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that sounds great!!!

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How wonderful!
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Laura, I am so glad to hear that things have turned a corner.
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Good Luck! We are all rooting for you! I'm glad your parents turned around at least a bit!! What changed their mind? I think you are right about it being nice to have a supportive wise woman to help you, UC is great, but it's great with a partner! (I haven't done this, but I've thought about it in the past!)
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That is AWESOME that your parents are rethinking things! Bless their hearts. I hope things continue to work out for the best.. after reading FLB's letter responding to Ina May's comments on UC in another thread, I don't know if The Farm would be the best idea ever, but without a partner, a supportive woman might be a happy alternative for you either way. Much love being sent your way,

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I am so glad things are working out!!!
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I am very happy to hear your parents are coming around. Let us know how things go, and I hope you have a wonderful birth.

dd 8mos
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It is possible to have a great UC in a hotel without a husband or partner. That's what I did with my son, my first (and only) child. I did have my sister with me, and my mom showed up for the birth as well.
I stayed at the hotel for two or three weeks before, I can't remember exactly. It was a pretty clean place even. One benefit to a hotel is unlimited hot water! And I kept the tv on when I was in labor to mask any noise, but I was pretty quiet until crowning.
What I really liked about my birth was how I took responsibility for myself and my son. I was calling the shots, and I found that to be so empowering. A great choice for me, but you need to decide what will be best for you. I'm sure it will be very reassuring for your parents to have a trained professional there, just make sure it will work for you as well.
I know it's cheesy, but listen to your heart, and do what feels right. If you are in labor, and don't want to call the midwife, then don't! Good luck and have a great birth!
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You will figure something out. There are many challenges to parenting. You will never regret taking what you need from the universe to birth the way that you want. Is there a homebirth consumer group in your area. . . start making contacts. Could you be a house sitter for someone while they are away (obviously you wouldn't mention birthing in their tub!!!). Just don't discuss it with your family any more. Perhaps just smile and nod and when the baby comes, go to your room (your nest) close and lock your bedroom door, put on music and quietly and effeciently have your baby. You can do it. Moan softly and talk to your baby. Go for a walk. The baby will likely come in the night while your parents are sleeping. Won't they be surprised when you show up for breakfast with a new baby in arm!! But all this is just talk... you will find the right decision for you. I believe in you.
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Your stbx sounds toxic - I would stay as far away from him as possible, going so far as to 'disappear' from him, if need be. Also, after your divorce, you can declare bankruptcy and get a fresh start. That is why there is a bankruptcy option in our laws. If you have a place to live and help(ie. your parents) it won't affect you horribly. You would have time to build your credit back up before you had to get out on your own.

Stay current on one of the cards and check yourself into a nice, large, comfy hotel suite and birth your babe the way you dreamed. In the meantime, try to get your parents to read about UC. Then, maybe you could downplay how far along you are in labor and 'accidentally' have the babe at your parent's home?
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Sorry, finished reading the thread.

Glad things are working out better for you.
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