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Originally Posted by RachelLucas View Post
So, I have a question.

If you move the items to the attic, etc for future children (we try to keep the big toys and clothes we like, etc for our next child so that we don't have to rebuy) does this count as an item?
I wondered about this, too - for instance, I just called my local vintage/resale clothes shop and asked if they were buying, because I have a bunch of vintage dresses that I've realized I will just never wear again. They said to wait until after the new year. So can I count these? What if they make it out to the car, like I'll keep them in the trunk until then? Thoughts?
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104 yesterday. About to get started on today!
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I guess if there are real plans to get rid of things, that would count. Just don't forget they're in the trunk of your car!!!

(I hear the more weight in your car the more gas you use also... on that note, I should de clutter my cars...)
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got rid of 27 cd's
tv (that had been unplugged in the basement for ages...)
dvd player
tv cabinet
4 sweaters

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Originally Posted by chasmyn View Post
Oh, I am SO in. We're moving to a new, smaller house this March and every weekend we're going through a different room or space and paring it down.

I've already hit 200 items, though, for December - this past weekend we went through our 30+ boxes of books and managed to get 7 boxes of stuff (books and VHS tapes) that we can get rid of. SEVEN! We're talking case paper boxes of books, VHS tapes and children's books here. I am thrilled! And I feel so much free-er.

One of these days we're going to tackle my fabric room :

I think I can definitely get more out.
A tummy bug swept our house and everything staled for a bit. But DH just left the house with those seven boes of books - he's taking them to half price books, and what they don't take is going to Goodwill.

He's getting a fan to fix our old computer so we can donate it to somwehere - then that big bohemouth will be gone, as well.

I also found over a dozen diaper covers that I will either send to a MIN from the holiday helper thread, or um...what else could I do with them if they aren't needed? I guess Ebay.

Mamas, if you are decluttering anyway, please check the holiday helper thread to see if there is anything you can donate to a family in need. They need all sorts of things, so you never know, just check. Lots of families are in need this year, and it feels so so good to know you're helping someone out who really needs it.:
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Chasmyn: Here's what you can do with your diapers...
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Originally Posted by spiritmomma View Post
Chasmyn: Here's what you can do with your diapers...
That's perfect! I just emailed them, thanks so much!
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1 HUGE entertainment center
1 large room's carpet and padding

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I have 80 things out of my house. I actually have more than that, because I have about 4 huge boxes ready for Goodwill. But I am not counting things until I actually donate them - otherwise I still have the clutter. But those 4 boxes will actually take me really close to 200 items.

I'm going to keep going with this.

Good job everyone!!!
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Just shipped out 3 books to some book moochers,
and a gift that I meant to sent out 2 weeks ago,
And sent back the netflix movies that have been sitting on the table for about 3 weeks...

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I found a great new way to get rid of stuff. I had two old friends over for a baking and craft sleepover and every time they expressed interest in something in my kitchen or craft stuff I gave it to them! It was really fun! We stayed up until 3 am making felt gnomes and using up all kinds of crafty materials. And now I am relieved of pipecleaners, beads, felt, a cherry design cookie stamp, magazines, old christmas decorations, fleece, and more!

And one of my friends who was here at the end of October commented spontaneously that I had gotten rid of LOTS of stuff since she had last been here.

Pat on back. Feeling good. I can do this!
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Is it too late for me to join in? I really need to do something like this. I did give 2 things away on freecycle last week. Does moveing stuff to a storage unit count? Also if put a big bag of clothes together for goodwill do I count each item or each bag?
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Should gifts count? I just gave about 7 gifts...

They're not in my house anymore!

Got rid of a broken pair of shoes this weekend (wth was I doing with them anyway? I just loved them so much and couldn't let go...)
Got rid of a few other random things too. Not a whole lot happening this weekend...I was pretty lazy

Updating siggy.

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i wish i would've found this thread sooner! i've been getting rid of stuff left & right in my house. i'm a maniac! my youngest dd's birthday is next week with christmas right afterwards so i've been going through their toys & clothes a little everyday. we also recently moved & i thought we got rid of soooo much stuff beforehand....only to find out that my garage & basement are junk heaps once again.

question.....are your husband's generally on board with this decluttering? i live with a pack rat & he gets nervous when he sees me running out to the garbage can or putting black bags in the car. a book can never leave our house (even though they are continually coming in) and he has so many weird collectables from his lifetime. and i use the word "collectables" loosely....more like little junk, IMO. and t-shirts. how many drawers & shelves & bins of t-shirts should one man own? he has hundreds, literally. and boxes of old papers he wrote in college & grad school & post cards from every friend that ever took a vacation!? it drives me batty! thankfully, after a few moves, most of this stuff is boxed up but i would love to toss it all. and one more thing....he loves to have a houseful of toys! when i talk about downsizing the toy-lot he always makes sure i let him have the last word on what stays & what goes. he's really a wonderful man with good intentions about life & raising children but somewhere in his psyche he is programmed to keep everything he touches! anyone else with this problem & solutions on how to deal with it? should i be posting this elsewhere?
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Some bathroom cleaning:
expired contact lens cleaner
icky mouthrinse
contact case that obviously didn't work b/c the lenses were dried up :

pile of recycled paper
2 boxes of holiday lights to my mil

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I have no problem with my husband, in fact he hates clutter and he usually wants to get rid of everything, more than me.
About your husband, I have a couple of suggestions. With the papers and postcards, etc. Can you just get him a scanner and an external hard drive (or your computer if you have room) and just have him scan everything in and save it electronicly? He can burn it to a back up disc as well just to be sure he won't lose anything. This way he saves it all but the actual paper or postcard can be tossed.
Could you implement a one in one out rule? I have heard people have a one in three out rule so one to one is generous. Like you bring in a new toy and an old one has to go out. Same with books, CDs, etc.
Could you talk him into a bookswap? I saw one on www.bookmooch.com
Okay just a few ideas for you.
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57 magazine/catalogs
2 misc. bathroom toiletree(sp?) items
2 lingeree hangers
2 sweaters
2 baby gates
1 baby seat
1 lamp
1 book
1 dead plant
1 broken toy
1 sideboard

this is a great start, but like I said, I just visited family and came home with a huge load of crap!!!
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Woo hoo!

My brother and Dad came over today and took home:
13 books
11 cd's
3 chairs

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We cleaned out a ton of stuff today and got rid of well over 200 things! BUT a lot of it was the same like CDs, extra wood, baby items, boxes (trash) laying around, etc. So technically I've met my goal but there is so much more I want to get rid of! I think I am just going to say 100/200 to keep me motivated! LOL
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