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Originally Posted by workinmama View Post
Nora's Mommy I love the one you did from your last pregnancy. That is amazing.
yea me too... how did you do that?
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I just had hubby take a picture the same way with the same white background each month. Then I'd email the pics to my friend who put them together like that. I think she used photoshop or something.
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Everyone looks great! I need to start taking pictures!!!
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Okay, everyone looks so good, I'm a little embarassed to post, but here's my (almost) 15 wks shot. Took it last week, but just got it off the camera.

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sarah! you are totally cute- why on earth would you be embarrased??!!
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Sarah you look fantastic!!! I'm so jealous....
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These bellies are so cute! I swear I'll get mine off my camera soon (they are about 2 weeks old at this point).
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It looks like my belly has stayed the same from about 7 weeks on

Here are my 13 week shots:



And a guest appearance by my cat's belly


And 15 weeks (last week):

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I can't see them Jilian!
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Can we get this thread stickied????
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Originally Posted by Shell_Ell View Post
I can't see them Jilian!
Oops, I guess they were set to private. I fixed them so you should be able to see them now. Please let me know if the links still don't work.
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beautiful bumps, ladies. I'm sixteen weeks and NOTHING!! I'm so sad. =( My midwife told me not to expect to see anything until 20 weeks. =(
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I don't have any yet I will take some this week end I look about 20 weeks but i am 16
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My 16 week belly.


Funny it feels like I'm carrying a watermelon!
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At this point this is the best belly shot I have. Its me with my brother at Christmas so I was 17 weeks.

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