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*December Thread* ~ Making money on GPT programs

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GPT stands for "get-paid-to" and refers to programs which pay you cash to complete short surveys and to sign up for trial memberships with online companies. I've not found a better way to earn money online.

Please share how you did with your gpt sites last month! Nothing is more inspiring and motivating than reading about other's success.

Visit threads from October and November to learn more.



And here are 2 informative threads from September which I recommend you start with if you are just entering the gpt scene.



I've been actively participating in gpt programs for well over 8 months now. I do the offers at my convenience and have earned a minimum of $800 a month and as much as $3500+.

I have a GPT Tutorial that I would be happy to send you if interested. It explains how the programs work and details how to make the most of them. Just send me a pm.
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Just started

I started doing this on 11/26 and cashed out on the 30th with $64.50 from Cash Duck. I pretty much just stuck to Cash duck, I did do a couple of other sites but seemed to keep going back to Cash Duck. I figure not bad for 4 nights in front of the TV plucking away on here. I figure I spent maybe 4-5 hours total. Thanx for all the help from everyone. I am going to try this month to do a couple of the sites that pay more often although most of the freebies say that I am not eligible go figure. Any one know why feel free to inform me. Again thanx for all the help.
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not an expert by a long way but read on the november thread that this could be temporary and to try them again another time. also it said it could have to do with demographics. I have gotten a few of these but tried a couple again and it went through so I would try back later.
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yea ive been getting that alot. Sometimes it changes and i can do em sometimes not
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Heading for cash duck now...
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Here I am.
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I posted this on the November thread because I forgot it was December

Some offer companies also have it set to accept only a certain number of sign ups from each phone #. If you are suddenly having trouble getting offers to credit, you might try getting a new private phone phone #. This worked for me recently with BigBucks, CE, and a couple of others that I was having trouble with.
Another thing I've found is that altering my address will sometimes help. I do NOT mean signing up from an address that isn't mine. I mean spelling out the word Street or putting Apt 10 rather than #10, etc. Sometimes this will help with a company that has NEVER credited for me - so maybe they are set to reject certain formats, or something. I'm not sure, but it's one of the things that has helped with me. Oh, some are set to accept a certain # from each name, so using a different variation of your name might help too. Again, I'm NOT suggesting that you make up a fraudulent name. My first name is Jerianne, but I also go by Jeri. Sometimes changing which one I'm using will help.

Also, some offers reset every month. Now that it's the begining of the month, go back and try companies you were having trouble getting credit from. Sometimes you can sign up at the begining of the month, but not the end, because they have caps on the number of sign ups they'll pay for.
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I just signed up for my first trial. We'll see how it goes.

What were some of your fave trials? Any suggestions on any?

Anyone do Stamps.com? Also when you clink on a link it takes you directly to the trial, right? I'm asking because on two free trials now I noticed that on the page it did not say free trial anywhere. It just said sign up for $9.95 a month (or whatever). If I fill out the info is it automatically the free trial? For example I got confused on DBP for the "Shopper Discount and Rewards" free trial.
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Jeri, that's a great idea.

So far I am awaiting payments from DBP, Cashontap, and Cashduck. I didn't make enough with Monsterpayscash to cash out.

How long does it typically take? This is my first month.

I'm also awaiting for my first two free trials to credit at DBP but I figured I'd give them through Tuesday to clear before I start to worry.

I've already received a $10 gift card from Barnes and Noble due to a shoppersadvantage sign up, and have successfully cancelled that account!

My first Blockbuster dvd came in the mail, so I watched that last night!


However, I haven't received any real money yet...but I am giving it time...
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Also why are there more than one trial offers for the same advertiser? I've found three Bargain Network Homes offers...one pays more than the other. Are they considered separate trials?
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If you've done these offers, tell me about them...

Video Professor, Profit from Home, Advantage Language, Onlingo, Overnight Genius

Were they easy to cancel?
Was it a hassel to return?
How much did it cost to return?
Did you manage to receive & return the product within the trial period and avoid charges?

I'm thinking of doing them but don't want to take any risks.
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I did VP (It was my first paid trial). It was REALLY easy. They don't start your trial timer until a few days after they mail to make sure you have a full 14 days (I think) to review it. When I got the software, I tried to instal it and had a lot of problems - I have an old computer with no memory . Anyhow, it didn't hurt my computer - I just couldn't get it to work. So, I called their toll free # and asked how to return them and cancel any shipments. They asked why I was cancelling, so I told them. She did try to upsell me a couple of things while waiting for my info to come up, but easily took no for an answer. Then she gave me an RMA#. I had to return only one of the three CD-ROM's I received by a certain date (far enough in the future that I didn't have to stress about it) with the RMA written on the envelope. It cost about $.75 to send it back.

I am currently doing Overnight Genius. I'm having the same issue with the software, so I plan to call tomorrow to cancel it. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Jeri, great idea about changing bits of your address legitimately to see if it improves credit. I'll have to try that if I start having problems!

Moonfirefaery -
I did Overnight Genius, through IPz, and it credited just fine.
To cancel, I had to call and get an RMA#, and mail back at least one of the 3 CDs. They did not ask me why I was cancelling or try to convince me to stay. Easy and cheap to return, because it was just a CD.
They didn't try to charge me after I cancelled.

I just signed up for Advantage Language, through MPC, and it credited very quickly but I haven't received the products yet so can't comment on that yet...

I'm loving MPC, btw. I'm up to 21 approved offers, totaling $144.70, have another 15 pending (about $75, if they credit), and haven't had any denied!
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I am loving all of the sites I have tried so far but I keep wanting to try the other sites being mentioned. Where oh where will I find the time?! I've noticed that a lot of offers repeat but a lot of the sites do have different offers from other sites I am going to try Video Professor & Overnight Genius. It'd be cool to try them out anyway!
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I just started the other day. I am working on the free ipod site and dbp. So far so good. I did notice that some sites do not like the # in my address. So far I am up to about $12 at dbp. I need to download that program to fill out forms for me.

I have a question for those of you doing the ipodsweepstakes site. Do you keep track of what links you clicked on? If so what is your method (pen, paper, or what)

Also do you all do forms that ask for your social? I'm a bit leary of that.

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I will do forms asking for my social IF the site is secure. If it shows a lock next to the input box, mentions something about the security, or if the link is secure.something.com, then I may enter it. Otherwise, no.
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I just started the last two days of Nov and I am expecting 94 bux from dbp. Right now I'm working on cash on tap so I can cash out the fifth and recieve my money on the 10th. I really need to make enough to pay my car payment lol. I judt recieved my package from advantage language and it won't run on my old computer so I will call them tomorrow. we enjoyed movies from blockbuster and netflix this weekend and I will call and cancel tomorrow and drop them all in the mail. I don't like fusion cash or instantprofitz because it is hard to see what is pending.
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