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I'm in the July 2007 board, but I figured I'd hang out here too because, as usual, I'm due at the cusp. By my own calculations, my EDD is either June 30 or August 2. This will be our fourth baby, and we are planning a midwife-assisted homebirth.
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Hi & welcome. I'm doing the same thing. I'll probably hang out more in the August club, but I'm due around July 31/Aug 2.
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me too midwife assist HBAC here.
2nd baby.
due on the cusp. july 27th is my EDD, but i dont think that'll happen. so i joined both DDCs
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My EDD is Aug 2, so I may very well be having a July baby.

ETA: I'm also planning a homebirth.
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Me too. I say I'm due August 4th, my doctor says August 1st, so I'm right there on the cusp. I'm deciding between a homebirth and a birthcenter.
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my EDD is somewhere between July 30th and August 2nd, so I am hanging out on both boards as well. Twice as much to read and talk about!!!
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