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Hi Ronna! Actually, it's not you I'm stalking, it's everyone due in August. I'm 16dpo, testing negative and going out of my mind nuts. I can't decide whether to go and drink obscene quantities of vitamin C to try and bring on a period or- well, WHAT. So yeah, it's hormone-related babylust I was just so excited to see you there!
No bright ideas on keeping your milk- I let Alex self-wean at 17 months after having non-stop nursing strikes from 9 months onwards- but having kids 21 months apart is so much fun once they grow a bit. My two fight occasionally, but are constant allies against outside pressures (parents, friends, school, you name it) and make a real effort to help each other out. It's not best friends, exactly, but the sibling bonds are pretty tight for them. Silas sounds gorgeous, btw- the way you talk about him makes me want to pick him up and give him a big squishy hug!
Gunter I missed you too!
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flapjack, I would be going nuts too! Maybe tmi, but have you been irregular? I have, so I had no idea when I o'd or when to expect a period... I was going pretty crazy myself, yk, not knowing if it was all in my head.

Thanks for your insight on the age difference thing. My brother and I are 22.5 months apart, but we aren't that close. But I think that has some to do with our personalities and some to do with my parents parenting choices. We were also 3 years apart in school. I get excited for Silas to have an ally close his age, though, and I hope they are close. I want to do what I can to help them.

I can't help but squeeze him all the time! He is so darn cute! He's going to be sick of me by the time he's two and be saying things like "Mom, don't embarrass me in front of the other kids at playgroup". Well, I would have my hands full if he were speaking that eloquently at age 2

Anyway. I should be working on Christmas presents I am soooo behind. That is what I get for trying to be crafty this year.
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(Or is it just knit? )
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knit..knitted.. whatever..

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Now that's some classy longies! (those?)
And yes, Fern knitted In't she clever?
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Those are gorgeous! I'm gifting my friend's baby his hat (that Fern knit(ted))today; I can't wait for them both to see it!! I'll take pics and post later on. I am still so totally in love with the hat that Fern made for Brynn. I was thinking yesterday, I'm so glad I know Fern so that next year, when this hat is too small, I can have her make another one!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post

Now that's some classy longies! (those?)
And yes, Fern knitted In't she clever?
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so it looks like our little baby will go home next week.. its a good thing. his grama has a 2 year old (hids mom and dad are 16 and 18 or something ) and he as a 2 year old brother who lives with the grampa.. so he will go to either grampa or grama.. not sure which.. anyways, they really seem to want him (the G.parents anyways) and i think things wil be okay for him. he is a wise little boy and i know things will work out for him. i think that his parents lve him, but they are young and immature and ned to do some growing up. :
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Fern: I was wondering if you'd be willing to share the pilot cap pattern with me... I've got TONS of nice yarn, but no project right now. (Well, not one I'm ready to work on, anyway. I've got a sweater I could be finishing, but...) What guage yarn did you use? What size needles?
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Pilot cap pattern It's worsted/aran yarn, size 8's, 18/24 gauge. And no, the pattern isn't free but it's worth every penny and is a satisfyingly quick knit.
Fern, I'm sorry your little love is leaving you, but so glad his family are working to include him and keep him a part of them. One of the few things I've found from my reading about blended families is that kids really do need to know exactly where they came from- even when knowing is going to be painfully hard. to you, and him, and his parents and grandparents.
I don't remember if I told you about the poor little lass near us who was badly scalded when the hot water pipes in the family's new house burst, but she died on Tuesday. news story. Isaac looked at the paper yesterday and said "why is Skye in the paper? " Somehow, it just seems so real, and so unbearable because little Rhianna was so close in age to our lot and doing the same kinds of stuff.
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Congrats, Ronna!

This is my drive by posting- we've been busy with strange sleep crying the last couple of nights. She calls out for mama, or up, or milk and tosses around the bed. I sometimes have to wake her up to nurse since she gets so disoriented and upset in her sleep. YAWN...
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Helen, that is so horribly sad. It's almost too much for me to hear/read about tragedies of young children anymore because it's too easy to imagine something horrible happening to my own. Oh, and on a totally different subject, I haven't had time to read that link you posted in my blog, but I am going to! Thanks for that.

Mel, us too! I was actually coming by to say that last night and tonight, Brynn went to sleep for the night at 5:15pm (!!!) ...but her sleep has been *incredibly* restless the past few nights (last night being the worst). She tosses and turns and seems to not even really be sleeping soundly for most of the night. Or she'll sit up and say "up Mama/Dada" but not really be totally awake. She's been fussing a lot too, but only while sleeping; during the day she's as silly as ever. I really don't know what is going on, but I suspect it's another one or two teeth trying to work their way out. But yeah, yawn is a understatement. I'm so tired!

Hi Gunter girl!!! So good to see you, even if just popping by to say hello. You should take your coat off and stay awhile!
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suprgirl, congrats on the surprise baby coming soon!!!!

amy and mel,
so crazy how our babes seem to be doing the same things at the same time! i'm yawning over here too. finley has been a very restless sleeper the past few nights, and in fact, the past three nights, has woken up an hour or two after going to sleep, screaming! inconsolable, and i usually have to walk around with him and talk to him and try to distract him til he calms down again. the past two nights, he was up for hours til he went back to sleep, but tonight, thankfully, i was able to get him to nurse and go back to sleep after about five or ten minutes. what is going on?! i guess it's molars... ? or bad dreams? i hate not knowing what is wrong.

he is completely happy during the day, though, so i'm grateful for that.

the knits are gorgeous, fern. i'm excited to order something with you in the new year!

flapjack, hope you're closer to knowing something...that is maddening!

hope everyone's looking ahead to a great weekend.
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: : :

It looks like I might be getting my August baby! I got a faint but definite bfp this morning. No idea what's happening- and I'm worried by how faint the line is- but, y'know. Right now I'm bouncing.
Did anyone here have a faint line that turned out to be a real live baby?

Fern, hugs to your little lad and his family. I really hope they get happily ever after, whatever that may be.
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I got really, really faint lines with both of my kiddos at first. I bet it will be darker if you do it again, I saw a difference just between the morning I got a positive and that afternoon. I know everyone says to use first morning urine, but when you're testing really early, ever few hours makes a difference.

My sister graduates with her Master's Degree today! She's skipping graduation, but I'm taking her to The Melting Pot (a really nice fondue restaurant) to celebrate. So, not only did DH let me sleep in, but he's watching the kids this afternoon, too! Of course, the kids realize what's up and have both been nursing ALL MORNING. I feel like I'm about to turn inside out from the nipples!
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Eeek. That's a disturbing visual image, especially as I know exactly what you mean. Big congratulations to your sister though- what's her masters in?
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MamaFern: I'm glad to hear things are looking up for your foster baby. I'm sure you must be sad to see him go, though. I've always been interested in being a foster parent, but dh gets nervous about it.

Flapjack: Yay!!! Congrats! We're in the same ddc again! Wow. My lines were faint too.. I tested 3 times cause the first one was so faint. I'm so happy for you!
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helen, comgrats!! :
i thought i might be joining the august DDC too, but i got my moon..just 4 weeks late.. ick. im relieved and sad at the same time..my body is not back to normal yet at all..

im glad he is going home where he belongs, he is lovely and we will miss him, but ive got my hands full as it is, so its okay.. and there will be more babies im sure!
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Fern, I'm glad your foster baby is going home to loving grandparents. I hope they take good care of him.

Helen - wow! Congratulations! And suprgrl congrats to you too! I can't imagine having another baby so soon but if you can - great! Yay more babies!
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can't wait to hear when it's official-official.
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