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So true, Red!
The second she isn't able to get what she wants when she wants it, she'll be dying to get a job. She acts indifferent, but is already starting to feel the pinch. She wanted some cool new shower gel yesterday, and I told her I wasn't buying her any extras anymore. Not a big deal yet, but it will be!
Chicakchicka and Snow, regarding other adults she can confide in: she has an 18-year-old sister that lives out of state, and a 30-year-old aunt she has always known she can confide in. As far as I know, she hasn't contacted either of them yet. I will remind her of their availability. Of course, the only advice she listens to right now is what she gets from her friends, who are just as lost as she is. She also talks to her counsellor at school when she feels the need. I know she consulted her after we found out about her lies recently. She's a pretty resourceful and intelligent kid.
Yesterday was better, attitude-wise. But I think that's only because she wasn't feeling well. No matter how 'mature' and snotty they are, they still need their mommies sometimes!
Thanks you all so much for letting me vent, and for sharing your wisdom and experience!
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Ok not to frighten you but I'm 15. I thought mabe I could help because I know what she is going though so you can get an idea on what to do. my edvise-1 DONT tell dad because he won't want her to see boy friend and thats hard on her 2 talk to her about safe sex and then tell her how you feel, but let me tell ya shes probly going to freak because you know so try not to stress her so you guys can be friends as well as d/m and get through it together.
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Thanks, Lizzy, but dad already knows - not the specifics. And dd is informed about safe sex. I have a hard time because I don't want to be her friend - just her mom. And I don't think she wants me as a friend OR a mom. But things have been quiet lately. She seems to have dropped some of her friends, and her boyfriend is on vacation. Things will probably get more difficult when they all go back to school after break. Wish us luck!
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