else: I have to go bake a 3 batches of brownies and an apple crisp.
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Well, I do NOT have a toddler by any means, but since you have all defected, I suppose I have to grudginly join you over here!! My sweet baby is just crawling, and just generally bringing us all joy. He finally started pulling up to standing the week before his birthday, so now it's very cute to see him upright, and rummaging through the various toyboxes, crates, and laundry baskets I have set up for him.

He just said his first word 2 days ago: BALL! I couldn't be more thrilled!! I have been waiting to hear his little voice for so long. He loves to play ball, and now that he can say it, he chases anything remotely ball-like around the house saying 'ball, ball, ball'. It brings such a smile to my face.

Here is Ezra's birth story as posted about a year ago: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...light=ezra+dad

Originally Posted by katherinezuels View Post
Tantrums included. I'm so exited. (really.)
LOL, not looking forward to that part! I can't even imagine him doing it, but I KNOW the time will come!! Already our playgroups are beginning to involve hair pulling and toy grabbing, and we are lamenting the days where we just sat around and nursed.

Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
but but.. we are getting a baby!! not the same baby, but a 6 month old baby boy..and this weekend! im so so excited! ill give you all the details later.
woo hoo! I'm sure no matter how long or short of a time you have him, you'll make such a difference in his little life!

I think that it helps that I went to see my MW when Abigail was about 6 months old. I took the video camera and taped an interview with her; us talking about the birth.

Bex- what a great idea!
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Originally Posted by Bex80 View Post
Sarah, does Rowan dislike car rides? Sounds like you guys had fun at the party but not such much at the IL's. Does your MIL try to feed your babe contraband foods? Just curious.
Rowan is currently not a huge fan of the car rides. She does ok as long as there is someone back there to entertain her but otherwise she's either sleeping (unlikely, these days) or squawking.

MIL is really good about not feeding Rowan foods that I have specifically prohibited (ie sugar, trans fats) but she is pretty clueless - well, no, not clueless, she just doesn't CARE - about nutrition generally. She likes bland food. The blander, the better, hence the overcooked chicken breasts, overcooked green beans, and canned corn. I would never DREAM of cooking such things for dinner, but it's standard fare for her. I don't like feeding Rowan chicken breast because it doesn't have a lot in it, nutritionally or taste-wise, and the texture isn definitely not one she enjoys, so she doesn't eat it. But it's not on the "no-no" foods list. (Of course, she buys chicken that is not pasture-raised, but whatever... there's a limit to what I can insist on.)

Fern - that is so exciting about your new baby! I hope it goes smoothly! I would love to have a 6-month old again.

Amy - I am not worried about the package yet. USMail takes a while. And then it has to interface with Canadian Mail. Sloooooowwwww. Don't worry. Also, I didn't know you'd had a miscarriage in 2004 - I did too. I was only 5 weeks along but it was still pretty traumatic.

I am envious of all of you whose babies say words all the time. Rowan says a word here and a word there (although she has been saying "bu bye" to me when I leave for work the last couple of days.) Otherwise she'll say a word once (like pointing at a picture of herself and saying "baby") and then not do it again for weeks.
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Spughy, you can have my talkative babe. Somebody managed to teach my sweet, innocent vulnerable daughter her first swear word : and I'm pretty sure it wasn't me.
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Spughy, you can have my talkative babe. Somebody managed to teach my sweet, innocent vulnerable daughter her first swear word : and I'm pretty sure it wasn't me.
Is it wrong that I laughed really hard and read that out to DH?

My little one isn't exactly winning prizes for good behaviour. This morning she discovered - why, I have no idea - that it is fun to blow snot bubbles out her nose and then wipe them on the cat. Yes, seriously.
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hi and happy december mamas! i can't believe we have toddlers! like the one year old birthday milestone, i have mixed feelings. but, am definitely enjoying this time. finley is hilarious and sweet, and i'm one happy mama.

it is happily finally cold here. yay! so it can start to feel like christmas. i love this time of year. we went to street christmas fairs looking for gifts...didn't find many that work and that we could afford, but it was still so fun to be out and about.

spiritmommy, thank you for diggin up your birth story for me! and itsybitsy, i haven't read yours yet, but plan to soon, and look forward to it. i'm feeling inspired to write mine down. and when i do, i will, of course, share with you all.

spiritmommy and amy, so sorry about all the sickness! YUCK. no fun at all. amy, you guys need a break! i hope the party is/was so healing, though, and wonderful for everyone, despite the strep

flapjack, i can't help but laugh too! ah!

a funny moment of finley: brings us imaginary food and feeds it to us (he LOVES feeding us, if you all remember him offering me my breast last month, which he still does). says "mmm" when we walk by restaurants, and now comes into the kitchen saying "mmm" when he's hungry. and his new favorite word: "dark" (when we turn out the light to go to bed, or when he wants to go into a room, but the light is out).

