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Confirmation of Twins?

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To all of you veteran parents of multiples, how did you know? Did you have an ultrasound? If so, when did you have sonogram proof of your babies? Anyone not have any ultrasound and still know ahead of time? Anyone completely surprised by twins or more?

I'm so curious as we are trying to avoid non-medically indicated ultrasound at this point. But my fundal height has been consistently 5-6 weeks ahead since at least 10 weeks. For us, we do not feel that an ultrasound to determine multiples falls in that medically indicated category. So, anyone out there? I'm definitely curoius about how you found out ultrasound or not! Thanks for sharing!
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I had an us at 5.5 weeks (due to extreme bleeding) and we saw one baby.

I had another at 6 weeks (still bleeding) and there were two babies.

Personally, I was glad that I knew early. I would have definately known something was going on anyway by about 20 weeks I could hardly move. I was HUGE.
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I had the "routine" one at 19ish weeks and we learned then. I had suspected it as early as 12 weeks (I ended up throwing up every day for 20 weeks or so, and had had no morning sickness with my son) but my weight gain and measurements were the same as they had been with our son, so my doctor just said every pregnancy was different. Ummm, yeah. You're telling me

If you suspect twins (measuring ahead, extreme morning sickness, weird kicks, etc), in my book it is worth the U/S to find out, most importantly, if they share a sac or a placenta -- both of those cases would indicate the need for more medical attention (the same sac because that is incredibly rare and needs watching to prevent babes from getting getting too twisted in each other's cords and the same placenta to watch for TTTS -- twin to twin transfusion syndrome, which can quickly harm one or both babes). If you saw they both had their own placentas, then I think there is less legitimate need for further ultrasounds from that point on, if that is your preference. But that one to let you know for sure will also let you know if you need to change how you are eating, drinking, preparing for your new babe/s, etc.

That's just my opinion of course... I am sure every parent has different lines they draw. But these are *real* risks and the knowledge that is learned in the U/S can shape your decisionmaking, your pregnancy, and birth.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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I didn't have all-out morning sickness this time or with my son. I know that exaggerated symptoms are good indicators of multiples. I was quite a bit more nauseated though. Um, I'm really hungry all the time? Thanks so far! It would be neat also to hear about other people's symptoms......
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I had a u/s at 8.5 weeks that only saw one baby (midwife couldn't find a hb w/doppler, so used u/s). I'd had lots of bleeding and cramping at 14 weeks so I went in for a quick check and the ob I saw did an u/s to check placental location and baby's hb. She noted "the placenta is nice and high and both have good heartbeats." I remember thinking to myself, "I don't remember the placenta having a heartbeat...hmmmm...." and said, "Both of WHAT?!"
I agree, if you are quite suspicious, one u/s could really help you decide how to approach your pregnancy (and any further intervention) in case it is twins in general, or mono-di or mono-mono twins.
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With my first DD I was like you. i wasnted no medically unindicated US. We never had one. DH made me promise to find out the sex of the next child - so we went for a 19wk. There was also a cord situation with my first pregnancy that justified the need for a "check in" US once during the pregnancy to double check things out. So we went. I had a picture perfect first 19 weeks. Never puked, never sick. My first PG'y was really clean and simple and I suspected nothing else from this one. I did feel the baby kick at 11 weeks, but I figured I felt my first at 16 and I was jsut more perceptive. We were blind sided whent he tech said "do you know what that is....two heads" I burst into tears yelling "no" I never wanted twins and I knew in my community having a midwifery birth was not on the menu (irregardless of location)

All tht said....I'd choose to have the US again. It is important to know the placenta and amniotic situation. If twins isn't something you are really looking forward to (like me) then i would say do it - b/c it gives you more time to deal with and grow with the situation. There are also a lot of extra nutritional things to consider to prevent PTL and carrying nice healthy twins. I know I would want to know - although I still wouldn't have chosen to know any earlier than we did. (19wks)

I had a lot of struggles with birthing arrangements. We interviewed so many Dr. and I made so many phone calls my head still spins. We tried several options and left all the situations as I wasn't feeling safe. We are HB'ing the twins and flying a MW in with the necessary skills and have two other MW's here as second and third attendants to her.

I'm glad we found out and like my original MW said. She doesn't think I'd really have "gotten away" with not knowing. Jsut less time to plan. I was not measuring ahead until 25 weeks. i am now 33wks and measuring 41.

Good luck to you!!
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I found out at 6 weeks. I never measured ahead although I felt huge. People were always saying are you sure its twins. We had a major placenta tear at 12 weeks and I have to say I was glad we had the u/s at 6 weeks so we knew for sure they were in seperate sacs and had seperate placentas. It was easy for the measurements we had to take until the placenta healed to know they were in seperate sacs.

I didn't have worse morning sickness with the twins then with my first. I wasn't even hungry. I did lose quite a bit of weight at the begining but mainly because I wasn't hungry and I couldn't force myself to eat when I didn't feel hungry.
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I had an u/s at 18 or 19 weeks, but I suspected way before. I was EXTREMELY sick for the first trimester and I had no real m/s with my first 2 preg. I had also had at least 2 twin dreams. I also agree that for us twins rated as a medically necessary reason for an u/s as other pp's stated.

