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Coming in a little late, but I'd like to join in! I could use some decluttering around here. I have some things I need to freecycle and this challenge might motivate me to do that.
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Last night I tackled just one half of my huge mess of a dining room table - and now I am up to 106. Still have those Goodwill bags to take too - maybe Dh will load up the car for me tonight and I can get rid of them.
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I got rid of some tacky Christmas decor that I'd like to never look at again for the rest of my life. Hurray! Also a pair of boots that I've replaced and don't wear anymore. So-


I need to get back on it! I'm moving slow
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I just shipped 6 boxes of toys, clothing and books to families MINs. Probably around 50 items there. Woot!
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Bag of pantry items for group food pantry donation (I meant to buy some, but didn't have time, so I ended up de-cluttering my own pantry instead )

Roughly 30 items in the bag!

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Well, I failed miserably at the last challenge I joined (probably November). But I can totally do 200 in December. I did a HUGE declutter this past summer. There's a lot more that can go.

About dh being on board, mine is not. If he was on board with this, we would have a minimalist house.

What I do to inspire myself is schedule to have a charity come pick stuff up on a certain date. For example, the kidney foundation has a truck coming by on the 20th. I'd be embarrassed if I had nothing out on the porch for them. I already set aside some of my things and some of ds's. I just keep a bag in his closet where I toss things to give away from time to time. So I need to go count all of that stuff up and see where my total is.
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Well, I started this morning. 30 items from the fridge/pantry/freezer. Some are being donated to a food drive and some, well, it's trash day...

I have a friend coming over tonight, so that will be motivation to get some more stuff cleaned up and sorted.

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subbing...and jumping in late, but want to keep the momentum going and figure this thread is a good way to do it....been slooowly decluttering and organizing for the last few months and got a second wind earlier this month: finally tackling the computer room/office in hopes that it will become a useable room in our house and not just a catch-all....

this week:

--returned 2 items to my sister
--donated box of scrapbooking supplies
--donated bag of empty coffee cans & toilet paper rolls (to local museum for kids art projects)
--4 bags of trash
--1 present gifted
--1 box recycled paper

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So now I'm all excited...
I've been inviting people over and telling them, "I've got big paper grocery bags waiting to be filled... Come over and take stuff!!!"

It seems to be working... People want to come over, so I'll hopefully be boosting my numbers soon...
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Last night I was on a roll! I honestly didn't get rid of that many things, but everything is starting to look so much more organized!!!! I should clean out a few junk drawers.... Tons of useless paperwork and random stuff. I just realized also that I have far too many pens. WTH is wrong with me? I've got like 30 pens

I'll tackle that tonight. Not enough room in my siggy for update, but I'm at


I've got a ways to go! Half way there and half a month has gone by, so I'm doing alright
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Originally Posted by Eli's_mommy View Post
I just realized also that I have far too many pens. WTH is wrong with me? I've got like 30 pens
i hear ya on the pens--ink pens, sharpies, gel pens, scrapbooking pens...argh. at least they all work, but still!

i cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and got rid of 3 bottles of expired contact lens solution and other misc. stuff of DH's. at least 20 items. So, that puts me at 30/200.
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The more stuff I throw away it seems like the more comes in! We just got a TON of stuff from my dad, my aunt, and my grandma and I feel even worse now than when I started! I hate getting so much stuff for Christmas, but everyone has to buy us stuff!!! And BIG plastic stuff!!!!!

239 now though
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I have been so lazy the last few days!!! I need to get some stuff done tonight!
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I've been lazy this week. I did rearrange/organize the pantry today. It was getting hard to find things. Tossed three more random items.

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Joining you all!
I have been decluttering this month and didn't even know about this forum! I saw it linked on the Mothering Homepage. I did our office yesterday and decluttered about 30 items-burnables (personal documents) recyclables and donation. Today I am at my mom's and can't wait to get home and get started again! Maybe I will go upstairs to my old room and see what needs to go. I haven't lived in it for 12 years!

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Well I cleaned out one of my tupperware cabinets and got 11 things to throw out. Also went through piles of papers and threw quite a few things out. So I'll just say 15.

254 now
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I am SO in! This is a great idea, I have so much junk in our small house and there's 5 of us living there. I have children toys that they don't even look at anymore, clothes I know I'll never fit into again. My problem is that my DH is a huge packrat and won't let me get rid of anything, we have 12 computer towers (no I'm not exaggerating) in our kids closets (had to put their big toys outside in the garage) and fishing poles in our bedroom. We have crap everywhere and whenever I try to organize my hubby won't let me get rid of anything. It is completely stressing me out, wherever I look there's just clutter! I don't know what to do, he keeps telling me he will go through things with me and we'll get rid of stuff but then we never do, maybe I'll just get rid of stuff anyway! :
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loaned out the following to a friend today:

--infant car seat and extra base
--baby carrier
--24 infant diapers and misc. cloth wipes

rounding up to 30....so 60/200!
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i want to join you guys! i didn't think i needed to join the thread until i cleared out 78 items today from my closet alone (just my side). i am a little frightened that 200 is going to be way easier to get to than i originally thought...

thanks for the inspiration!
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I am in!

Ok, I am in for this! It is such a great idea! Thank you for motivating me.
I am some what of a pack rat-- I see value in things that can be used in the future for art projects or craft ideas-- and then rarely get to all my projects. It drives my DH crazy. He comes from a sleek, sparkleing latino household where anything left out is thrown away almost instantly. So we are meshing our two styles and I want to be able to dicern great finds from things I won't use--- So this challenge is perfect!
Also I love thrift stores so I justify buying things b/c they are cheap. If anyone has simular habits/challenges I would love to hear about them.
Ok, so, 200 things in 2 weeks? Gotta get to work....
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