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Meal ideas for a self feeding 11 month old

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DD self feeds as she never got into purees..fine by me as I was not going to sit down and force spoonful after spoonful into her puckerd mouth.

But I have seem to got into a rut and am stuck with the same few foods all the time...so unfair for her palate as she loves to eat.

At this point she eats cooked mushrooms, peas, carrots,green beans, mini corn, cooked plain pasta,rice,toast, banana, Cherrio's, peaches, grapes and melon. Over and over again

I am finding it hard to think of ideas on my own for simple and easy to eat meals for her to expand her tastes.

At this age DS was not into solids but he had a very varied menu due to the fact that he was my only child at the time and I had lots of time to think of meals, and purees were just fine by him.

He also had a lot of teeth at this stage. DD has two bottom teeth and 4 new ones on the top coming in currently. She does a great job chewing but it does limit what I can offer her.

I am also wary of feeding her tomato's, berries and dairy products although not that she is nearing a year am open to starting to feed her these things.

I feel so guilty that she does not have a super exciting menu and am scared that she will not be open to eating all kinds of foods later in life.

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What about making soups (in the crockpot makes it even easier) full of winter squash, beans, and her favorite veggies and then pull the solid bits out for her?
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DS (10 months) also has few teeth (2 top an 2 bottom). It is limiting, but some things I'm feeding him are sweet potato, squash, pumpkin, avocado, and lentils. I'm considering starting him on mashed garbanzo beans soon. Oh, also oatmeal, sometimes mixed with applesauce if I have some open. Also cooked quinoa (a grain, cooks a lot like oatmeal) and really well cooked brown rice. I do the previously mentioned soup thing a lot, cook a pot and pull out the pieces DS can eat in a bowl for him. It works well for us because there's no special separate cooking involved.
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Berries are great, and there is no reason not to give them especially at 11 mo. Cheese and yogurt are also fine as of 9 mo, so go ahead and cheese away. Anything cheddar-texture or softer can be easily eaten by babies without teeth.

Unless you are vegetarian there is no reason not to give chunks of soft meat (like from stews) - my DD has been able to chew small bits of chicken, duck, lamb and tender pork etc. for some time and she only just got a molar last week.

For treats we give DD Veggie Booty which she looooves. And a little bit of tomato or citrus shouldn't be a problem, just don't overdo it.

Beans are really good too. And my DD loves cooked leafy green vegetables as long as they are cut up small. Basically anything goes as long as it is cut up small enough that it can be sort of just mushed in their mouth and then swallowed whole.

Have you tried different vegetables, like broccoli, kohlrabi, turnip, etc? Potatoes are good too. You can slice them into fries, parboil them and then toss them in oil and seasonings and bake them in the oven to make oven fries. Those are great finger food - for the whole family.
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DD eats what we eat now, for example last night we had stirfy, and she had the same but cut up.
Tonight we will have couscos (spelling?) with beans and carrots in it.
Wed night she will have stuffed peppers (which she will love)
She normally has leftovers for lunch.

She LOVEs roasted asparagus (put on a cookie sheet that has been oiled, lightly season, and bake until tender)

We also get the "wacky" pasta that is actually veggie pasta.
Also pita bread with hummus spread on it (garlic favor is her fav)
Small whole wheat waffles (I make a bunch and freeze them and cut them up for her)
Hard boiled egg
Spanish rice
Mac and cheese (made with whole wheat noodles)
pears. She LOVES pears.

her all time favorite food is guacamole. This has to be fed to her, but she has no problem, she loves it so much. When we go out, she gets her own side dish of it.

For daycare i have purchased bags of frozen veggies (like the hispanic blend with beans and all that, the italtian blend) You just take out what you need and make it in the microwave in a pinch.
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Here are some ideas that I did with my little toothless wonder!

- quesadillas (use whole wheat/spinach soft tortillas, put cheese, chicken, tomato, etc. inside and cook until cheese is melted)
- pasta (SO many combinations! I often will do pasta sauce and cheese, or I add a creamy soup, mushrooms, onions, chicken, and I serve with vegetables)
- rice (brown rice, again often I use low-sodium creamy soup, and add whatever I have)
- egg yolk on toast
- grilled cheese on whole wheat or whole grain bread

Happy cooking!!
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DD's favorite is teryaki chicken with brown rice and broccoli. She also loves pinto beans cooked with veg. boulion and garlic.
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small pieces of veggie burgers (just check the ingredients to make sure that there isn't anything suspect in them)
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Ooh, I found a recipe for lentil burgers, too! I never made them, but they sounded great! You could likely find them on an online recipe site...or perhaps there is one posted on MDC somewhere!
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