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how to remove stains off baby clothing?

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I've noticed there is breastmilk stain in all my baby's clothings: She throws up a lot. How can I get rid of these? I sometimes use a laundry brush to get the milk off right away but if I don't do that, I always get stains. Thanks.
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Most bodily-based stuff is best washed in cold water so that there aren't any residues. I usually pour some detergent on the stain and then throw it in the hamper (in my case the washer in my bathroom until it's full). You can also try making a spray of OxyClean and hot water and spraying that on the stain until you can launder it, or even water and a little bit of dishwashing liquid (hand-dishwashing liquid, like Dawn). Sometimes spraying white vinegar on the stain works, but not always.
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For food stains, I've had the best luck with soaking in oxy-clean (I use just enough hot water to disolve the oxy-clean then fill the dish with cold). I soak the stain for a day or two then wash normally with an extra rinse.

It removed a chocolate milk stain that DD got on a shirt last winter that hadn't come out in laundering. I was very impressed.
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I make my own laundry soap, pour a cup of it in, and a scoop of oxy (from Biokleen) in, and it gets BLOOD out of our cloth wipes (DD used white cloth t.p. during her cycle). Not a TRACE of stain on anything.
Kids left something in the wash that stained some clothes. I poured my laundry soap on the stains, let it soak in, and then washed like I normally do, and it got almost all the red stain out.
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I have serious uterine issues and bleed to death - you need to wash anything with blood in it with cold water. You will not have a trace of anything on your clothing.

I don't even use Oxy for bloody stuff, I use baking soda and some detergent.
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For baby stuffs -- SHOUT. I found it is the best and I just can't afford to have the clothes messed up as I'm working on passing the baby clothes on to child #4!

Vivid color safe bleach works well on blood straight.
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No need for bleach on blood, seriously! I thought blood was the hardest thing to remove too for a long time. It's actually one of the easiest stains to remove, but only if you use cold water. Milk and blood are best washed with cold water. I promise

I abandoned my Shout because I ran out and I got lazy and then I got creative. Never used it since. I just put a little of my detergent (I use Arm and Hammer liquid detergent - no perfume/dyes) on the stain. If I feel like it i sprinkle some baking soda on it. Toss, clean. Voila. Super oily crazy stains, I may pre-treat with vinegar and then use a little OxyClean.

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