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Jewelry making?

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Hi, I dont know if this thread belongs in this spot but I would like to start making necklaces and earings. I was wondering if anyone knew a website that I could find the clasps and hooks for these things. Bead websites would be good too. ANY jewelry help. : Thanks.
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I am a jeweler- metalsmith. Rio Grande is a good source for many of the things you are looking for and would be a starting point. Fire Mountain Gems is another source for beaders. There are also magazines, that would have more resources... http://www.artjewelrymag.com/, http://www.lapidaryjournal.com/ , http://www.beaduniquemag.com/issues/current.shtml
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I, too, make jewelry. I am not yet a metalsmith, but I am an avid beader. I would recommend you start with beading. Fire Mountain Gems is a great place to start...the prices are kind of high, but they have some great ideas, and some pretty good tutorials.

If you are in an area where there are beading classes taught, I recommend that you take a basic beading class. Some of the more easier kinds of beading to start with include chain and wire, knotting, and basic beading. If you have questions, feel free to pm me. I used to instruct beading classes at a wonderful bead store in Durango Colorado.
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HI I too make jewelry! I know there is a fantastic source, Its on the tip of my tongue. They sell wire very nice high grade wire for very little. Its Joseph something... When it hits me I will post it.

What kind of clasps and posts are you looking for? Gold, Silver or plated items? Can you buy in bulk or are you buying single items?

let me know, I am millions of sources!
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I'm trying to find an affordable source for baltic amber beads (I like the dark ones, but any would do really)
I want to make 2 teething necklaces and one for mommy to match but the prices are outragous! Am I crazy to even try finding a good deal on them?
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Though they have a minimum $ amt., www.pacificsilverworks.com has some beautiful pieces.

Shipping charges can make ordering online unpalatable. I find www.gemshow_online.com (or, is it www.gemshow-online.com ?) has nice pieces and shipping is either free or just a couple of dollars. I think www.artbeads.com has free shipping.

Regarding the question about Baltic Amber, I've ordered through a few eBay merchants with good results.
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I found Fire Mountain to be very reasonable, I also checked Art Beads, and they were almost double on my items. I made some bracelets, beads. Used the Swarvoski cube beads and a few others, anyway made 9 of them, total with wire and all cost was under $10 each, and I've seen them sold for $49 or $59, can't remember which. The toggles (on sale) and the wire (with 50% off coupon) were less at my local Michael's craft store. Heard of them? Anyway, look around, you'll find some good deals. Beading can be relatively cheap (and fun to dream up stuff) if you check around.
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i've found yard sales to be a good place to get beads-u can cut apart old stringed necklaces and use the beads for your creation-you can also reuse the clasps.
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I have just started this myself...subbing for the great wisdom!
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this place is interesting!
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Learning to make beaded earrings and such has been something I've always wanted to do. I'm just starting to learn. I made my first pair of earrings yesterday with some help from my local bead store taking me through it step by step.

I'd love some on-line instructions and tips!
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I, too, make jewelry! If you have a local bead store, they often run good introductory classes.
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Aunties Beads has a huge selection of jewelry findings and clasps.
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Awesome sites, so glad I found this thread!
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Thanks for posting all these links.
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