it is so interesting seeing what all the babes are doing and learning differently, like you said, peacefulmama...some quiet, some loud, some walking, some crawling...i think all of the babes prove to be flourishing, though, beautifully, and moreso than the babes i know IRL (and, mostly, non-attached mamas), and i can't help but wonder if our parenting has something to do with how well our babes our thriving. just a thought.

oh, finley had his one year check up. he had to have blood drawn for iron and lead and also to make sure he doesn't have hep b (which i have, and contracted when i was an infant in a blood transfusion). so, it'll be a relief to get a clean report back from those tests. it was AWFUL AWFUL, though, having my baby boy be so upset. i was shaking for an hour afterwards, while he was happily walking around saying "bop" and playing with his metrocard. (he bounced back quickly).

he weighed in at 24 pounds 2 ounces and was 31 inches tall, so that puts him at 70% in weight and 80% in height. still a big boy, but not as big as he was, percentile-wise. and the doctor (who i love, by the way, and is very AP) confirmed that his first set of molars are coming in.

what's everyone doing for the holidays?
we're going to ottawa, where my DH is from, for the week of christmas. i'm excited to see and be in the snow!

hope you're all having delightful weekends with your families.

i also send out a big to everyone!
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and i forgot! how exciting FERN! yay! that baby is very blessed to have you holding him and loving him.
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Hi everyone! Just doing a quickie sub right now. I can't believe we're in the toddler forum! I've never set foot in here until this moment!!

Thanks for asking Helen, but we're still working on the babymaking bit. My cycles are all super wonky due to breastfeeding so I'm confused. And impatient!!

Have a great weekend y'all!
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Whew. Is it wrong that I'm relieved, Aubrey? I wanna be in the same DDC with you next time round- one of my most treasured pregnancy memories was the "this baby is so low I wanna push" thread. Ironic, considering all babies involved came late.
Fern, . An ickle person to hold and cuddle and love!
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I can't believe how quickly this year has passed, and that my baby girl is a year old. It's so bittersweet!!!

I posted her birth story back in October. Click here if you'd like to read it.

I'm up at 6:00 so I can have a few moments to write in my new blog and just savor this moment. One year ago, I had a two-hour old baby girl and was already asserting my Mama Bearness by telling the nurses who wanted to take her back to the nursery because of "hospital policy": "Well I'm her monther and it's my policy that she stays with me."

And happy birthday party to Winter today too!!
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And I sure hope that Winter has a beautiful birthday celebration!

*Amy* Your blog entry made me cry!

Spiritmomma...We missed you,too! I let Noah sleep as late as he wanted. He didn't get up until 8:40 so it was no swimming for us! He definitely needed it.

I have FOUR MORE DAYS until Noah's birthday!
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Happiest of Firstest Birthdays Brynn Amelia and Momma Amy!
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Happy birthday Brynn!

And what a terrific first word for Ezra, Mary! Neela loves balls, too

We're going to make the trip back to Vancouver for a few days over Christmas. Unfortunately I have to work on the 26th, so we're trying to do Christmas dinner on the 24th, fun family Christmas morning then pack up and drive back to Eugene on Christmas day. But I'm happy to be spending it with family, so it's worth the effort. Remind me of this later in the month as I grumble about the whirlwind trip...

Neela has been working on a bit of a cold for a few days, but was soooo cranky with it this morning. Her eighth tooth just came through, and we may be working on some molars, too- but every time I try to look she tries to bite. I guess I'll find out sooner or later : I wish teething was painless.

Aubrey and Helen, wouldn't that be so terrific if you were in the same DDC again? We could all stalk you! I'm already peeking in to the Feb group to stalk DID sometimes
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Well the birthday is winding down. We had a great day! She was clearly a little overwhelmed by it all, but she had fun. And so did we, and so did our friends who came.

A few highlights are here.

DiD, how was your party?
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Happy Birthday Brynn!!!!!

And Happy Birthday Winter!!!!

I think that's all our babes now isn't it? I can't believe they're all one. It seems like such a short time ago that I was avidly reading MDC every day to see who else had a baby pop out. Now I have a real little girl running around - we all have real little people running (for the most part) around. Sniff. They grow up so fast!!!!
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Noooooooaaaaaah's one in four more days!
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Happy Birthday Brynn!! I hope you know how much your mama adores you.

Amy, your birth story has me totally choked up. I'm sorry that you didn't get the birth experience that you and Jason planned for. s I don't think I realized that you had had a C-section, much less such a long and complicated labor. I don't mean to open the wound, but did you ever get to let your MW have it? I mean, do you think that she was part of the reason that things started to take the turn that they did?

I can only imagine how difficult that must have been for you. s

At least you got your gorgeous Brynn out of it.
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Winter's official bday isn't until Tuesday, but his party was today & he was soooo cute. I'll let DiD fill you all in though.

Helen, are you guys TTC? I'd LOVE to be in the same ddc with you again! How cool would that be?! A good friend of mine IRL is in the Aug ddc & I'd always said that we *had* to be in the same ddc. I'm still holding out hope that I'll end up there!! I hope I hope...

Happy birthday Brynn!!!
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