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bump pics

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we have not had pics in ages, so how are the bumps coming along?

this is my 12+3 pic from today
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See below!
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no other bumps to show off yet laadies?
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ack, i haven't taken any belly shots yet. i better get on that. it's so much fun to see those bellies start to grow!!! thanks for sharing ladies!
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Awww, everyone has tiny bumps now I feel like we're all really moving along. I have a pic from last week but still haven't loaded it onto my computer yet. I'll get around to it soon and I'll post it.
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I've really got to get mine off the camera and onto the computer. I'm loving having a bump, even if it is a small one.
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Wow, we are really moving along, huh!?!?!?!?

MammaV- I am about the samesize right now and I will be 14 weeks tomorrow! Beautiful bump!

Sally Z- you are sooooo tiny but ya definately got a bump. Time flies!!!!

Okay, I'd like t post by bump but dh has to take pics of me first!!!!! Okay, maybe this weekend...
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Oh gawd...no way...sorry girls...no "bump" pictures from me.....after two kids, two csections....it's NOT a pretty sight...lol......I'm not showing anyways....I'm already "fluffy" ...lol But when I pop...and I will....it's POP!

Maybe I'll give ya'll one picture the week I give birth so you gals can see what BIG really is about....it's a sight to be seen to see Miss Heather 9 months pregnant. I get asked around 7 months if I'm "due anyday now!" By strangers in stores. And by 9 months....people are racing to get out of my way and have looks of wonderment of how I'm actually walking on their faces!!! At least I can laugh about it...now.

You ladies all look great!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Here are mine at 15 and 5. I'm kind of a fence jumper from the ddc may & june. Due May 28, but I have late babies...
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And here is another very special person's bump pic!
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hehe!! so cute, funkygronalamama.
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i have really just popped out! this picture was taken today, at 15 weeks!!! (remember, this is my 4th baby so i think i look further along...)

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13w2d (with a cropped head this time )
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mataji4 you look awesome for 4 kids, I don't think you look that big, very healthy and beautiful! In fact everybody looks great, I'll post mine as soon as I can figure out how to do it. Anybody want to share so I don't have to do an exhaustive serch on how to post pics
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aw, herbmama, you are so kind! thanks.

keep posting those photos, ladies, i love seeing all of you!
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I've finally got a big belly!!!
Here is mine at 15 weeks
Cant wait to see more bellies!
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Ok this isn't a great pic, my belly looks a bit more bloated than it actually is but I like it because my dd reached up to touch the belly and said "baby." This is me at 14 weeks:


And here's a cool belly line-up from my first pregnancy. I never did get a shot from 40 weeks (aka month 10) but I thought it'd be fun to share this.

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This is me at 12 weeks

I love seeing all those bellies and plotting where I'll be at at christmas !
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Nora's Mommy I love the one you did from your last pregnancy. That is amazing.
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