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Neutralizing vinegar smell

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OK, i filled my swiffer w/ vinegar solution last night, i clean my counters w/ it, my DH (very apprehensively) is trying it out for his dandruff, it goes in my laundry sometimes. vinegar everywhere! i know the ACV smells more than WV. what EOs do you find neutralize the vinegar-y smell? not that i don't like it, but it is definitely not my favorite.

also, does ACV and WV have different characteristics? does one work better than the other for certain applications?
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From what I've read here, white vinegar is more for household cleaning use and ACV is more for body use. Not sure why though!

I put TTO or lavender EO in my vinegar and water mixture. It doesn't kill the smell completely but I find that the vinegar scent fades in only a few minutes. Plus TTO and lavender help with disinfection.
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ACV is used for the body for the different minerals and vitamins in it, white vinegar is cheaper in large quantities and will not stain any surfaces with a nasty brownish stain like ACV will. ACV also has sugars in it, you don't want to clean with it and have different stuff feeding on it (bacteria, dogs licking it, etc).

I made a furniture polish with olive oil, white vinegar and lemon and orange essential oils. It does not smell like vinegar at all, so you may want to try citrus oils.
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