Good luck!
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I love the replies so far...thanks! My Grandma had twins (my mom and my aunt; fraternal) back in the days when u/s wasn't even an option. She knew ahead of time; I'm just not sure how far ahead of time and HOW? I guess at some point one might be able to palpate more than one head or bottom...
Anyways, she carried to term and birthed vaginally (though I believe she had twilight sleep )

Anyone able to hear two heartbeats? With a fetoscope or Doppler? Both? Aaah, so many questions!
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u/s are par for the course here, so with my first one at 5.5 weeks we knew. Biggest surprise of my life. Like with my singleton, I had pretty bad nausea but never actually vomited more than once or twice. The difference this time was that I was hungry....all the time. I stayed that way through the pregnancy. Heck, 8 mths pp nursing and I'm *still* that way! I felt movement really early--at around 9 or 10 weeks.Other than that, things went swimmingly well up until around 31 weeks. I also would want to know early as there can be a number of issues that it's better to be aware of than not. Twin pregnancies can take a real toll on the mama's body, and I for one want to be proactive if need be.

Good luck, it's a wild ride!
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We hear two no witht he fetoscope every day - but really prior to 19 weeks my MW didn't even think to look for more than 1
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I have to say that things felt differently early on, like when you lie down and feel that bump in your very lower belly, I found with twins this time it was much higher, so I had an incling that it might be two, but said in my mind it can't be. Then I had a dream that I was looking for my baby and running through room and found two babies! I still didn't believe it (should always listen to your intuition). I went for a 16 week untrasound and it got confirmed I was carrying ID twins. I'm not fond of untrasound either but had to due to the risk of TTTS. And they did have it slightly toward the very end.
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I would consider it medically necessary just because I had twins with TTTS and the fetal mortality rate with TTTS is around 80-90% -- I'm glad I knew. Twin pregnancies CAN get complicated.

If your grandmother on your mother's side had twins, then I would guess you are probably having twins!

My "symptoms" were simply huge-ness. I had m/s, but it was just as bad as with my singleton.
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Hmmm, my pregnancy's been pretty smooth. I did have round ligament pains REALLY early! I never thought this would have anything to do with multiples, but if my uterus was growing quickly I guess that could led to some extra aches and pains, eh? It would be quite a feat to convince dp that u/s was necessary......gosh, I really don't want one
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I don't know how you feel about doppler, but at your point in pregnancy, a care provider *might* be able to find two heart tones with one--if two were found, you might then be able to stomach u/s a bit better for determining chorionicity. If I recall the research, though, I think that doppler irritates babies as much if not more than u/s....something to think about.
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We accidently had a Doppler last week (we weren't paying attention, mw forgot, etc...) but when I asked my mw about finding out this way she said that she would probably be able to find the same hb all over the place and they'd have to have a hr differing by more than 10 bpm. I've also read that Doppler can be just as invasive for the babe as u/s though I forget why that is.
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I didn't find out I was having twins for sure until 31 weeks, and they were born 12 days later! I also was going for as little medical/technical stuff as possible. I was seeing a midwife and decided against the routine 20 week US. They are my first so I had nothing to compare the pregnancy to in terms of symptoms. A lot of people commented that I was "huge" but then again other people would say, "no, it's just because you are skinny, you are all baby, etc." We never heard two heartbeats or felt two babies until about 24 weeks when one midwife suspected something, I think that was the first time I measured large too, I was measuring about four weeks ahead. She wanted me to have the US then but I refused (I think I was in denial about the possibility of twins and I was not very open to the idea). Well, the next few weeks we went back and forth about whehter or not there were two, the other midwife still didn't think so and I chose to believe her for my own sanity. The way we finally found out was that the midwife had a clear heartbeat with the doppler up near my ribs and a baby got the hiccups down by my hip! Either it was two babies or one barrel-chested child in there! I had the US the next day and there were indeed two. In hindsight I really wish I had gotten the US sooner (probably at 24wks when we first suspected, but maybe even the routine one at 20wks) so that I had more time to process everything. Once I found out it was two I became so concerned about not being able to have the "perfect natural birth" I wanted and obsessed with turning the babies because they were both transverse. I was going to the chiropractor almost everyday and doing handstands in the pool and then my water broke at 33 wks. The babies were still transverse so I had a csec and they spent 4 weeks in the NICU. I guess if I could do it over again I would have spent more time worrying about keeping them in longer and rested more, not that when I found out really would have changed things that much but..... sorry to ramble on, I do love telling people that I didn't know I was having twins until 12 days before they were born, it blows their minds!
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I love hearing about your experiences so ramble on my friends! Keep'em coming! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by jakesmama View Post
We accidently had a Doppler last week (we weren't paying attention, mw forgot, etc...) but when I asked my mw about finding out this way she said that she would probably be able to find the same hb all over the place and they'd have to have a hr differing by more than 10 bpm. I've also read that Doppler can be just as invasive for the babe as u/s though I forget why that is.
The Doppler is u/s.
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an advocate of getting an u/s

A doppler isnt an u/s. there is no visual. it simply listens for a heartbeat. My doc never did dopplers until the very end as distinguishing 2 much less 3 heartbeats via doppler is practically impossible early on. later in the pregnancy it was easier to feel and see just where babies were positioned.

Anyway, you may just be popping out faster b/c it isnt your first pregnancy and your ligaments are all stretched out. I was horribly horribly sick for the first 17 weeks, and off an on for the rest of pregnancy.

At any rate, as someone mentioned before, twin to twin transfusion syndrome is often deadly without intervention and intervention must come in utero. In addition, there are other complications that can arise quickly with little or no warning such as incompetant cervix that can cause you to lose the baby/babies. I am all for going as natural as you can, but I think in this case an u/s is a great idea-especially with your family history of twins.
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